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Jimmy Dec 2018
The second to last time I seen you, you invited me up for a movie,
I felt excited, my eyes were widened, hadn't had one on one with you in quite a while
I wanted to see what was going on, what you'd been putting on
But of course I left my phone on.
You see Pete, the reason I couldn't repeat our past hangouts was because I was too busy trying to get my paper published and my last chance bangouts
I got up from your couch because you had tide I had to get a stain out
I wasn't all that worried, me and you, we mixed like some good curry
I remember the time we were in India and DC, Everytime you gave me an excuse for me to be me
It's not easy remembering the movie, maybe because my phone was buzzing and I was so moody
I left early
A girl I was with at the time wanted hang, sue me
But I am truly sorry I left at the 20 minute mark, if I could go back in time I would put my *** in park

Id ask every question, just as an escuse to pause the movie every second
I'd change the language, and we'd try paint the scenes on the screen
I'd ask you to play it again,
Because I had no idea that at 2 hours and 22minutes the movie and you would end

The last time I saw you, your body was black and blue
The cop sat there and asked me if I could identify you
I really told her no
I didn't believe it, I held up this investigation for a weekend because I couldn't see how it could be that you left me and everyone else
And I know you didn't for yourself
But I miss you for myself
You still weigh on me, it's killing my health
I don't have many words left
I'm bargaining with God, Mohammed, and the Devil trying to forget your death
Jimmy Dec 2018
Stop, go no further, here lies the bones of the murdered
You don't want to end your life by a place never recorded
Go, pay it forward, go warn those with curious toes to stay in bed
Rather wither away than enter the Kingdom of the Dead

These folks here were like you a me
But the fell for the rouse of an unanswered energy

Oh but the energy is beautiful
Emotionally brutal
Trying and prying it away is futile
Every finger, every cuticle, every office, every cubicle
It left hurricane evacuation towns lootable
It left schools and innocence shootable  

It seduced Adolf and Bernie Madof
And Mao to play the inflictions imposed on the civilization supposed to be better off than those who ignored the message
Oh the beauty that lies in the heart of every sinner

This is the Kingdom of the Dead
Do not enter.
Jimmy Dec 2018
There was a young boy, who lived Behind The Beautiful Forevers
Ray, his name, fancied himself rather clever
In every endeavor he borrowed a bird and returned a feather
Born to poverty and a daddy that said 'bye honey' and he walked through the door, no one heard from him more

But, forget about that, Ray decided whether or not his story is legit, he'll get notarity at the cost of his piety
He raised up money and business to keep with the mighty
Funny, hard to find a witness to attest to the sickness he wanted to tidy and package like another product on the shelf, any damage he inflicted, it was all to himself

He just scimmed off the top, a slum lord without a taste of the *** he was
Without the knowledge of the **** he was
But to come up he was
Destined by Dad's deadly ditching to receive his sinful dividends until his itching will stop
Ray will take everyone down, he's on a clock
He doesn't think life's worth living, all you got is your time and then your legacy is left kicking
With that mindset these fools were his for the picking

What's a little money laundering when everything is section 8 and the IRS isn't going to go pondering
Add some harm to others on top, a little inner hate, nothing can touch Ray, not till the ball drops
No no, don't even try to call the cops, better with the feds, Ray has the town on lock
Meanwhile Dad figures his blood son has some lump sum from his work
Dad starts sneaking around the office, starting to lurk trying to find out if Ray still gives a **** about biological family
A little loan to much to ask for Papa, it cannot be
He wouldn't ask if he had another opportunity

They meet face to face
Ray starts going off on him, and for a moment dad hides the disgrace
But in a stroke of destiny Dad stands up and shows Ray his place
"You've gone far but there's miles left to go
You think you broke the rules, but what do you have to show?
A couple section 8 properties some thugs and some drug money?
You oughtta be thanking me, I made you who you are kid
You think you beat the system, but the system accounts for the pitiful bouts of a child gone wild
You ain't special, you ain't even above the grade, you're just the lucky guy getting paid right now
Now put your pride down"

This got Ray some kind of mad
A Greek chorus calls out 'Can you actually **** your Dad?'
Or maybe you'll grow up to be like him. Have a son and leave like him
Just do it Ray why are you waiting? It's your precious time you're wasting, talk about a legacy.
Just stab the guy and you'll be free from the inner scrutiny

Dad yells "Do it to me!"
"End me, exact your revenge on me, show me how it feels to get beat
All those times your mom got bruised fixing that 'leak'
Are you weak?"

Ray finishes and goes straight to the bridge where he is ready to jump off
Deep into the water his body rests underneath free will and all its depths
Jimmy Dec 2018
It rained and everyone gained self-awareness
Staring at the ****** corpse of the Greek and the humors
While I try to shut the molded doors.
Just a loner with some suchers
All I hear is rumors that the old ways are the future
Reason resonably rendered senseless
Someone resend me the recipe for reciprocity because the only thing separating want and won't is an apostrophe
Screwtape told me to keep my eyes peeled open just in case I find the human still coping with the new old ways
That's when I make my play
Corruption in the blood, The Vinegar Tasters buried in the mud on this rainy night
The world's first time in the mirror and collapses with the gift of sight
Jimmy Nov 2018
Last night I was able to get a few minutes with the devil at midnight, I was telling her about my ambien fulled mid-flight fist fight
She looked at me with delight as she offered a key with some coke that just hit
just right
She told me
"Kid you're on the right path, people looking to tear you off may tell you that there is value in sit ins and coups, but these chickens get to be yours for the picking. Stay the course
No remorse
Until you're forced on your deathbed
Stick here and you'll be well fed
Maybe your spirit dying of thrist, but what good is a death if you can't afford the hearse?
I'm here to tell you first and last, that after life the afterlife is laughter in the mind of a child. Kid go wild"
Jimmy Nov 2018
This morning I opened up my eyes to exercise my right to the democratic process
It doesn't matter if I did it with heart or thoughtless
Regardless I am standing with my brothers and sisters trying to make a better system for the sinners by supporting snakes and trying not to see censors

That 45 minute wait allows me to contemplate what it all could mean.
Was this really the dream of so many before me?
I've grown so worldly with knowledge of the Caravan, the Taliban, the Muslim ban, and the wedding bands around the families of Americans

We all just want to keep it together, some to let go become a feather in the arms of the weather we call political tides
Is that a blue or red wave coming?
Whatever it is. It means nothing.
Jimmy Nov 2018
He sits by his window staring alone at a brick wall that will not answer his call
Each night, he drifts farther from home, each second a free fall into the into the core of his resolve

Each day his hometown moves father away, the more miles the more the guilt piles without decay
This concrete jungle told them 'come on' before the saw blade made it's way

That's part of the trade, he heard the old woman say. "You put your life on your back and keep the stack of grief until your dying day"

He asked Him why his home is gone and his pain persists. He told him he was searching for a place in his heart that doesn't exist.
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