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jim moore Sep 2023
Sitting alone
In a dark room
The clock on the wall
An hour slow
The recurring theme
Dark chocolate legs
Calling me
Couldn’t even take my first sip
Of Electric Jellyfish
Before they disappeared
Written 6/19, discovered for the first time (sober apparently) on 9/6/2023
jim moore Jun 2023
Just because you ******* ****
You always have
jim moore Jun 2023
I just drove by
where you took
your last breath

it's been a while
I'd forgotten
not of you
just the place

where we planted the tree
in your memory

at least you truly lived
by our drunken motto
carpe diem
and you died
doing what you loved

I'm sure you're raising hell
wherever you are
hopefully not there

and I'll never forget
our promise to
not let time or distance
grow between us

so cheers my friend
until we meet again
and pick up where we left off
wherever you are

save a seat for me
jim moore Jun 2023
It’s been so long
A distant memory now
Erased digitally (*******
But distinct in my mind
No longer to be recalled
Except in my memory
So beautiful it is
So beautiful you were
Never to be erased (*******
Because true beauty
Will stand the test of time
jim moore Jun 2023
There’s always something
Something lost
Something gained
Something desired
Something refrained

Something is nothing
And something is everything
Don’t you see
Can’t you feel?

I feel
Sometimes nothing
Sometimes every little thing…
I miss you…

A dull plastic butter knife….
In the kidney…
In the spleen….
Doesn’t matter
I don’t feel anything
jim moore Mar 2022
I have to live in the shadows
to be able to see the the light
jim moore Dec 2016
Such brief pleasure
Your presence
The smell of your hair, your neck
I hold on for dear life

So many things left unsaid, undone
Pages unturned
Questions unasked
The curves of your body unexplored

The sensation of you, molded into me
In the late morning hours
In a strange place, an unknown bed
Left to remain in the imagination

The fear of feeling something
Got the better of me
The fear of feeling THAT feeling
Paralyzed me
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