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jide oyediran Sep 2016
Half cast don't claim black cast
They are naturally cast
The light amongs the crowd
The victorious in battleship
The float in a ship sinking

I wonder why I don't sleep at night
I realised it is the battleship
Off-guard  in the middle of the night
I lay my head to sleep
Pondering to soaraway
The battle maybe rough
But realised am the ship.
jide oyediran Aug 2016
When you are confused  you don't know what is going on around you

Your head is boiling under stress as if you are being boiled in a kettle.

Your choice if hereby destroyed
You itch like a monkey.
You then go on oh, Why is there confusion  in this  world?
You are hereby tormented by other people's thoughts
Oh! Confusion why are you in this world? Oh! Confusion,  Why why.

Tano ogbondu
A 10yr old girl.
Inspirational child!!!
jide oyediran Jul 2016

Sitting in the dark can't see blue. . . Different thoughts flowing through my mind, yet there is this dominant one; when do mothers rest? when do they sit back and just have rest of mind? You may be wondering what in Gods name is this guy saying; or maybe you have been thinking thus: "of course my mum is resting and she has peace of mind" now Let me take you down the lane.

Starting from when your mum got married to your dad, the first few months, as always is difficult; especially if "we never see born boy". (I wonder why there its never "born girl") #smiles.Pressure starts mounting on her from both the husband, and the family. At some point, God answers her prayers and she conceives, then carries it for good 9months; after nine months, she nutures the child for another 6 years to say the least, till the child can run around.

Now, the worry of taking the child to school sets in. After primary school, she is worried again that her Child has to get into secondary school, then the University.At this point,the worry is: the fear of bad friends. please don't follow bad friends she says constantly;shun cultism,prostitution and the likes. then before you finish University another worry sets in...

Which company is going to employ you, who will you get married to...? Are the raging thoughts at this stage.Consequently, God helping you, you secured a job, and get married, she starts thinking again just Like A clock that's is constantly on duty. "Hope your husband is treating you well? "when will you give us a grand child"? She gets a grand-child then she feels she has to look out for both you and the grand child."Mother" leaves her husband's house, and spends time with you till she feels you guys are fine,then she calls everyday to check on you guys. . .

I can decide to go on, and on with this observations but i can't but wonder when do mothers actually rest? My conclusion: My mum will have the best of things in this universe.
If you love your mum like and tag someone
  Dec 2015 jide oyediran
I am a hard
person to love but
when I love,
I love really hard.

When I love hard
Though its hard to confess
But I end up being close to where you are
Every night is so cold
Cause I want to be close to where you are

I smile,
I try,
but the truth is...I want to die

We play mind games
We play ping pong
Forgeting that we are one,
We love ourselves but still do the opposite

You don't want me,
you don't need me,
you don't remember me,
and that kills me....

*Now that it seems that we are two edge lines.
The pain has only sharpen me
Of course no pain no gain!!!
jide oyediran Dec 2015
Bring me the sit of citadel diamond
I will sit on it like a king on the throne
We crept in the sea of thoughtfulness
Forgetting that some day the sea can dry off
The sea  whistles  and reminds us to be focus
Of course focus stand for full commitment,
I will like to remind you about that.
If you don't know, it also brings orderliness
We strife to be focus because
Our usefulness is for the masses
We build our focus on the verge of death
That at some point we won't be afraid to die
Our dreams and aspirations cries out to us
Like a catholic pendulum
We promise the world to hear the bell
I already said it, in patience
My empire like a VLC player
We don't quit till we exceed the volume point.
Inspired by 23rd dec. . .
jide oyediran Dec 2015
It feels good to know how the head looks like
I have a green pencil
The head is the eraser
In the nite time she picture the future
She painted them green
There are plenty pencils but different eraser
This pencil is breath taking,full of life
With the pencil it feels good that anything is possible
Yes!!! anything is possible

Let's make a new kind of pencil, so that anything can be possible
We can decide to erase the old one,
With a new kind of pencil
We can believe in the new world of ours
Ours is a generation of unending love
Let's stay all night designing a new kind of pencil
Let's be creative, let's be green.
Though we are going to be misunderstood,cause people don't like trying new things
The universe is waiting for us down the lane
I hope we do it right. . .
Inthespiritofxmas. . .
jide oyediran Aug 2015
Am restored,follow my heart
I was patient cause someone was patient with me
I play the piano in my limo
Good or bad life is good
My empire like a VLC player
I play hard like Laurence HARDER
You don't giveup
when you are ******, cause life itself is ******
I will teach you how to play,but don't wna take the lead
It a  lawless world, don't break rules
We rule despite in the midst of the darkness
You drive your limo,I roll my tricycle
Ain't we equal?
You don't have to giveup it not the end of the world. . .
Ascending musical tone. . .
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