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isang umaga, susubukan kong bumangon kasabay ng araw
kung kailan namumulaklak ang rosas sa ibabaw.
pangarap kong makita ang Diyos magpinta ng mga ulap,
ngunit ngayon, pabigat nang pabigat ang aking mga talukap.
sa panaginip ko lang muna ‘to lahat masasalubong
dahil sa kasalukuyan, kailangan ko muna ng tulog.

1. ikaw lang ang kumikinang sa gitna ng mga tala?
2. tumitibok nang malakas ang puso kong mahina?

3. magaan ang loob kahit puno ang isipan?
4. sabik kitang makita kahit ‘di mo ako iniiwan?

5. ’di ramdam ang paglipas ng oras kahit umiikot ang mundo?
6. madami akong tinatanong kahit alam natin ang sagot?
my first "not sad" poem hahahahahah bulok
i'm holding on to Hope
because Hope never let go.
i'm a house you barged into without knocking.

i wasn't ready to roll out my welcome mat, but i still let you in.

you stepped on my creaky floors,
and walked passed dusty doors.
you ran your fingers along chipped off paint
and every cracked window pane.

i watched you take down everything you didn't want to stay.
when you were finished, i was left with little trace of who i was before you came.

you forced open every locked drawer and vault for you to figure out that nothing you wanted could be found within the confines of my skeleton.

i was a house you didn't intend to turn into a home, a place to drop by whenever you needed to feel less alone.

i want you to know that ever since you abandoned me, i learned to locked my gates and keep my doors shut.

i know eventually, i'll be ready to let somebody new in. maybe one day, he'll fall in love with my skin and fix all the holes you never tried to fill in.
when i looked at my reflection on the surface of the sea, what i saw was a worthless piece of draft wood.

i lonelily float to wherever the current carried my weak and hollow body.

though i believed i had no worth, you held onto me.
you knew i was important, so you wrapped your arms around my fragile frame.

little did i know that the only reason to why you clung to me so tightly was to keep yourself afloat.

once i helped you survive the waves that crashed your way,
once i no longer needed to save you from drowning,
once i helped you find dry land,
you threw me back into the ocean.

but thank you

because you helped me realize that i am not weak;
because you helped me realize that i am capable of carrying the heavy weight of such a burdensome and desperate castaway.

you let me remember who i really am.

since my soul was lost at sea, i had forgotten my identity.
the salty water coming from my eyes blinded me to see that i am not just some worthless piece of draft wood.

i am a galleon,

and i will conquer every ocean you can only dream to explore with me.
i am not a damsel in distress.

neither am i an idle princess waiting for some knight in shining armor to come and save her.

i am the dragon.

and you should go save yourself.
you're the air that i breathe,

but my lungs are collapsing.

they've been circulating your poison
and bearing your smoke for too long.
i can't stop breathing in your sins.
i feel your venom seeping through my skin.

all you do is take my breathe away.

you're the air that i breathe,

but i am ready to exhale.
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