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Jewal Myors Aug 2014
Sitting along the highway, all alone
I spied a well-worn, beat-up
brown leather shoe.

Pondering its journey,
I questioned whether it, too
mated for life,
as geese tend to do.

What happened to its Other Half--
Could it be far away?
Or did the two shoes have a spat
And decide they should part ways?

...or maybe there's a foot somewhere
Looking for its shoe--
or could Cinderella still be waiting
for her Charming Dream Come True?

I wish I knew the story of this
lonely leather sole;
I hope it finds its way back home
so it won't be alone.
One of those goofy musings I have about every-day things one might observe!
Jewal Myors Feb 2014
The world of things
was not your world;
the world of games
and laughter was
the world of simple
pleasures reigned
above all else:
your World was Real.

You cared about
what was Real,
ignoring things
one leaves behind;
Your life was Now,
You dared to feel--
You were yourself:
Your World was Real.

You've taught me this
and much, much more--
You gave Yourself,
your Heart, your Soul
You are my Mom
whom I adore:
I love your World,
for it is Real.
In Memoriam to my mother, Rosetta Myers, who passed away on November 9th, 2013.
Jewal Myors Jan 2014
I am a little girl,
Pure and innocent,
untouched by human flaws.
I talk to invisible friends
in a language understood
only by me.

I am free:
I am free to love
I am free to feel
I am free to be me,
and I feel so alive.

I am a little girl.
I see my mother's frown
and I am afraid.
I hear my mother's anger
and I am afraid.
I am held hostage
by others' wishes,
and I am afraid to be alive.

I am a little girl.
I find refuge in a tree.
I find peace in Solitude.
I find God in the World,
but I let him slip away,
and I am still afraid.

I am still a little girl.
God is by my side
Love has replaced fear
Beauty has touched my Heart:
Freedom comes to me--
Freedom to be me,
and I feel so alive.
Jewal Myors Jan 2014
The Wisdom of the Universe
speaks through me;
I become One with All that Is.
"Who am I? ",  I ask...

And the answer comes:
"you are ageless, deathless, timeless
born of Love, created to Love,
here to share your Glory,
your piece of God with the World.,
to live on this plane we call Earth...
to laugh, to be joyous, to create
to BE...
to add to the evolution of the Universe:

Your thoughts and acts are
indelibly inscribed in the
memories of the Universe,
there for Eternity,
to learn from and grow:
They belong to All;
the All which is One."
Jewal Myors Jan 2014
You have no heart
you have no soul;
you sold them to the devil
years ago--
you sold them for things,
you sold them for "dough",
you sold them to feed
your voracious ego...

But what have you got,
now that you're rich,
besides millions of dollars
and a great market niche?

You've got little love,
you've got little joy...
your life is empty,
save a girl and a boy
who crave the love
that you can't give
who hope like hell
that you will live
long enough to see the Light:

What matters most, is Love in Life
Jewal Myors Jan 2014
You came into my life
all shiny and bright--
you were my Knight
in shining armor...

But you faked your way in--
you knew how to win
my heart and my
favor forever

The Knight disappeared
but your armor remains
concealing your pain
and your fear,

It gets harder each year
to be as you appear
when your armor
has lost its veneer:

What good is this mask
when it becomes
such a task
to keep it all shiny & bright?

Look inside, my friend
to discover the end
of your misery
and internal plight!
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