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Jessi S Dec 2013
I am a fortress.
I am built with layers of stone, layers of tolerance.
Inside, I hold a civilization.
They're not very evolved yet, they're not very wise.
These people have found some questionable answers to what is unknown.
They speak of a god who is omniscent and omnipresent.
Wherever this god is, Im unable to see.
My stones have been broken by strangers,
my drawbridge is weary to open.
Dead, plagued bodies have been attempted to be thrown over my walls, and my people have cowered in fear.
Many times.
My small civilization depends on their god and their societal systems, I don't know why.
But one day they will grow in to what Earth needs.
They will cherish and bless the goodness of the ground.
There will be a Socrates to lead them along.
I hope one day they will find that it may not be God they need to believe in, but their own structures of stone.
I believe they will find themselves.
And when my people do, I will allow them to break my walls.
Jessi S Dec 2013
Your collarbones are still vivid,
your mouth still grasping the front of my mind..
Why do you remain?
You stained my skin so deeply,
you can see it in my veins.
The way I am is not how I was
ever since I respected you.
You marked my mouth, you marked my mind.
When I try to rinse, it bleeds deeper.
In to my bones, in to every muscle,
every movement,
in to my mind, in to my thoughts
and when I speak
it poisons the air which I breathe.
An everlasting difference.
Jessi S Dec 2013
I feel alone.
Where I go and how many people I'm with couldn't matter less,
when no truth of compassion is shown.
I feel like a piece of nothing.
I bite my inner cheek in hatred to those who cannot love,
until my mouth is frothing.
I know thats hypocritical
but I cant help feeling that the world is not the way it should be,
and that everyone is cynical;
kind of like me.
But somehow, im always that one
who cares too much,
that others leave with a loaded gun.
They dont even know how lonely I feel,
especially in a crowd.
Loneliness is my Achilles heel.
Jessi S Dec 2013
The parting between your lips is the only existing line that can separate one from another.
The rest are illusions.
Jessi S Dec 2013
I thought I saw a shooting star,
but it was really the headlights
from a passing car.
Reflecting off of my window
In to the sky.
It was just an elusive glow.
Hope does nothing
except let go.
Jessi S Dec 2013
I have to keep telling my self to stop trying to finish what was never started.
A piece of my insides has been tearing since we departed.
I still miss what we never had.
Ive been holding on to something non existent, nothing that
You never shed a tear for me.
But every time that u ignored me for the sake of being solitary,
and then came back to what was left of a whole hearted manifestation of a being,
there was nothing but a shell, kneeling.
Praying to feel what she used to.
But u turned your cheek to all that is filling, nothing was good enough for you.
To even try, why would you?
Its hard to love an empty soul.
Especially when that emptiness is what you crave, and numb is your only goal.

— The End —