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Hey guys. this is a little off topic but follow my youtube account :)
Your eyes are like the ocean
On a breezy night, waves in motion
Deep blue green
The most beautiful color I've seen
You, you
Only you

His name was P.R
Perfect as can be
He's never an outcast
No, not to me

His eyes were hidden
Cast away for a rainy day
But he was still perfect
In every single way

His name was P.R
Gorgeous as the setting sun
Anytime he looked at me
I would turn and run

How do I forget your smile?
The way your hair flows wild
The nicknames I called you
Your quiet and I am too

I've seen a different side of you that I like
To tell you takes all of my might
10 months go by and I still feel the same
I think about you night and day

How do I forget?
The first time we met
Guess I wasn't looking for something new
But somehow I found you

You know the answer to every question
There's no other word but perfection
You'll never feel the same but that's okay
I'll keep thinking about you anyway

— The End —