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Jenay Breden Oct 2013
The cretens slipping through the trees
Nooses wound tight for the hangmans head
The angels weep n **** their guns
Fire charring the vocal strings of the innocent
Comparing battle scars to shooting stars
Its all in desperate wishing
Desire for their fallen deeds
Dragging steel shovels at their heels
Claiming bragging rights for dead dreams
Slow destruction of the spider webs
A delicately demolished reality
Those trapped at hells gates are singing sinfully.
Jenay Breden Oct 2013
Keep the cold drops in your pocket
Come in handy to fake sorrowful moments
Standing in a crowd creates the worst solitary confinement
Wicked hearts dug up from the graveyard
On pickets, bait for the hungry wayward
Fog so low, hazed, evaporated into pupils
Relieving the red hot, blood shot, what a clear head
Carrying shovels on their backs
Eat the dirt they shower on you
Sand between your teeth, bleeding gums
Warriors with sharp axe pix instead of guns
The ravenous never sleep
Blood thirsty they want their keep
String em' up high and watch the angels weep
Jenay Breden Oct 2013
A pity Edward Scissorhands was hired,
To clip the Phoenix's wings
Everyone applauded, Ooh-ed and Aah-ed at it
While Edward sat behind the curtain
Over a rusted sink he'd slit his wrists in.
Jenay Breden Oct 2013
Twisted vines and  blood stained canines
Damp caves and sulfur mines
Prehistoric nocturnal brain waves
Caught the sun in burned out eyes
The lonely pull chains, mud caked stains
Singing, swinging on Saturn's sings
Jenay Breden Oct 2013
When I think of you, I still remember the first time you said that you loved me
You held me timidly in the kitchen of my tiny underground apartment,
We were both drunk and it was awesome,
You took another gulp of your beer to calm the nerves gittering in your throat
But I didn't notice, because I was in my own heaven laying my head into your chest
I'd been dressed in ****** lingerie and I think at one point you snapped my thong.
You told me you had something to say and I looked into your eyes just happy to be there.
In a quiet voice you uttered,  I think I'm falling in love with you.
Jenay Breden Jun 2013
I didn't feel so conflicted
till I got in the moment
holdin' strong egos,
like chessin' opponents
who could hold out and show they're the strongest
of love
tryin' to hide they ever felt any
but how could they
when everyone's the enemy
why would I trust you, when I'd do to you,
what you might do to me?
So cat n' mouse chase
won't look ya right in the face
lying to myself that I don't miss the ****** embrace
why even care when its just a race
for that feel good first hit
when it aint found
claimin rights to quit
quit ******* what
ya man I'd be the first to tell ya
I've written a verse
on sacrificing myself for the own good
of the ******* earth
but hands on the shoulders
stopping the ******
from the right to shed skin
they're own contraband

n' now its tough
everyone thinks they're the diamond on the ruff
but told true to dwelling in the soul hard n gruff
keepin to the sunrise, lookin to the set
under nights hand guard
everyone's a threat
guns in the temple
consider em mental
for resenting the present social norm
of talking to everything and everyone
just to mold n conform

light n dark is a misconception
cuz there's lots of beautiful **** to be let in
by your own definition thas what matters
can't be bothered by other mad hatters perception
give what you need n always be freed
from the chains set in place by societies greedy ****** need

its all to ******* beautiful
to the human hating anti social
to admit they'd slice the life to their own sacrificial right
not abandoning light but the body gifted to the sight of others
that's what brings the sadness
cuz from the dirt, leaves and trees
is this made up ruling tyranny
madness to take flight n life
is just plain beautiful sadness
I had been at a wedding where my friends were getting married, an old lover was there, which is chill but both of us were awkward with each other, which is ok too.  It was actually kinda funny.  We have a habit of sending art or free flows to each other, I was sitting outside the venue drinking a beer and smoking when he left on his skateboard, and I vomited this free flow all over some paper.
Jenay Breden Apr 2013
If I wrote a letter to myself, I'd tell myself everything.
The little and the big things, and all the in between things.
The long and the short things, and all the every things.

I'd say, slow down and take a breath, your treading water, your heaving chest
When things get hard, purse your lips, and give the world a ******* kiss
Smile on and give a wink, be yourself, dont overt think

And I know you, dont think I dont
Stop over analyzing and getting depressed, theres nothing for you to second guess
through lost love and a broken heart, theres nothing preventing a new start
And maybe that love isn't at its end, but just on pause waiting to begin again.
Patience, patience its a virtue, so make progress, its just something you've got to work through

So your mad huh? So what?
Scream and shout and kick and fuss
Dance all crazy in your room, sing and yell out of tune
Laugh at yourself, and keep going
Or maybe slink around at night
With your backpack on and that spray can held tight
Looking for the perfect place, to leave your mark, to leave your trace
Feeling victorious the next day, lookin at the stencils which you lay
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