Jemoh Jul 2017
Life's full of them
Appointments, mis-appointment and disappointments
They all evoke a myriad of emotions
No wonder, to be human is to be frustrated
Therefore, humans can be termed frustrated beings

Most often than not we're gloom and doom filled
The welling up of frustration and anger mount
Erupting and consuming us with rage and loathsomeness

Why be captives of our frustrated beings
Why not reach out
Damp the frustration and be as free as birds

Though we all can't be Eagles
Salvation is never far away
If you chose to see it, then, you can seize it.
Jemoh May 2017
A day for heroes
Whose blood was shed
The land enriched for progeny
Inspiring a prosperous life
Filled with hopes and dreams
To cast aside our worries due to their sacrificial offering

Their persistence paved the way
We owe it to them
Lest we forget the contributions made
To respectfully offer ourselves

Choosing not to mourn
Celebrating the lives well lived and sacrificed
Jemoh May 2017
The emergence of the concrete jungle
Epitomises the barrenness of life
Embodied by the disconnect from self
Back pedalling from the core
Whence it all began

A land filled with history beyond measure
Characteristic of the richness espoused by kings and queens
Manifested in the wealth of the gold and diamonds
Sacrificed for our progeny
How we seldom relish in the lushness of the land
Where the spirit dwell in the people
Choosing to toil into bare existence
Jemoh May 2017
Deep within is a roaring volcano
On the verge of eruption
The turmoil that one endures
The reealness from oneness with dislike
A willingness to protest for that which is right

Humanity must never be set as sunder
Let thy courage be the guide
Lead you not astray
We must recollect
Reignite the bond that must have been lost

We will encounter defeats but not falter
Neither accept defeat
In the darkest place can come the golden egg.
Jemoh May 2017
It's so prevalent
No day passes without a mention
Be it a Devine prophesy
The apocalyptic revelation

To be human is to war
The unfortunate experience of battles Unknown
Thoughts that occupy our inner minds
The traumas of war are real
Are there winners in any war!
It's clear that there are victims everywhere

A distraught progeny
Desensitised through their experiences
Dispossessed of their inheritance
Disposition end from what they hold dearly
Living a nomadic existence
Despised whererever they go
Disintegrated from society
Due to a fear of the Unknown
Jemoh Dec 2016
With its roots embedded in the ground
The plant gains its vitality
Nourishments painstakingly climbs
Reaching its peak
The blossoming of the flowers
With the canopy shouting out loud

Aren't we all just trees
Rooted yet not literally grounded
Trading the rugged roads
With occasional stumbles
Refusing to fall.

We know the ground too well
It's where we came from
As we shine
Lest we forget what it means to us

Big power has took hold again
Lies paraded as half truth
Discernment has been lost in the process
Theirs hearts opened up to manipulation
Hatred fills their hearts
Through long standing acquiescent norm

Arise from the slumber
Power abhore vacuum
Greatness shall thrive in goodness
Lest we forget the root
It never ceases to bring wonder
To those who chose to stand their ground
Jemoh Sep 2016
23 Year have passed
Since your life was cut short
Each and every one a painful reminder
Though filled with hate
It teaches us to treasure
The life cut short
Despicable as it may seem
We still have to live
Asking the unanswered question
Wont you speak to us

There is never justice for the dead
Their quietness never provides the answer
Its never how but why?
Take a life you didn't create
Even if you created it you still have no right to take away
We vehemently condemn such acts
Silence is only but a crime
It is a luxury that many cocoon themselves with
Choosing guilt over shame
But is there shame in speaking out

Difference doesn't constitute death
The Stephens, The Trayvon, The Sobczak
Who will be next?
Is it me? Is it you
who KNows
Hate has no safety net
We ought to stand up against oppression
no BLooD is worth spilling
Hate is Hate there's no better way to define it. Oppression equals hate. Choosing to be quiet is complicit with actions. It a matter of joint enterprise. If only we could use such a law to deal with the issue. How many will freely escape its wrath. It isn't a matter of threatening others but raising awareness about the scourge of hate. No prison sentence can bring a life back. Therefore nothing warrants the premature and senseless acts of violence that ultimately lead to death.
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