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Jemoh Oct 2020
As I stare at the sea
There goes my Sorrows
Such serenity isn't transient

The sea with it constant roar
Ignites in us that passion
A burning desire

Truly, flames can be quelled with water
Plumes of smoke ever present
Leaving behind ashes to be blown away.
Jemoh Aug 2020
Does true love exist!
If it does, does it die. 
Does it truly end. 
What if anything can lead to the ebbing away of that which we truly treasure.
What would that be?
This is the million dollar question!

If you knew what it is.
How do you come back from it?
This I would truly desire to know 
To learn not to walk on egg shells
If anything, life is to be lived to it's potential. 
Sitting back, second guessing does no one any good.

Love is kind and gracious.
It has no harm intent
So why do we feel hurt and harmed in the hand of our loved ones.
How do we live each moment in love without all the fears.
Is to leave another to love them. 
What about true love.
Unending love that promises to endure

Truly, I have lived and seen what true love is about 
It loves without judgement.
It encourages and supports the other.
True love truly can be unending.
It's the meshing of all to abound in beauty.

We are certainly fallible
We fall short many a times
We wrong and hurt those we love 
But do we truly mean to do it.

Do we set out with intentions to continually harm those we love.
Certainly we don't, unless, we don't mean to love
I love with my heart. 
It often hurts not being clear about it
I know I can love with my actions. 

I have loved and felt the hurt of love taken away.
In hindsight guilt envelops
Through out omission or neglect.
We've ravaged a heart that we once loved.
I believe in true unending love.

The kind of love that endures 
To persevere is to win
We truly want to love with no conditions 
Love that warms the heart
It feels good to be loved and to love
I have loved you and that made me whole
Fighting for this love is what I choose to do.
True love reigns supreme
Love, Everlasting
Jemoh Aug 2020
The devil comes to steal.
He works in mysterious ways!
He is a taker of life.
He comes without warning
His arrival is never known

The pain of a life lost he know not!
Why does he pounce unexpectedly 
Leaving no time to prepare 
It might be gradual 
Adding to the pain and helplessness 
Or sudden where we expect not

Why does he take what he hasn't given
He is a thief, robbing and sapping the joy out of us
He is undeserving of anything yet leaves us devoid
The misery of the loss unbearable 
No love spared but the cultivation of hate.
With a heavy heart, we mourn the loss

A visionary taken from us
Our lives will never be the same
We have a legacy to pass on
To inspire the progeny
To dream of a future with no bounds
The future of Wakanda, not a forgotten empire
It is the the rebirth of a new nation under one flag.
Long live Chadwick and a dream fulfilled!
Chadwick  Boseman
Jemoh Jul 2017
Life's full of them
Appointments, mis-appointment and disappointments
They all evoke a myriad of emotions
No wonder, to be human is to be frustrated
Therefore, humans can be termed frustrated beings

Most often than not we're gloom and doom filled
The welling up of frustration and anger mount
Erupting and consuming us with rage and loathsomeness

Why be captives of our frustrated beings
Why not reach out
Damp the frustration and be as free as birds

Though we all can't be Eagles
Salvation is never far away
If you chose to see it, then, you can seize it.
Jemoh May 2017
A day for heroes
Whose blood was shed
The land enriched for progeny
Inspiring a prosperous life
Filled with hopes and dreams
To cast aside our worries due to their sacrificial offering

Their persistence paved the way
We owe it to them
Lest we forget the contributions made
To respectfully offer ourselves

Choosing not to mourn
Celebrating the lives well lived and sacrificed
Jemoh May 2017
The emergence of the concrete jungle
Epitomises the barrenness of life
Embodied by the disconnect from self
Back pedalling from the core
Whence it all began

A land filled with history beyond measure
Characteristic of the richness espoused by kings and queens
Manifested in the wealth of the gold and diamonds
Sacrificed for our progeny
How we seldom relish in the lushness of the land
Where the spirit dwell in the people
Choosing to toil into bare existence
Jemoh May 2017
Deep within is a roaring volcano
On the verge of eruption
The turmoil that one endures
The reealness from oneness with dislike
A willingness to protest for that which is right

Humanity must never be set as sunder
Let thy courage be the guide
Lead you not astray
We must recollect
Reignite the bond that must have been lost

We will encounter defeats but not falter
Neither accept defeat
In the darkest place can come the golden egg.
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