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Weathered and calloused,
Fingers weave your hair
Only for an excuse
To steal a moment touching you

Rough and manly
Stirring honey into your tea
You watch in underwear
Speaking through just a stare

Tense and shaking
Hands grab your shoulders
Pull you in for a kiss
To satisfy that one wish

Cold and clammy
I hold your hand
Only to keep you still
So I know this is real

Slow and steady
My hands play this tune
As an inadequate thank-you
For all that you do
One day a rabbit was jumping and skipping and running and flipping,
which caught the eye of a beautiful cheetah. The cheetah, interested in what she was seeing, strolled over.
The rabbit, so thrilled to have an audience, tried his best to jump higher run faster and move with such fluidity. All the rabbit ever wanted to do was impress. As the rabbit and cheetah grew closer, the rabbit began to notice that the cheetah could jump higher, run faster and do so with such elegance. This made the rabbit thrilled with joy, yet slightly embarrassed of his attempt to impress the humble cheetah. Despite the talent of the cheetah, she continued to lay there and watch with such flare in her eyes. Though the rabbit never understood why the cheetah showed such interest, he was quite thankful for her.
Tongue art
Between blue
And five
Makes me feel
But not hear
Like my floor
Blank canvas
Mind to roam
Painting pictures
All alone
Staring at the sky
Clouds forming thoughts
Telling me what I know
But somehow forgot
Night comes fast
I speak to the stars
The moon is winking
So I know you're not far
I dream and dream
While sleeping or awake
My mind keeps going
War starts to break
Morning comes
I should've known
Blank canvas
Mind to roam
The touch of your hand
Causes my pulse to accelerate
I must understand the pleasant
Convulse you generate
Electrifying feeling
I can not describe
You rectify me thrilling
Everything inside
So specially bound
I will never let go
Ineffably found
Now it's time to grow
Weathered and calloused,
Your fingers weave my hair into a braid,
But only so that you would have an excuse,
To steal a moment touching my neck.

Rough and manly,
Your hands stir honey into our tea,
While I watch in only underwear,
Dancing to Santana.

Tense and shaking,
Your hands grab my shoulders,
Pulling me in for a kiss,
Every time as if it's our first.

Cold and clammy,
Your hands hold mine,
If only to keep me still for a moment,
So that you can get a good look.

Small and feeble,
My hands type these words,
As an inadequate thank-you,
For all that yours do.
There will be no red jester,
no wolf, no jaded maid;
there will be me, of seven years,
blonde hair to narrow blades.

No speaking is involved;
we both know why you're here;
you've come to watch me evaporate,
or so both of us fear.

The lights start to get brighter;
the heat is too intense.
My body burns but you stand still;
the field 'round you is dense.

You stand so helpless,
As do I.
We watch the whole world crumble.
Friends of mine,
you don't know yet,
break away to rubble.

All at once, in not five seconds,
we're floating on in night.
The stars around me baffle;
no, this can't be right.

We're immortal, you see,
an affliction unforeseen.
Now I'm doomed to waft forever,
and live in the moon's gleam.

So the question stands, girl:
how long will you stay?
I remember a flitting dream;
it seemed to last a day.

Yes, it was, I do recall,
when I was not yet ten,
that I saw this all happen,
but I understood naught then.

So there it is, we have a day,
for me to impart all,
which of our grand hopes unfold,
and which were much too tall.

Don't be scared, my dear,
I'm sure we will be fine.
So take in all I say;
soak in every line.

We won't speak again,
and since there are few hours,
I'll share my words and hope they work,
in preventing the fire shower.

What seems like a minute,
but really was a day,
you start to blur and fade.
I'm sad you go away.

My fear is thick and soaked in tears,
and so we start to pray.

"Dear Lord, I know,
our world is broken.
It's full of hate and crime.
But, sir, please save the world I live.
It's all I have that's mine.
Find it in your heart, oh Lord,
to show this fille the way,
to stop the thugs and all the guns,
and give us one more day.

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