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Jeff Claycombe Mar 2018
Life stretches skywards
plucked by an unnamed child
and chewed for an hour or so
then dropped in a catatonic drool
I'm a worse person in my dreams,
which one am I really
contemplative harrumphing
cosmic fractals pose dramatically
but the paparazzi is focused elsewhere
when my hands cup dropping water
it's the same face half-veiled by fire
and the trance created by its traipsing limbs
leave the men in circuitous conversation
Jeff Claycombe Jul 2017
The fantasy has my mind tumbling
thrashing to convince my hands to reach out
I ignore the guilt to revel on
soaking in our ethereal dream state
The excited anticipation lingers,
slowly dissolving,
returning to the baseline reality
I can smile a bit more this time thinking about you
seeing you nervous made it plain
that the language our eyes spoke was the same
I want to hear you say it though
it may be a perfect final memory...
but I couldn't lose hope if I tried
Jeff Claycombe Aug 2016
It is the short, hurried gasp
the one where your lungs are already full
but dread's insinuation
jolts your blood and
stretches your eyes
making room for a bit more
Sinking, with bubbles trickling away
the concept of breathing takes its occasional
leading role
meditation is a luxury to those without panic
or maybe that is the answer
either way
I should have practiced more
I do fear death
No denying that
it's too instinctual
and I feel very connected to my body right now
this is where every person turns to God
and o' how humble we can be
apologies and promises
when were you last this genuine
it's only after God saves you
that you degrade again
Jeff Claycombe Nov 2015
New earth settles after a volcanic birth.
It's fresh and arrogant.
The ocean shuffles knowingly aware of the naivety,
but continues apathetically.
As they meet early on
the rock resists as the Queen's Guard resists attention.
Even when
the ocean's relentless battery takes a chip from the rock's side,
the rock mocks the injury,
"It took you that long?"
However, the rock still doesn't grasp its predicament.
Jeff Claycombe Mar 2015
I would like you to come on a journey with me
so close your eyes as I read to you-
when we consider our evolution
and key points of progress
we can backtrack from computers
to the combustion engine
to Carnegie steel
back to the wheel
fire and walking upright
however, we aren't wholly unique
all life forms communicate
but the power of language has enabled us to share this knowledge
on another level
now, I wonder
have we reached a peak
the precipice of what language can offer
to demonstrate
think of someone who loves you
do they need to say it?
isn't it in their eyes?
pouring from their skin?
think of a political ideology, an event in history,
the moment someone tore your heart out,
something that brings rage
the heat roils within you
tension can be felt through the silence
this is communication before, and beyond words
with your eyes closed
feel the blood moving through your shoulders
soft beats send it down your arms
this life-force trickles into your fingers
and focus on the blood in your fingers
notice the energy
and what is energy?
it is movement, it is vibration
this energy radiates from your fingers, from your feet,
and especially from your head and heart
this energy is genuine
full of truth
whether positive or not
where words leave space for error, misunderstanding, and misdirection--
--hold my hand and tell me what you sense
whatever it is, it's not a lie
Alfonso told me
'We will look back on the day we needed to use words to communicate
and smile.'
Jeff Claycombe Mar 2015
You care about starving children
but dumpsters house five course meals
we preach the sea ice is melting
when carbon clouds still trail our wheels
Don't misunderstand
the idealist talking isn't the problem
beyond complaining
beyond capitalism, socialism, red or blue
look where your finger is pointing
take your straight arm
bend completely at the elbow
understand the new direction
and heal you
Jeff Claycombe Mar 2015
This was the jungle
bristles sticking me obliviously
the grade forced a monkey's canopy dance
yet I hadn't left the ground
some insatiable thirst for excitement
pushed the course upwards
scrambling through fruit and fallen nuts with a
lifeless leaf litter
but the trees and their roots
anchored my ascent
after spotting some passion fruit
I understood the symbol
the ideal descent
legs brace and flex
as the stream bed becomes a reality
with uncanny placement
a majestic pool lay
awaiting my pleasured cooling
the ancient energy oozed from the ground
shimmered between leaves
and bounced from sky to water
I now understood the name Valley of the Kings
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