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May 2013 · 860
Double Jeopardy
JeanlBouwer May 2013
Betrayal of betrayer betrayed
Mother of one, wife of another and lover of some
Feb 2013 · 2.7k
Southern Comfort
JeanlBouwer Feb 2013
Lustful deceit of truth;
Unadulterated treachery of youth;
Transformation acceleration - Sloth
Like candle to moth

Deliberate disregard of lucidity
Profligacy elected humility
Portly modish scrawny
Legislature legitimate parody  

South Africa today
Feb 2012 · 2.7k
Diamond in the rough
JeanlBouwer Feb 2012
Two sparkle at xciting find.
Joy, relief, wishes flood our mind.
Reality numbed by ecstasy of find
Hardship, struggle, desires for now behind

Rightfulness of find, reality’s duality
Realization of self, fighting morality
The opportunity loss creates uncertainty.
The opportunity gain, creates possibility

How to capitalize on this potential
Designed improvements appear preferential
Decided, we proceed unconventional
We proceed like natural

Blades of diamonds remove the rough
Painstakingly disregarding, unwanted stuff
Transformation, tough
Mindful, not to lose a bough

Rough turn sparkle, every time
Faceted gem’s birth, sublime  
Artistry creates, perfect rhyme
This treasure set in time

Most beautiful combination
This magnificent creation
Testament of devotion
Evokes amazing emotion  

Bestowed, this incredible treasure
Brings about untold pleasure
Value, without measure
Diamond forever, ours to treasure
Jul 2011 · 5.7k
Neglected Wife
JeanlBouwer Jul 2011
While you’re away, I’m at play
Your responsibility, increase my probability
Your promotion, my devotion
Your neglect, my respect
Your business trips, our martini sips
Your wife, my lover
Your night in the pub, my back she rub
Your lost treasure, now my pleasure
Your ignorance, my perversions
Your children, my children
Jul 2011 · 1.9k
JeanlBouwer Jul 2011
The smell of life, roam the air
New life will flourish, in all its flair
Sky filled, with its bounty to bear
A bounty, for all, all to share
Rumpled old man, smiles at me, and continue his stare

Grey roll in, where sun, moon did stay
Young child and his dog, run home afrai
Mother and father, smile, nothing did they say
Thunder and lightning, kept me at bay
I’m so scared, why’re they all so gay

Water from heaven, my mind did race
Water it’s, it’s all over the place
Drops of rain, my sweat replace
Mother tried, to remove fear from my face
Rumpled old man, tomorrow, you’ll not recognize this place

Scared, I lay under my bed
Listening, to everything, everyone said
Even the passage of Noah, father read
How can this be, my dog hasn’t been fed
Scared, I fall asleep, under my bed

Dawn broke, to my surprise
Nothing came, from my thoughts of demise
I rush to the window, only to realize
Thunder and lightning, needed, for life to rise
Desert landscape, green, in front of my eyes

Dressed in pajamas, I run outside
My world turned, a carousel ride
I run, my dog aside
My foot slipped, I took a slide
Rumpled old man, laughs, with my every stride

Red, orange, yellow, turn as days passed
From where this bounty, so vast
I look at the old man, and ask
The answer, the desert landscape, only a mask
To see what you must, that’s your task.
A story about a child that first saw rain when he was seven years old, inspired this poem together with the splendor of the flowers that appear after the annual rains in Namakwaland. The deeper meaning is that various events happen in our life which we have never experienced; automatically we are afraid, needlessly. We must just look around and ask people, especially the elderly, for guidance and help, for we do not know everything, but more importantly, we mustn’t be afraid of change or everything unusual.
Nov 2010 · 716
Let There Be Hope
JeanlBouwer Nov 2010
The storms of the past,
Calms the waters of today.
Just remember, today, is tomorrows past.

Just for you, for now!
Nov 2010 · 1.0k
JeanlBouwer Nov 2010
Water, the origin of life
            Nurturer of life
            Sustainer of life
            Taker of life

God, the origin of life
         Nurturer of life
         Sustainer of life
         Taker of life
Oct 2010 · 817
JeanlBouwer Oct 2010
Darkness broke, with call at eleven
Call awaited, in the month of seven
When the universe, denied me heaven

Darkness, mine to endure
With alcohol and lust, as the lure
It had to end, of that I was sure

Darkness, its pain and lessons to learn
Lessons, of betrayal and deceit, well earn
Reminded me, its self love, I yearn

Dawn, break with the coming of light
Frequency rise, with equal might
A beautiful day, week, month, life in sight

Dawn, darkness by light replaced
A new life, of surety faced
No emphasis on ego and possession placed

Dawn, which set the spirit free
Just love and beauty, for the eye to see
God afforded, all of this to me
Oct 2010 · 905
JeanlBouwer Oct 2010
Only ashes left, of this once great empire
Empire, the result of childish desire
With everything covered, with the best attire
But these conquests, body and mind did tire
Now all destroyed, by the fire

From these ashes, a phoenix did rise
Never head turned, to gaze at demise  
For freedom of the physical, the prize
This never came, as a surprise
For I lit the fire, of my demise

With phoenix, boundless above
Soaring away, from the physical clove
Along its way, it met Noah’s dove
Resting where, water had cut a bluff
This new dimension, a very sweet tough

Sun rise, blank page, blank canvas, new slate
Seed were sown, on ashes of late
Air ashes heat water, result germinate
New ideas, hopes, dreams, grow at steady rate
The sun with its golden shine, sealed my fate
We all have been here!
Oct 2010 · 557
When, Where, What
JeanlBouwer Oct 2010
The moment you know the what,
informed by the when and where

                                 You are **there
Oct 2010 · 5.7k
JeanlBouwer Oct 2010
Met boeke vol helde, soos ek en jy
Potgieter, Trichardt, Smuts, Kruger selfs De LaRey
Almal met die doel, om hul volk te bevry,
Die Afrikaner, uit te brei
Om hul families, van leiding te bevry

Selfs, De LaRey
‘n Lafhart, wou eers nie beklei
Later die held, wat die boere, verder wou lei
Familie man, vader seun broer en gesant

Ja, die mense was ook bang
Maar met passie,
Met drang
Met dit wat slange vang
Het hulle als aangevang

Kyk na jou vriend
Kyk na jou maat
Kyk na die, anderkant die straat
Dis jy, wat hul toekoms baat
Dis jy, wat hul vereen, ou maat

Die Afrikaners, was plesierig
Dit, kan julle glo
Nou gevul, net met gierig
En al hul misnoe
Ja, dit kan julle glo

Waar is ons eendrag
Waar is ons mag
Waar is die dae, toe ons nog lekker kon lag
Waar is ons helde, van vandag

‘n Held, in elkeen wat die taal verstaan
Elkeen, wat n weg vir Afrikaans wil baan
Elk, wat sy man wil staan
vir die taal, wat min verstaan
‘n Kultuur, wat net ons verstaan

‘n Kultuur, so ryk aan helde soos ek en jy
Helde, wat die Afrikaner wil bevry
Helde, wat nie bang is om te baklei
Helde, soos ek en jy!
Oct 2010 · 792
JeanlBouwer Oct 2010
Lush black hair, now turned grey
Strong body, transformed to frai
Eyes of a hawk, lost their way
Partner and friends, passed away
Historians’ teachers’ wizards’ of today
Sorry, what did you say?

From their grans, till today
Five generations, past
Hundred year’s knowledge, vast
A lifetime of charm, cast
Why now sorry, because their last?

Sorry, we can not come this year
          the kids, do not want you here
          the Home, is very near
          you’re a burden to us, I fear
          in your back, is that my spear

These, gentle giants, of days gone past
Small in stature, with very big hart
You’re always welcomed, with cookies and ****
Stories of friends, a dog, or donkey cart
Always a tear, when you depart

They, our living history
Always a hero, in every story
Always told, so happily, even those of misery
Now, it’s all so clear to me
The person I am, without them, could never be

The best, life teachers, I ever had
Especially, in the days, when I was rad
Advice and lectures given, never bad
Even on days, when I made them mad
Now, I reflect on the days I made them sad

These conjurers, of healing spell
Mystics, who future events foretell
Magician, which disappeared terrible
Wizards of good, so humble
They ensured, I do this without fumble
Oct 2010 · 2.0k
The Final Round
JeanlBouwer Oct 2010
When is the final round?
         Conception Semesters Birth
         Sit Crawl First step
         Crèche Primary Secondary
         Bachelors Honours Masters
         Junior Senior Manager
         Lust Love Family
         Unemployed Gainful Pension
         Plan Experience Memory  
When is the final round?
         Field Farm Fort
         Tack Gravel Tar road
         Rural Remote Urban
         Wood Rock Concrete jungle
         Developing Established Revitalization
         White Multi racial Black
         Conservative Liberal Decadent
         Pretoria Tshwane Tshwane Metro
When is the final round?
         Bushmen Dutch British
         Colony Union Republic
         Native Settlers Previously disadvantaged
         Undiscovered Developed Commercial
         Subsistence Commercial Corporation
         Oppressed Equal Masters
         Apartheid Democracy Socialistic rule
         Logical Confused Insane
We decide when the fianl round begins.
Oct 2010 · 1.4k
JeanlBouwer Oct 2010
An insightful noise spark, an insanity so clear
With one, if a million, on hind legs in cheer
This land
Our land
Ours, by right of birth
Ours, rightly deserved, through hardship and pain
Our blood, there blood, these hands did stain

New leaders, struggled, with caviar and crackle
A struggle won, through blast of church, on a Son
The killing of a farmer, and his son
The **** of a mother, and her child
These courageous comrades, an insane spectacle

Others struggled, to put food on the table
To ensure, taxes are paid
Roads, schools and churches, were laid
Ensured, a country was made
Why then, this derogatory label

Together, this land was forged
A land, so rich, with its poor
so peaceful, with its crime
so confident, about its insecurities
        Healthy, with its infected
        Just, with its inconsistencies
        Fare, with its favor
so busy, going nowhere, South
South Africa  - duality of duplicity
Oct 2010 · 1.3k
JeanlBouwer Oct 2010
Walkabout started, in wilderness so bare
With no tracks, roads, homes nor cities in stare
Sticks and stones from my body, did tare
On horizon, welcome glitter of water’s glare
A sense of someone, something’s care
Cool, refreshing, revitalizing there’s no compare
From waterhole a single track, to sun’s lair

This narrow single track, evidence left by life
This road I follow, with mind set blithe
Into thick dark bushes, overgrown and rife
Thorns, cutting and tarring at my life
Pain and anguish, remind me, of life
I turn and look, at the ordeal, I survive
Following track, at cross road I arrive

Any one of four, to go
Back, I do not want to go
Right, a valley below
Left, more rocks and bushes on show
In front, a rainbow
The bow, proof of life bestow
I venture ahead, toward life’s flow

The single track, joined by another
A partnership, parallel to each other
Never did they join, in future
Along these tracks, I venture
These tracks, by contrast a pleasure
If cuts and bruises, the measure
My time on these tracks, I did treasure

Progress, tracks transformed to gravel way
I pass a house, where family could stay
I stopped, turned, looked and walked away
My essence, did not allow me to stray
“It’s not your destiny”, I heard the elders say
Discouraged disappointed lost, I started to pray
Again, a rainbow appeared, to point the way

As gravel way change, to road of tar
On the horizon, the evening star
Inviting noises and lights, of nearby bar
A lady, offer me a ride, with her in car
Voices of the elders, “You’ve already come this far”
If I quit now, this entire journey I did mar
With rainbow gone, I follow morning star

As road of tar, turn to gravel
I stop, turn and stare, with look of baffle
How can people be so concerned with trivial?
Can a single place, contain all that evil
Everyone treated, according to given label
I travel for myself, not to create a fable
In front of me, the rising sun marvel

Gravel road, turn twin track
As I put the city’s madness, to my back
The sun’s lair again my tack
My walk, more determined, there’s no turning back
Lessons learned and experiences stacked
For the remainder, there’s nothing I lack
This easy going, balance the rack

As one track, disappear
In my hand, I catch a joyful tear
Gone the lonely and disillusioned fear
To me, everything is no so clear
I shout out, in joyful cheer
This walk, empowered me to steer
I look to the future, through eyes so pure

I stroll into the wilderness, without a care
No more burdens, to bear
From me, all doubt was tare
In life, awaits no more scare
In front of me, a canvas made bare
A bright colorful future, in my stare
A future, with golden silver glare
Oct 2010 · 960
JeanlBouwer Oct 2010
I must feed today
Feed, this lust, for pray
In my lair, I can not stay
Give me flesh with which to play
Soft throat with veins so frai
Fountain so thick, while life I drai
Give it to me, on a tray
The lazy, weak, naïve, ignorant, and grey
For one of you, I am the demon today
But I need this, before I can lay

A last look at my young, so small
Out from my lair I crawl
Into jungle so dense and tall
Near waterhole, my pray will sprawl
Oooh yes, that’s their call
Silently unsuspicious the closer I crawl
Wait caution now, for one stare and stall
I trust, my camouflage will stifle warning call
Closer and closer to herd I crawl
Now, herd in waterhole’s enthrall

I select my pray for the night
Rather at the back, just out of sight
Yes, this one will not fight
I must wait, there’s chance for flight
Take another sip, that’s right
Your senses will dim, more then slight
Now, the time is right
I pounce on him with all my might
“Hallo I’m Angel, how are you doing tonight?”
“It’s only $ 100 for the night”
Apr 2010 · 1.6k
JeanlBouwer Apr 2010
A father, keeping up with the pace
Mother, applying makeup and mace
Son, competing in most important race
Daughter, content in lover’s embrace

Manager, profit earner, best company man
Beautiful and glamorous, archetypal woman
Athlete, top scholar and paper boy
Sweet sixteen now, this beautiful toy

All, a sublime rhyme

Man, estranged from family
Woman, battered so fiercely
Drug overdose, happen so easily
In her girlfriend’s arms, so happily

Family monarch, reduced to slave
Precious, caring, loving, now so brave
The candidate for the top, fighting the grave
Beautiful, innocent, naive, in girlfriend’s arms, so safe

Where, did we go wrong?
Apr 2010 · 959
JeanlBouwer Apr 2010
With eyes like cloud, soft and crystal, clear
Our touch, equal, intoxicating and sincere
A gentle gesture, the cause of a tear

In gentle afternoon sun, in our arms we lay
While world turn round, not a word to say
All around green, the colour on display

Lungs filling, with the softest of air
Our eyes lost, in each others stare
In our arms, we’re placed so bare

Like baby nurtured, with the kindest intent
As late rains, from heaven sent
I love you, this is meant
Apr 2010 · 737
JeanlBouwer Apr 2010
With eyes, so cold and dead
Lays this beauty, still in my bed
“I love you”, I said
To recipication, it never led

Eyes, evidence of betrayal and neglect
Life removed, he carried no regret
New love doomed, the stage was set
With open arms, this was met

All signs, disguised by veil
How can this, ever fail?
Without a compass, the ship set sail
The truest union, it was hailed

An infringement of self, on that day
With ego bruised, I showed her the way
Life, without her, better they say
Why, in fetal position do I still lay?

With time past, open the hart
As prepared, for new start
Prescriptions written, on cupids dart
A love planned, like a chart

I caught myself, in her stare
A ***** of passion, in her glare
Eyes so soft, I took the dare
All caution, into thin air
Mar 2010 · 2.1k
JeanlBouwer Mar 2010
Was Set, created to establish God, or God, Set
Do we live, to justify death, or die, to exist
Is life filled with experiences, or is life the experience
Does our good, amplify bad, or our bad, the good
Darkness or light
Darkness, shadow, absence of light
Good, defines evil, or does evil make good
If black, define white, what then, makes grey
Does cold, give pleasure to warmth, or its absences
Which was first, which one exists?
Mar 2010 · 658
JeanlBouwer Mar 2010
Right or wrong, no difference, agree
A right a wrong, when a wrong a right
A right a wrong, by religion, right
A wrong a right, by leaders, right
A right a wrong, by parents, right
A wrong a right, by friends, right
All an illusion, to sight

Designed, to keep us at bay
Religion leaders’ parents’ friends, all, lead us astray
By occurrences, we’re offered the way
Change, or continue to stray
Stray, and on a day
An occurrence will come, again in play

Change, and change is good
A change of attitude
    change of mood
    change of food
    change of brood

The answer is near
The answer is here
It’s and answer, we all fear
An answer, we do not want to hear

The truth, vested in us
A truth, only few can discuss
All knowledge, available to us
Abilities, too many to discuss
Mar 2010 · 2.9k
JeanlBouwer Mar 2010
Who is the master
And who the slave
The one with the whip, the master be
The one whipped, the slave you see

The master, must clothe feed and protect
The slave, merely work and collect

Freedom, over rated commodity at best
Only good, remembered at feast
With equality, the burden is shared
All equal, some more, in harvest bared

Freedom, the choice of master to serve
Never a freedom, more deserved
Slaves to our elect, we’ve become
Only riches and fortune, for some

The slave, now a master by right
Is everything, now alright?
Dec 2009 · 674
JeanlBouwer Dec 2009
Why do we run?
Where, has it all begun?
A feeble adventure, to excite the mind
An attempt, to begin to find

Find what
Find the next thrill
         the next high
                next rush
Adrenalin, alcohol, drugs, ***, all played
Nothing stayed

Where, will this end?
What’s, around the next bend?

Are we running to, or
Are we running from
To, to what and why,
From, from what and why

The answer is nei

We are searching
Searching for the most precious, spectacular and valuable
                   for the uncharted, undiscovered, unexplored
                         the hidden, obscured and illusive
Searching, searching for the self

The real self is I
The I, without the ego
          without the cars, houses, status and standing
The I, that’s here to serve
                    here to apologize, recognize, compliment, help and support

The I, that I forgot
Dec 2009 · 1.6k
JeanlBouwer Dec 2009
Five bedroom house, in estate
BMW, best of late
Cocktail wife, with breast inflate
Kids at play, on playmate
Mr. Jones, my best mate
Repossession of cars, on that date

A victim of my ego, I’ve become

Before dawn, on treadmill I run
Contracts, forecasts, reports my day begun
Sorry, I’ll be late, for supper ***
At home, after the sun
I promise, tomorrow, we’ll play my son

A victim of my ambition, I’ve become

Almost all, my hair turned grey
Its ulcers, that’s what the doctor say
My secretary, she led me astray
For another drink, I will stay
Tonight alone, in my house I lay

A victim of myself, I’ve become
Dec 2009 · 1.7k
JeanlBouwer Dec 2009
Gentle stream, caressing stone
Tree tops sway, as breeze pass throw
Delirious fragrances, fill my own
Kind moonlight dance, on face below
A crisp autumn night, on me bestow

In the forests around Klipkoppie dam near White River, Mpumalanga, on an autumn night.

Water like horses, rolls the sand
While gentle air, breeze the land
The bow, a *** of gold to show
Drops of rain, on face bestow
I need, nowhere else to go

Standing on the Umhlanga beach on a rainy day with the sun breaking through the clouds.

Red and orange, paint the sky
Shades draw long, until there’s nei
Dark silhouette, of desert land
Untouched, by human hand
This is where, I like to stand

Sun setting over Dune 7, Walvisbay, Namibia.
Dec 2009 · 2.7k
JeanlBouwer Dec 2009
Freedom of choice, can never be
Rather, a designed destiny

Accidents, default settings by design
Coincidences, planned occurrences in time
Surroundings, attracted by rhyme
Then what, is the influence of time?

A matrix known, to only a few
The rest a drift, never knew
Only filling gaps, for the few

Like sheep, alive in meadow
On man’s command, they go
Slaughter sheering feeding, they never know
So, do we really want them to row?

Do they want to row?

Do we actually harvest what we sow?
Or is it just, part of the flow?
Dec 2009 · 790
JeanlBouwer Dec 2009
The creation, the creator
Creation part, mirror of creator we got
Creator, father master or god
The creator of life
        sustainer of life
        taker of life

Life and destiny, all switches by design
Vested, in life’s spiral line
By design, responses triggered in time
Events, occurrences and stimuli, as rhyme
By design, some survive
The great deluge, and strive
To afford the creator, to retain life

Control of creation, designed precaution
For all will serve, even abortion
To evade this control and destiny
I change the switches, vested in me
Now in my hand, my destiny be.
Dec 2009 · 1.1k
JeanlBouwer Dec 2009
Into wind, I turn a blistered face
Life draining, at a fierce pace
Is their any, saving grace
Please, remove me, from this place
Soon, my existence will leave no trace
Hopes dreams whishes life, erase

Absence of cool, calm and collect
Heat, the nurturer of life and respect
Now, the taker of my life, perfect
Dry, lifeless sand
        Emotionless, killer land
There, I had to stand

An ocean of fire, in all its flare
Heat waves rolling, without a care
Drowning, desert sands so bare
Exciting, enraging, stimulating fever
All this excitement, in my stare

Fire lit, to warm the hart
Warm comfort, ease for start
Fire started, with desert chart

Life without love is like a barren desert but once the spark is lit love is like a raging fire.
Dec 2009 · 1.1k
JeanlBouwer Dec 2009
Beautiful site, riddled with battle scorn
Unmistakable, friend and foe lines, drawn
Commitment to causes, sworn
In days to come, this day we’ll morn
Life and love, from me was torn
As from dream, hell was born

As cold, summer’s night fall
A clearly hear the battle call
This battle, has no stop, nor stall
Someone must give, or all will fall
The innocent, backed against wall
Shots ring out, as the innocent fall

As I lay wounded, in no-man’s-land
Weary, of the blood on my hand
This, I’ll never understand
Beautiful, fertile, now barren land
Hopes and dreams, daggling on strand
These battles, so bland

I think back, while my life drain
When love, had no refrain
Making love, like soft rain
First born and all the gain
To our love, without restrain
This is insane!
Dec 2009 · 821
JeanlBouwer Dec 2009
Lush green fields, by concrete replaced
Once, beautiful scenery, deface
Greed and lust, the only race
Survival of the strongest, has no place
Take a bow, in disgrace

A society built, not on the strong
Rather, trickery and lies, so wrong
This cannot last, for long
Time will come, to right the wrong
The cycle, only 3600 years long

Our death and destruction, self design
Our existence, lush green field scattered with mine
One wrong step, direction, the end of line
Then why, do we taunt time?
Why, do we break, natures rhyme?
JeanlBouwer Dec 2009
Barren, desert scenery
Filled, with unknown misery
Emptiness, replaced, not by chivalry
Rather greed, so easily

Smart bomb, controlled by hand
Cause death and destruction, in others land
Land of people and places, all on sand
This stupid hand, surely unmanned

Disrupted, by projectile
Life and limb, arranged in new style
Never, will they walk, another mile
THANK YOU!!! We needed this style

Black gold, flow like blood
Rich and thick, like wound in gut
Is this, salvation bud!!!
Now on sale, all your ****

The USA and UK involvement in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Dec 2009 · 1.9k
JeanlBouwer Dec 2009
Harsh, desert scenery
Haven, from lush misery
Forced by Impi, so greedily
This, our new sanctuary

Glitter, in desert sand
The cause, of moonlike land
No more men, with bow in hand
No more happy feet, stamping sand

Scenery, violated by man and machine
A hole, were last buck was seen
Spiritual pickings, now so lean
White man’s god, o so mean

Before white man’s god, we now bow
We ask the spirits, “How can you allow”
Is this, the final raw?
Are we, disappearing now?

After a visit to Jwaneng, a diamond mining settlement of De Beers in Botswana, I was impelled to write this poem to revolt against the injustices being committed against the Bushmen in Botswana. The Bushman are forcibly being removed from there desert land to make place for diamond mining activities.

— The End —