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Jul 2017
When it happened, I felt like my world fell apart. What I stood for, what I believed in and what was my life... Just fell to pieces. My heart broke, my mind shattered and my blood..It almost splattered. Everything just went tumbling to the floor. It was almost as if I really could take no more. My head was on fire. I'm surprised the tears didn't drown it out. Behind those rivers, streaming from my eyes, were flames of bursting anger, hatred and aches and emotional pains. What happened to all those years of togetherness, joy, kindness and building of trust? I guess that also went crashing to the floor. Being trampled by my feet as I continue to try and get away from those thoughts continuously trying to penetrate my mind. Oh why.... What ever happened to the value of trust, honesty, love? And even value itself? Have they all rotted away in the hearts of lost souls to suffer in eternal hell? What ever happened to compassion and kindness? Unless they have been replaced with selfish desires and wicked ways of the world. Oh my.... There were so many nights where I just wished I could have died. So these thoughts would just stop invading my mind. But there was always something that kept me alive. Something that made me want to prove that I could get away from the one "person" that held me captive. To prove that I could escape and once again, see the light. Do better than others in such a situation. Rise above all else. Become someone despite of what happened in my life.....
Jewel Burton
Written by
Jewel Burton  18/F/Christ Church, Barbados
(18/F/Christ Church, Barbados)   
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