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Jewel Burton Aug 2016
Is there really life after death?
Or do you just lie in the cold ground?
Do you actually go on to something better or worse?
Or is it the last time you see the people you live around?
Jewel Burton Jul 2016
I feel so helpless
I feel so depressed
I just tried everything
All I can do is watch for the rest

I've tried to talk to you
I've tried everything I can
I've tried all that's possible
I even went against who I really am

What am I supposed to do?
What am I supposed to say?
What am I supposed to try next?
Stay there and let you push me away?
Jewel Burton Jul 2016
Under that pretty flawless skin,
Is a bruised layer aching in pain.
And under those heart-melting eyes,
Are the eyes of a lost puppy lying in the rain.

Under that bright and radiant step,
Is something deteriorating into less than a smile,
Under that happy and cheerful handshake,
Is someone who just refused to do that for a while.

It is not very well known that,
Every skinning of the teeth is not a laugh,
You never know; for you may be surprised,
That you may discover someone going down a completely different path.
Jewel Burton Jul 2016
Do you ever wonder,
Who would be so crazy to die for us?
After we've done so many things,
That by now, it would've misplaced anyone's trust.

Do you ever wonder,
How wonderful this person must be?
To do somethings that are impossible for us mere humans,
And be beaten and nailed to a tree?

Do you ever wonder
Why He had done it for us?
It was all for just one thing or two,
For us to meet Him and to show His undying love for us.
Jewel Burton Jul 2016
Tears on the ground,
Tears on my pillow.
Why did you do this now,
Just when my feelings started to grow?
I'd fully given myself over to you,
Not knowing all you'd give me was pain.
Why did you have to make me feel,
Like I never want to see you again?

Do you know what it feels like,
Loving someone who's in a rush to throw you away?
Do you know what it feels like,
being hurt in such a heart wrecking way?
Feeling like I've wasted my time,
Planning our lives together.
And feeling a lot worse,
Know that I'd probably lost you forever?

Once upon a time you'd told me,
You won't let me fall, make me cry and you'll forever hold me tighter.
And once again  when I think of you,
I think of a cold-hearted, incapable liar.
Incapable of knowing what it means to care, Incaple of knowing what is love.
Incapable of seeing what you once had,
As one of the greatest gifts from Above.
Jewel Burton Jul 2016
I look around me
All I see is how lucky I am
I see that my situation may be bad
But others' situations just make me think '****!'

There are so many people out there
Who don't have anyone by their side
So it's really hard for me
to imagine what's in their mind

There are so many people out there
Who don't have anything to wear
I just feel so bad for them
It would make anyone want to rip out their hair

Then there are people out there
Who are no longer alive
So it just makes me so mad and upset
To see there are some people that give up the will to survive

— The End —