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Janette Feb 2013
Down by two
the bruised-blue flesh
of the bronze butterfly's
escape through sacrifice,
flays the emotions..

Unwholesome the silence
that goes before her,
a sound like the heart
bound to beat like butterfly wings...

Gently her absence quick
upon me, inhales the night
and swiftly, the dark
sees only ease to relinquish
her candles sheathed in glass
epitaphs that collapse like veins
to fill the fluent air with the spare
embrace of the blue elements...

Down by two in the bottom of the ninth,
two out, two on, two strikes,
the soul's too tragic abhorrence of details
fails to deliver the impossible syntax
of apocalypse, on the lips
of a courteous Christ, crucified
by light, the night fades
far into the furthest exile...

Under a tropic of cancer,
her un-obscured brilliance
pierces the vault of heaven's vast
gathering of angels,
and their illegible scripture...

Shatters the soul in one primal
instant grand slam dream, quicksilver
through her midnight moment's landscape,
every cherished feature in flight, the light
of the bronze butterfly's escape
through sacrifice, to the silver flame
of moonlight's crucial adieu....
Dedicated to the memory of my beautiful Grandma
Jan 2013 · 2.9k
And Night Falls:
Janette Jan 2013
Watch me as I unwrap... passionate,
In the drench of our rain.....

And night falls...

A silent murmur
Where the heart pauses,
A malachite shadow
Penetrates fire,
A flame's fierce lick
Beneath pulse...


His smile touches
Warming the red sea of my heart
Pulsating ripples, spread
Soliloquies upon my skin
Orated in Southern sighs...


Desire engages,
******* hardening
Under tongue's brush;
Moist ripe, swollen folds
Tempt his lips to kiss my yielding
Where breath catches,
And I ... smolder within each touch...


My scent quivers languor,
Drowning pools, orchid petaled
Finger parted... tender;
Under sweet seduction,
Stirring the supple bloom,
Tasting the restless currents
That throb through my milky sea...

Small moans...

Electric blue hangs the air..
Primal lust etching curves,
Tracing dewy flesh,
Skin on skin,
****** scent….arousing,
Tongue brushed hardness
Between dampened lips...


The scorching sear... stigmata
Sin licks along thighs,
Essence, dripping,
S  W  E  E  T
Sensory overload,
Breaking my binds...


My appetite,
I am.. lashes soft, licking thoughts
No words
No words...


Feed the need that overwhelms,
Grow inside me,
Fill me once again.......
Stay with me tonight...whisper soft kisses against the folds of my silken shoreline... lap the waves that you winter storms pulse through me...... J
Jan 2013 · 2.2k
Hip's Whisper :
Janette Jan 2013
Breathe the silk impression of this skin pressed into you,
Infuse my dreams with reality.......rose

Strip me, one sense at a time;

Touch me...

Touch me...mould me into your open arms...

Paint me with the trail of your tongue....

I will dance for you,
Body sways, that beg you heed
My hips whisper of fiery petals, leading you
To temptation's gate...

A savoured decadence,
Your shape shadowing mine,
Lowering into my waiting arms
Skin upon skin...

Run the tip of your tongue along my spine
Ride my pulse higher,
Wash over me
Leave me wet and wanting
And I will devour you with my hungry mouth...

My probing tongue,
Surface scanning your skin,
I will sink beneath your hidden desires
My playground, here inside your sighs...

Envelope my breathy willingness,
Awaken to your addiction in devil’s thighs...
Sip my liquid gift
And know, I burn....

I burn for you....

My soft glisten, a pout upon swayed surrender,
Melted beneath a ride of skin,
Craving....craving always the singe that
Trembles these silky strands...

Your electric essence,
Painted red... mind hungry,
Where eyegasms impregnate the heart of this woman.................*rose
His silhouette hidden in the waterfall of my hair.....whispers within brush strokes...where his lips are but a breath away....*rose* J
Jan 2013 · 2.9k
There Came Quiet
Janette Jan 2013
There came quiet
the colors of your cinnamon skin,
its taste, persimmon
spread in red syllables
and quicksilver spills
in the folds of this tickled silence,

Laden with prophesy
the white thought of love
leaps through the tamarack pastures,
suet to the shadows of dahlias, flesh
you say, is water
and its symmetry, a penetrating
sound of pure ebullience,

Love, in the pale baton of light
you coax from cognac eyes,
open my veins to every thorn in the garden,
rumors of rain,
say nothing and endure,

Spread over panes of glass
where butterflies drown
in the sweat of our charms
and moths drop from the true color of lunacy,
cold depths lapse softly into my flesh,

I hurt, in that quiet shatter of light,
and from moth-eaten thighs
you soak the ****** of earth
with velvet tears and lavender,
spread its dark balsam to quell the quick faith
with sighs, as reluctantly,
the soul speaks what the body has written,
and gives-in to its asylum....
Jan 2013 · 2.1k
Byzantine Flower
Janette Jan 2013
"You tempt in me…so much…
a sparrow...a lamb… a tenderness… and the captive heart… that beats against my palm…
the bonds…. of trust.. surrendered"

to the silver nepenthe of your voice,
stricken upon the thick red heart
I've pinned to a map,

See, it emits grace
beneath the molten glass,
strung through harp strings and stretched
as sutures ,the solemn musculature of ecstasy
bound in golden ropes and belladonna dreams,

Let the white darts fall
where they may

This silence belies the song
in my throat, hovering
like a silver bauble, your face
is dark, back-lit, harbouring
the terror of words that burn...

My heart
holds the cinder of secrets,
and little poison idols of hematite
and gooseflesh...

Our dream box collects its damp light
from the dark corners of our prison,
as you coax a banyan tree
from its arousal...

A totem filled with marzipan,
and trembling, but to split
its lip upon glass cages,
wrought with jade...

Hold the sparrow face-up,
let the furrow of its wings, tempt
the fates, as it sings to the same scythe
that chimes against the dead angles of the soul's crucified geography....
Jan 2013 · 3.7k
Weakness To His Will
Janette Jan 2013
"Run your pulse across my tongue  
Pour your love into me  
I thirst for you"......


Veils of gossamer silk
Spin in shades of night
Submissive acquiescence
Smoulders bare feet ...

Iridescence dances in captivated eyes,
Lips full
Licking the shimmer-gleam,
Anointing skin
Ravishing enchantment...

He trembles her heat
Scorching flesh wrapped bone;
Joining fantasies played against silky thighs
Capturing her allure;
Manipulating the tenderness of her need ...

Night drips beauty from a silvern moon,
Nakedness meets
Open desire
Firm against softness
His lips seeking,
Vanilla tears
Melting on his tongue like snowflakes
Touching passion's fire...

Fingertip moments
Pulsing rhythms;
Aching depths craving
Sinking into moist folds
Undulating movements
Swollen, locked around a flowing pearl...

Mesmerising connections sparkle,
Gasp breathlessly,
Arching into body quivers;
Nails claw the spine

She is
Weakness to his will........
On your exhale alone...I am one with you...where dreams and reality collide....... J
Jan 2013 · 2.2k
Janette Jan 2013
Whispers carry whispers from the corners of yearn....into night, beyond where stars beacon light,
Where rainbow hued visions lend their voice to the chorus of flower songs that filter the moon-strewn path
Carrying me into the heart of him....

Colours within colours touch softly in between, where butterflies meditate and bees indulge their mystery,
Dancing wild in friendly shadows, where whisper-webs sway,
So delicately time is spun, setting me amidst a breathless dream....

Yet I am shy-skin, when sleepy eyes canvas the soft earth of my body, delicately fierce,
Lifting to touch his mouth in my quiet passion,
I am blushed in a pool of desire's wake, where embrace-touch corners my flower, suckled....

Hip-rocking  skims wetness' swallow with a voiceless tongue, to render the moan of rushed inferno,
Poised upon the brink of swollen intimacy, sliding deep into rivers of pleasure, where warm waters rage for a slow ****** baptism toward Nirvana;
Wet lipped, whimpering licked to rain....

Darkness presses against my lips, sliding my tongue, and I draw it in like a feast
Aroused by every touch, my mouth thirsting, body suppliant
Savouring the feel of it in my mouth....again, and again....

I quiver in silent silk, crushing gartered sin,  passion clenched hips moaning lip-speak;
And the moon screams its own lust, an opalescent spinneret, shimmering,
Diamond speckled, beyond the night...beyond dreams.....into the still of mirrored light....

Waiting, always waiting,
I weep for the beauty you pour
Raining me..........................................
Brush back this sheet of sigh, black silk drapes my dreams......passion embraced, wrapped in the strong arms of desire, breeze kissing my skin under moonlight.....pressed against your chest, my head on your shoulder.....eyes locked....whispers caught in the satin curve of my throat.....the caress of my skin on yours made more precious by your lips on mine....
lost in hunger upon velvet......your soft murmur upon my flesh releases the flight of my heart.......I am lost in YOU....where I will always be.....where YOU are lost in ME.............. J
Jan 2013 · 2.3k
Janette Jan 2013
Eyes soft as silk, mirror moon-fire along the silver cusp of my soul,
Enchantment wanders the opalescence of this dream,
Heartbeat to heartbeat it pulses, drifting down soft, as stolen breath
Along the throat in this trembling garden of body....

Whispers of hunger, penetrate soft folds of midnight’s caress upon
Velvet’s pout, a taste of honeyed tease, searing spoon-fed ecstasy,
Brushed new, upon warm whispers,
In the wet of US....

A moist fragrance of sighs, unleashed, capturing blossoms swelling, under moon-spill,
Urgent fingertips dance delicately across shadowed yearn;
Undressed, beguiled, stirred sweet, behind naked eyes,
Where lavender ache beckons....

Satin pleasures unbutton heaven in the breath of swollen whispers, and
The breeze of destiny lays tangled in sheets, touching, teasing
The shores of prismatic submission;
Spooning wet, the wild of embers scorching need, prompting the meld of *****, as
Seduction fuses and passion licks unholy wet, cocooned in silk spill...

His melting shadow arches, quivers the canopy of my offering,
Roller-coasted beneath his lip-ride, where fire bleeds my skin, and I am lathed upon the parched desert of his tongue;
Where crimson visions seep, thrusting, deep the lilac of petals, and
Hungry hands trace the rhythm of trembles,beyond the swallowed screams....

Darkened eyes watch, as I burn the ****** slipped from his tongue;
My trembling, hips glisten, trailing whispers, slowly swallowing hidden breath,
Drowning him in an oasis of silken desire, where dewdrops of my rain trickle from the corners of his smile,
Orchid nectar sliding between two tongues, saturated, tasted beyond the press of lips...................
She clings to midnight.....dangling from crescent moon’s that he may reach high, and bring her to him in untainted absolution..............loving her pure, immaculate.....into the bleeding gleam of dawn.......J
Jan 2013 · 1.7k
Whisper's Truth
Janette Jan 2013
The moon will always be ours within whisper's truth
Beneath curve and whimper's sigh
Where passions come alive......

The flutter of lips whisper against the flame
Searing my naked soul;
For I
Am tangled in rapture,
Where the flesh of your tongue
Filling me deep in December....

Your lips teach me now,
Drowning me in sweet,
Honeysuckle traces,
Wet soliloquies
Along the thighs of our endless night...

My need;
Blends sweetly into
Garlands of rose scented kisses,
My breath burning your pulse
Chanting it's rhythmic mantra of desire
With the elixir of my devotion...

My voice grows hoarse with moan,
Erratic, panting, my flower pink,
Oblivious to this milky harvest of time;
How I adore you,
Seductively caressing me;
Such gentle ecstasy...

Bare fingertips
Scribe stuttered vowels
Along the curve of hip
And on the tip of ******* blossoming...
To quiet the fiery core of this, my desert,

This blaze of Kundalini rising
Ink to flesh
Closes around the benediction of rain,
Edged in the deep
Of this, our Eden................
You undressed me in body, mind and spirit....your tongue tasting every bud of desire.....We lay after, looking to the stars, wishing upon dreams....while wrapped in each others arms.... J
Jan 2013 · 1.8k
The Mauve Hour:
Janette Jan 2013
In the sordid caste
of flowers, the wild
rise on their stems
for a name,

and rupture into light
through the copse of partridge berry
distances tumble over the wet colours,

like mauve tongues
along the thighs of an eventual sunrise,
that comes moaning free
of the unforgiving dark,
in the wet jazz soliloquies of light

and suddenly, through the lips
of Septembers lovely grind,
to bind the Summers cunning wounds,
your hands reach far into the blue hordes
of wildflower,

and redolent fevers, kindled
by some hummingbirds blurred
and exquisite agitation, you
are the body of my confession

and South
marks the same
unfathomable distance home,
over the prairie
that tonight grants calm,
in the balm of C minor,

a mute, sibilant liquid dream of rain
soothes, my voice grows hoarse
and stills, though from the hush of willows,
rasps the vast reservoir of wind,

as the jay, a blue throb in the holly, casts
my hue in lush cascades of desperate, abandoned braids

lift the fevers muslin depths
and these unaccompanied words, sing
a sonata
proverbs in petty sounds
spill from a cracked jaw
and a parched throat,
in the Sabbath of the heart

heaven never thought to map
this distance and its jubilee
over wildflowers, I bear
your name to stay the mauve hour

of devout crickets,
crouched in the rain,
dying in the thick falsetto of mist
and the sordid hum of birds, dim
in their hollow cote,

and sudden blue, sudden blue,
how I adore you....
Jan 2013 · 2.4k
Votive Silence:
Janette Jan 2013
So fine,
the slender votive silence
of palms, open
to the torn banners of rain,
so tender,
such surrender
in the gesture of hands...

You pour so much
of your red earth,
to soothe and loosen
the tongue from its leather tomb
and adorn me
with a lighter burden,
too much mine, at one
with the dark, lavish earth
in all its sorrow, spun
of the sleek commotion of silk
and vanilla linens... I leaned
into the ******* of my wings,
honed from those muscular
fairy-tale dreams...

My mouth,
learned solely on a valentine's
shiny white kiss of hemlock,
humming into the cells
of the spellbound body, quelled
by vigilance, your lips
teach me now, how to go softly
over the red earth of dahlias,
in all their everlastings, your hands
deep in the soil, reap...

The resonating grail of memory,
kept in its rich loam
and coals spread over
my mouth of red, red clay,
so swells its golden hue
of rose and rhododendron,
too much mine, rising
its fevers in the fawn brown
of eyes, closed ...

Over this long,
shuddering quiet,
you come
in all your calico
to calm
the votive silence
of palms, cupped
in the earth of your hands,
so much mine....
Jan 2013 · 1.4k
Dark Desire:
Janette Jan 2013
Taste me with all of your senses
Inhale my essence......breathe me in deep.....

Darkness pressed against hunger..

Sliding my tongue, I drew it in like a feast
Savouring the taste as it passed my lips...

Shadows cast silken threads
Screaming desire!
Spinning silken webs around my body,
Searing my skin, as hot breath spilled itself
Against my salted flesh...

Moisture and heat fused,
Savage, pulsating, lingering, where wicked hovered
Sleek, against my heart’s beat...

Black satin shivered beneath wildfire hips;
Slow dancing a sweetened heat,
Writhing beneath the shimmer-gleam;
As I lay for him, lathed by the parched desert of his
Relentless tongue...wearing me wet....

I moaned across his taut flesh,
Strewn beneath the sliding wander of skin thrusts,
Drowning in a plum-dark eclipse of heat!
Where tenderness lay opened for him...

Teasing breaths rushed kisses between thighs
Wanting to break free, the restraints,
Stretching my body beneath his tasting..

I felt the essence beating ****** tempo's,
Passion succumbing to insatiable need;
And I gave him my body's silk-white,
Trembling under the furtive delirium of our fever...

The fierce moon eclipsed
A serum to slide my quickened breath;
And his eyes watched, deep in dark, unchanging depths,
As I lay naked in his arms....................
I heard your voice whisper to my heart.....and I waited, for I loved you then, though I never knew your path would ever cross my own......but we fell into step in the shade of a mountain where beyond forever nestles against our hearts..... J
Jan 2013 · 1.9k
Scars Beneath
Janette Jan 2013
On a slow train
out of the Savannah’s sudden exile,
the sunlight swallows me,
a calligraphy of days, hours, minuets, now
inscribed on my limbs,
syntax gives over to a dry, dry sound,
and parched, the aftertaste of sloe gin
inhabits my ribs, the lay of bones,
a labyrinth of absence,
and this velvet ache
at my wrists, a pure burning,

burning the memory red,

words swell and crumble with a kiss,
what absence, Soul of Winter,
what absence is this, spreading
over roadmaps, soliloquies, nights
stretch into mornings, always mornings,
as my fingertips pull daylight from an orange
in dream alphabets that soon dwindle
to vowels, the word, harbour, bends
the old alder beyond what it can bear,

so many ways, you say, to live like a prisoner,

at home, the rooms
are all windswept, reckless
chairs overturned , abandoned
in this, the evening’s parable,
love is no more
than a syllable in a bottle
of shattered blue glass,

a poem written on the underside of a child’s teacup,

their jump ropes curl like adders
at our feet, the thread
from where I dangle
in doorways and twilight,
as I bide time, perilous
over train tracks, your fingers
trace tally marks along my vertebrae,
the hollows darkening in a pathos
of blue rheumatism,
and in the carnivorous tremor
of my body breaking
like the spine of a book,
the paper gone pink at the edges,
like azaleas and bruises,

erosion, after all is the altar of the body,

and there are scars beneath my temple,
and this ache, still, in my wrists,
unbearable when it rains,
ghosts inhabit my lungs,
wrung from the silence of shut windows,
eternal clotheslines and linen
span for miles across the Savannah,
and the early frost is at last,
calling me home....
Jan 2013 · 1.9k
Janette Jan 2013
Dream for me
a Savannah,
a sestina in reds
at Pandora’s threshold,
clothed in bludgeons of light
and these tears are nothing
but the nightingale’s burden,

the words laden and livid as storm
across the mauve wasteland
unfolds, the sky in its deceit,
promises rain, delivers nothing,
in this room the light will ruin me,
the squall of glass slippers overhead,

on my knees, now
the abstraction of the body, opaque
I write in the limber whisper
of fingertips, deep villanelles
about love, restless love
on the skin of your back,

histories annotated
by gestures of supplication,
I drag fingernails across a fairytale
and out falls a wide-eyed harem,
April-blue veils trail their blood, narrowing
the flagrant staccato echo in my sternum,

A palm reader warns of conduits
and spells, the darkness
that puddles like lake water
in my mind, moths of Summer
a fragrant blue,
restless blue

notes like scorpions
scurry beneath the blankets,
strands of hair, stained sheets
this vacancy glows through the shears
I forget, how early, and still
the night falls here,

as how early it fails.....
Jan 2013 · 1.3k
Flames Of Want:
Janette Jan 2013
And she lay... spread like the petals
of a dew dampened rose......

Drenched in the 'throated' moan
Of your kiss, I bask in the flood
Of your gaze...

Sweet torment, in each intake
Of breath...
Your tongue pours fire
Sheathing me
In flames of want...

You speak...that  voice; pouring


My throat, and
I am melted, a whimper-ache
Naked, but for the blush of moon
Lain unashamed,
Beneath brown eyes deepening....

My flesh consumed against
You...burning red in my veins,
Filling me with the breadth of your rhythm;
While the hours burn
Enormous pale candles,
Frozen eternal in spangles and lace...

Slide across these aching *******,
Weep me wild with ecstasy,
Pulse me deep in vibrant ripples,
Plunge me.... into the worship of your passion-breathed breeze
Wield the strand of flame against my silk..
As I ...

          You...lingering on the surface of my tongue...

Cast me lost, in the soft,
Precious wind-song of heart's beat,
Casting shadows against unheard music;
My blush beckons a firestorm between finger’s grip,
Burning untamed, beneath your skin...

Cast up your spell beloved,
Drink me in
Where lips play... a searing ache;
Lay lush with me, inside the meld of my heat,
While I submerge in endless seas of you.........
And so I enter....a new season....wrapped, decadent in the warmth of you....only YOU..... J
Jan 2013 · 1.1k
Silver Rain
Janette Jan 2013
Come softly
silver rain, come
softly now my thoughts,
heavy as September's reddest hue
in hours shed these patched conceits
of dry leaves, curled
along the Summer road,
become some vast appalling wilderness,

your hands, an Autumn dream,
casts a thick red sap
upon the swollen planes of my body,
crouched in a stealth pathos
of grey leopard cells,
as they well, wild with faith
and thirsty prayer,

come away
from these stale Summer breads,
for your kisses
are a much softer fate
than wisdom, come
the ease of rain, softly
silver rain,

stay the solemn night
with leaves, bedeck
my perilous flesh,
let it ascend
its grey latitudes
in blizzards of dogwood,
kindling songs on paperchains

my hands,
string an alphabet
of silence, tied
by hours of rope,
inviolate, palms
clasped to glass, two
hummingbirds, quiet

to close into fists, come Autumn
the season of bearing,
the rich red earth darkens and drinks
our tears, and now, never
the ease of rain, falling,
come softly, softly silver rain....
Jan 2013 · 1.7k
Stray Tears:
Janette Jan 2013
there are tears,
a sorrow slender
as a bellflower at first,
and opening its slow & delicate way
to grief, fluent as the soul
falling toward you, wet
and gasping, an agony of willows,
late in August & hemlock,
tear strung, haunted,
in the deep blue scythe of hours
you carve out of our secret,

a totem fossil of wild horses,
abandoned & impaled upon a carousel,
that bear a garland of snapdragons
for reign and bridle,
as they open their tiny pink throats to the night,
the calyx trill of tree frogs,
with their penchant for silk
& pink ribbons, pigtails
& sequin dreams,

I am desolate now,
my body a bramble
tangled in its curfew of snow,
upon the window pane,
the incessant thump, thump
of these **** ivory moths,
on each wing, a word I speak in dream,
returns to me, cleft
of blue light, scissor in darkness,
fierce to extinguish the stars
with their vehement lash of wing
to glass, to glass,

your pain is my familiar,
my envy,
my assurance,
and I am calmed
solely with the lace of spanned hands
at the throats small and fluttered vessel,

come, to besiege
the innocence of Summers stray tears....
Jan 2013 · 1.5k
Morning is:
Janette Jan 2013
Morning is a burnt thing
that wrings the dark from my dress,
a lilting blue on the lawn,
in that twilight, so heavy
with lures and the tiniest snails
leave ochre splinters in my palms,

a scar, where you wrote in my book,
the blood part of ruined pages, bone white
and virulent, you raise the urge to render
my wrists more fragile,
more fragile than this,
a restlessness as black as a raven
drifts through bits of paper, stray wings
come to worship the hour, vanishing
between nine and ten, Winter
is a tenderness as transparent as silk,
as fragile as poppies,

its ruthless baptism upon my body
filling with snow, my skin shimmers
like dusk, like wings
all night you held me,
steadied my heart in the heavy wind,
even when the wildflowers had sown
themselves into the shape of a grave,
the garden overgrown, my body
from a bone, and my soul
out of nothing, opening,
opening for yours,

I am sure, god has failed me,

and longing is just the heart
changing colors, all its chambers, churning
the slowly spoiling hour, all night
I ribbon and tendril,
as you make a cage of your fingers to keep out the light,
shut the latches of this cell,
shut your eyes, my lover,
for I am frayed, my belly blood dark
and grey, where it is all wearing at the ends,
a little gin poured upon the open sore
of this ache, as I am caged in glass,
shackled at my wrists, like pink clusters of wisteria (oh, pink)
upon the secret places of our skin,
fingertips press against me like a bell,
beneath the swell of *******,
I keep the debris,
my poems to you are small,
quartered and hidden beneath the floorboards
of this room, the bed, the glass,
the pink (oh pink) wisteria in bloom,

morning, is a burnt thing,
spoiled like a jail of brick and mortar,
where I live on licorice,
and on the palest underside of the wrists,
the half beat,

I dont think, I have ever loved so gently,

in silence, unexpected,
midnight spooled in a clavicle,
for my skeleton is a fossil
you will find every night
in your flesh,
and my faith lies
in that single thing left
to us, a smoldering filigree of sorrow,
shaped like a moth,
and morning is our burning....
Jan 2013 · 1.6k
Janette Jan 2013
So say these rooms are darker
than you remember, these distances
between bones, so deceiving,
the syntax of castanets at the windowsill
swell all the cells with silk,
my body sun burnt
and translucent as moth wings,
bring the viral inconsistencies in the sternum
to anchor my reddened limbs
into the desperate ***** of the heart...

Where I gather milk and moonlight
at night, the phantom
tantra of your lips, open
my mouth as deliberate
as the throat swollen with rain,
remembers how your kiss
takes to cold, at the collarbone,
something slender and unlaced,
your mouth, a length of silver chain
wound about the impossible symmetry of my dress
made entirely of vowels,
dried roses caught in its hem,
baby's breath tangled and dangling from my hair...

See how the body becomes an apology,
bending into an alabaster suicide,
its entreaties carved into the heart,
in the tar at my shoulders,
and now, how the fibula splits open,
feathered, I am this dark seed across a canvas,
a furthering, azaleas harboured
in the languid anklebone, and sudden water
gathers at my hem, bears the scent of hurricanes
and lilies, all this mayhem in the cells,
begin to loosen its wreckage, the rough
of your hands, river-wild and dark,
cool against my cheek, the ropes
of your arms bind the moment, opaque,
and I lose my way among the hours,
dimly lit through the damask curtains,
the windows are veiled by a steady rain,
and in my famine, I swallow enough of this gin
to drown, the dark collects in my mouth,
as the muslin flesh presses the seams of my dress
in blackened promises, of milkweed and almonds...

Thursday, at last,
and there are sonnets in my hair,
these hours are so rare, the indigo
in our roses spread like bruises,
as you weave poetry into the hemp of a collar,
my wrists, all Indian burns and snakebites,
snap beneath the jungle gym
where lilacs burst against the barbed fence,
the light swallows the seconds
and how my face is hollowed by shadow,
moths beating themselves, merciless
against the porch light, as you still, your body
listens to the gentle burning in my bared forearms,
the taste of copper, the risk
of skinned knees that bleed
in the lull of nightfall,
when I begin to braid
my daughters hair, fireflies
in a glass jar, at the panes, dizzy
and wanting, whisper their pale accusations,
left scrawled in the margins,
in a drier season, I tear out
the furious passages of my body,
and survive solely on ritual milk baths,
as lips allow in a liquid innocence,
though it takes more than this to drown,
the giving in, a tangle of amber braids
in the undercurrents, there is a gentle tedium
to my hair between your fingers, my throat
beneath your thumbs, a thickening
of immaculate tethers to bind the seizures about your lap,
the octaves tremor, like cicadas,
all those days in the ground, the damp wrinkle
of their wings, years I have been hiding
the bones in the words, as the syntax
of sorrow and jazz darken the windows of this room,
on a day that can go no further....
Jan 2013 · 1.6k
Janette Jan 2013
Turns a soft pirouette of finger end
Along the ridges of discs that make the spine
And I mark a period to end the sentence
Written upon soft skin
Smooth as a relaxed sigh that escapes parted lips
In a gentle exhale of seconds ticked off
One check (tick)
Two check ( tock)
I scribe to small of back where hollow forms
Letting tongue taste the salt of sweat glistening
Before a rise of hip curves to please eyes
Or palms that might erase dark windows staring back
At the blank gaze of face lost inside
The mirage of dreams

Three check (tick)
Four check ( clock tocked seconds rhyme)

With vowels moaned to the whisper of poems
Glyphed a slow summons of wrists gently turned
To show the veins that lie beneath as I bled softly
Along the nerves a simple thread of heartbeat
Rhythms show how a verse ends
A metaphor for the ribs caged
And stone to hold apart the looking glass world
Of Cheshire grins upon lips wet with wry spittle
Licked by tip of tongue

Breathes soft once upon times
To inhale the scent of amaryllis bloom
Gracing glass of its own with fair heads bloom
Petals of delicate hue opened vulnerable to bruise

Five check ( tick )
Six check ( toggle along mark of hands the tock)

I scribe soft to the end of line and pirouette fingers end
Marking a period again to end the simple words
Brushed upon a supple velum
And begin
Seven check (tick)

Second hands slow circles
Matching my own...
Jan 2013 · 1.7k
The Edge:
Janette Jan 2013
How far can we fall
from the edge of a whisper
suspended above molten desires
dangling from a single breath
escaping through fragile fingers
pressed against
a reflection of lips
piercing the swollen silence
in words that belong to you

I am paused in patient syllables,
a hum on the tip of your tongue
searing the wings of uncaged secrets
spilled from your eyes upon my skin
sliding in the hush of immaculate worship,
in this ritual of discovery
an unyielding hunger,
your hands unravel passages
confessed in intimate testaments,
stained in your fingerprints,
translating the map of my body
in minutes that pass too soon.

Cradle my thighs in an estrus of dreams,
bathe my release in the burning hours,
drenched in the silk of lilac orchids
soft petals from your eyes,
leave a trail from flesh to soul
for lips to taste the jasmine-laced crave
softly veiling the naked lust
caged behind these sapphire windows
gazing into the depths of your reign,
I am stranded in exile
awaiting the guidance of moonlight
translated in the stroke of your fingertips
that brand my flesh yours

And, in that place,
I reveal every sacred secret,
exposed and shivering
beneath your body ascending
upon the ****** truth of me,
beneath these sheets of midnight silk,
tangled in translucent urgencies
unfolding into a delicate intimacy
that preludes this savage awakening
so restless to adorn your primal sting
in a deluge of my body to your parchment,
scribe me spent in the ink of your resonant whispers

how far can we fall....from the edge
Dec 2012 · 2.0k
The Black Kiss
Janette Dec 2012
Sable, the swallow rising
as it banks over the white conduits
of marrow in the body, rain
slashes through the honey locust,
along the long ellipse of its hunt
as savage dragonflies rise from stems
to cling, a deep sienna of doeskin tremors
over their sting, catkins,
an aftermath, melancholy to the skin
soaked in white calla,
its reticence assails
the sleeping orchards of the heart,
in its darkest sheaves,
to cleave apart the soft joining of lips
and silence me;

for eternity
is this moment,
and the light you give
cloaks me in a coat of flames,
the burnt locust of slaughter, taunt
the rubric of Christs hidden scriptures,
as I night,
the body, solely a vessel
of shadow, returning
through a field of windfall,
ripe with wasps,
echo you
in me,
a dream of a dream dream't,
in the dim recess of light

your lips close
like a sutra over mine,
a brutality of moments
ground out of thick pine,
as the fine agony
of cricket ballets rise
shivering, to stillness,
this silence is a lotus,
a blue psalm,
throttles the throat,
as a quorum of swallows
gather between the swathes
of sunlight and skewed shadows,
and lift as one body, subsumed
by our abandoned depths,

out of exile, you
have made me a homeland
of truant light and as I night,
lightning opens like scripture,
a black plea, poured over some sore refuge,
and so that I may never be restored,
cloak me in a coat of flames,
suffering an ecstasy of moments hardened in amber,
over the white conduits of marrow
in the savage body, writhe
a black throng of swallows,
assail the sleeping orchards of the heart,
in its darkest sheaves, to cleave
apart the soft joining of lips
and silence me....
Nov 2012 · 1.7k
Crimson Embers:
Janette Nov 2012
Dreams flower in the silence of morning,
Fragile wishes
For tomorrow's tomorrows....

I feel his touch,
My heightened pulse
The wanton shivers,
Desirous and smitten;
The magma flows, deep in my soul;
Where his scorch of passion burns...

Embers sear, crimson,
Masquerading masked desires,
Dripping from his tongue's tip;
Sultry trickles graze upon my flesh,
A gentle sting, as fire-licks
His breath across my thighs,
A bite of ecstasy, murmur-whispering
Carnal need…

Imprints of insatiable,
Bind me willingly,
A fiery bandage
Piercing the scorch of hungry lips
Flaming my *******;
With breath dissolved inside a kiss...

He savours the honey stream,
Branding his name upon my
Swelling, luscious pink…
Deeply buried
Arching into his mouth
Unable to contain the flame
Tambourines of skin seep ecstasy,
Ripen succulence untamed...

Kaleidoscoping emotions
Rainbow the thunder of my heart;
Milk and honey fuse,
As rivers of love flood my core...
One love,
One passion,
One desire,
Bodies merging..........
Satin sheets move freely, as fingers linger on the pen....insatiable desire, provoking thoughts of you.
Nov 2012 · 1.5k
Marry Me To Yesterday:
Janette Nov 2012
Slide into the path of our journey
Follow the map along my spine
With breathless lips.......


Night's dark flowers swell
Silver bells,
Among my heart's wet pulsing,
Thoughts wild, utter me Autumn
Like a feather of Vespers;
An owl sings
A dark reveille in moonlit guise
And shadow traced
Lulling chants
Marry me to yesterday...

Combs a phantom of hands
The memory of you
Shaking the blue sky from my hair,
Coaxing that purring at the back of my throat,
My song, held hostage
Amid the still of the night,
I feel you now, as words flow
From the flesh of your tongue
A…murmured heartbeat...

Tangles me tender, beneath breath
Softening sadness inside
A pandemonium of bruised echoes,
My voice
Naked as moon,
Intoxicating scents of desire,
Fierce, cathartic, ripe, unraveled
Inside you...

Feel me now...
Through the fleece of memory,
Pulsating passion through our veins
Feel me now...
My breath on your cheek
Lips brushing over your skin
Feel me now...
My tongue dividing your mouth
Kissing you harder and deeper
Released now
Intoxicating scents of desire,
Orgasming into serenity..............
Nov 2012 · 1.8k
Janette Nov 2012
and there is nothing more fragile
than this fever, an opus
of guitars swelling with song
and water, fluent
as the nocturnes are tuned
to the lower scale and strings vibrate deep within
the marrow as they ascend,
the soul blowing glass,
and filling the lungs
with a long slow taper of light, streaming
as fingers are brought to bear on frets
covered in hoarfrost,
and stray hair is pushed back from countenance,
to reveal the fractions of fire caught upon iris

there come slow indulgences,
and forgotten things,
to twine the body
in banners of winter silk,
scarves about the wrists, roped
in tethers and these feathers
of night-blooming jasmine
hang in long strands of pearl,
from my temple, teal threads of opal
and heather braids twine
the tone, the time
is not all poems
upon a blank page or songs
to coo the concert of souls
muted in chambers acoustically
formed of minutes, stolen in a glance,
at glimpse of skin or the tender touch
of cheek as eyes brim
soul-filled to overflow,

nocturnal blends the silent pause
between movements upon a page
where there is room for words,
though never found ,but in gesture
and margin's note that lays soft upon the tongue,
behind lips suited for sighs
these lost manuscripts begin
a long hand of notes held whole

Let the music play again,
its plea, eternal,

my love, please
do not forget how to preserve me,

for this is night,
and it is fragile....
Nov 2012 · 1.9k
Naked Textures:
Janette Nov 2012
Prised from your mouth
I am fully risen
to the ache that pours
nectar in peach sin,
so slippery to your lip
as your smile splays
across my skin

I am folded taut,
revealed in curves
in the suckling of night
as translations
of words unspoken
list the weave
between swollen moments

succumbing to your fire

held above to
shatter the mines of need,
each shaft stains
against heaving breath
as I strain
to grasp the boiling
of your drenching
surges with teeth and nail

where my voice blends
to the ache and growl
of your tongue,
sedition is slain on this precipice
stroked into a blaze
your raging
is my primal victory
as is our tempest to race,

lost in naked textures...
Oct 2012 · 1.9k
Unwind Me:
Janette Oct 2012
Unravel slow, lush
dew of flesh and fill
beyond the madness of desire
breathless, tangled
to become enraptured
in dreams hazel gleam

Crawl beneath skin
ripe, raw, dripping
trailing the arch of fragment with
divine tongues languid dagger
piercing luscious petals
'till bloom engulfs unyielding stem
singing hymnals of glory and ******
wiping away blasphemous obscurities

To birth nectar tears
brittle, full bodied
trickling paths to succulent lustre
conceived in parted thighs
spread open, and content
poised for immaculate rapture
of heated breaths, strung tight

Slick, prayed willing
for stretch and sting
to mark on fold and crevice
love's first gasp
spilled, infinite
blazed in merge
of clinging limbs
unwinding the woven...
Oct 2012 · 1.5k
Silver Rain:
Janette Oct 2012
Come softly
silver rain, come
softly now my thoughts,
heavy as October's reddest hue
in hours shed these patched conceits
of dry leaves, curled
along the Summer road,
become some vast appalling wilderness...

Your hands, an Autumn dream,
cast a thick red sap
upon the swollen planes of my body,
crouch in a stealth pathos
of grey leopard cells,
as they well, wild with faith
and thirsty prayer...

Come away
from these stale Summer breads,
for your kisses
are a much softer fate
than wisdom, come
the ease of rain, softly
silver rain...

Stay the solemn night
with leaves, bedeck
my perilous flesh,
let it ascend
its grey latitudes
in blizzards of dogwood,
kindling songs on paperchains...

My hands,
string an alphabet
of silence, tied
by hours of rope,
inviolate, palms
clasped to glass, two
hummingbirds, quiet...

Stilled, joined, unbind
to close into fists, come Autumn
the season of bearing,
the rich red earth darkens and drinks
our tears, and now, never
the ease of rain, falling,
come softly,
softly silver rain....
Oct 2012 · 1.9k
Scented Sin:
Janette Oct 2012
Your eyes devour me...

Her sheets of scented sin
Tasted lips
Quickening the
Whispering heat;

His breath upon her neck...

Peridot eyes, cast silent wishes
Suckling whispered thoughts;
A stream of tangled hunger

Shivered quiet...

Fire tongue skimmed
Autumn's flame,
Shades of gold, caressed

Succulent *******...

Amber whispered;
Intoxication sweet, a shiver-pour
The drown of midnight silk

Exotic dancing her sensual need...

Tongue jets softly
Upon hips gyrate,
Flesh weakened
By the strain of ravage

Libation's drench...

Night's kiss sears
Heated flesh
Bathed in effervescence,
Creamy nectar delight,
A cascade

Between lips of adoration...

And HE...
Wrote his name
Inside her;
Snake hips, pulsing
To repletion,
Raising the satin sheen

Fire crimson with hardened-need........
How soft my skin feels in the palm of your close our bodies can actually fit together....before we start to take each others breath away... J
Oct 2012 · 1.7k
Amaranthine Love:
Janette Oct 2012
Soft, soft this sigh upon the wind
When darkness

Amaranthine love...
Misted lace, winding whispered veils
Of gold and blue;
Never-ending soul-lit perfume;
Pressed moist upon
The breath of summer's sky
So long ago...

Hues of yesterdays
When stars lit the sable'd night,
Dressed in ribbons of fire,
Their resonance,
Like crimson sutures
Across my heart...

Where whispers, soft, undressed me
To receive sacraments of desire
In sinews of nerve-ends
Burning loving breath
Across velvet flesh folded beneath
Your tremors...

In the light of your night
My body
Became yours...tender
... the curve of breast
Caressed by a silken pulse,
...the eyes of damp surrender
Dissolving sweet as sugared petals
Upon your tongue...

And in this hour,
Surely you have heard my mouth
Part to ribbon your name in
The tightest corset of night,
Pausing only
To memorise the curl of
Smiles...tracing the lines
Of lips with closed
Eyes so that I might braile
This fiery feeling in the smooth
Shadowy halls of my spirit

Kneeling at the edge of your ocean...searching for the warmth of your arms
Lost in silent whispers...praying that your eyes will find me ... J
Oct 2012 · 1.8k
Come To Me:
Janette Oct 2012
Come to me...

I want you" I whisper breathlessly in your ear  
I crave you under my skin,
Between my thighs
With every inch that pulses...

Come to me... stroke my body
With your wet desires,
Taste me as I bring myself to your lips,
I want to sink my silken need,
Wrap around your aching sinew;
My hip motion,
In rhythmic beats...


As my song liquefy's,
Drowns you,
In the swallowing gush;
My decadent addiction
Drips velvet...

The shudder, of a russet kiss
Slathered in October's earthy scent,
The gem faceted light reveals
My softness... in your hands;
Sliding your desire
Coating me...

Deepest silken magenta
Drinks poignant yearn
Laced lips...
Wrap around
Groans that echo
Spoon feeding enchantment upon
A sinful swallow...

Unashamed, shadows smile
Where a tongue teases
Pulse beat moments...
Your skin scent,
A rush in torrid blues
Stitched into silken crevices;
Where flesh consumes itself against
Your burning,
Red in my veins...

Stroke my petals with a moist lick of tongue,
Watch me
As I bloom and open wider,
Enter the swelling pinkness
Wander ever deeper into my fragrance;
"You make me burn"
I whisper into your mouth...

Touch my flesh in breaths
Bend me, fold me, lick my sighs
Move me from within.
Let your fingers caress my open thighs    
Hold me deeply  
Throb in my grip...
Kiss the place where ***** peaks taste your tongue...




Oct 2012 · 3.0k
The Biography of a Wish:
Janette Oct 2012
It is nothing,
a mordant of the soul,

an elixir, a panacea, a placebo
for my lesions, there in the thistle, grows
our drastic garden of red posies and hyacinths,

such little things, on the verge,
lilting as the decorum begins to bobble
and slump sideways, and murmur,

on Mondays I can swallow the octave
of your absence, tendrils and all,
red quince limbs parting from the deluge

and in its wake, the wreckage
of black pumpkins and purple corn, hanging
pendulum at our door,

the Autumn lights summon a lavish song to harvest,
thirty seven colours in the brocade you gift me,
tangled and heavy the years upon my bones

begin to spur and flower
into cunning disruptions,
and stratify upon my body like rinds of ricepaper,

vellum for another wish
in the complacent burial of mango flesh,

as my song liquefies,
drowns you, inundates
each alveoli, and our love

in the swallowing gush, perched,
begins to shudder,
devoured by its symmetry,

stem cells all akimbo
in the shallow pitch of days
bound in a nostrum of wine and liquorice

it is nothing, really,
a mordant for the soul, a tulle filament
twitching in a raincoat of lightning....
Oct 2012 · 1.6k
Threshold Of Dream
Janette Oct 2012
Just one body,
wounded as light trapped
in liquid mirrors, where
thousands of butterfly skeletons
sleep, thirsty for shadow,
to cast a rough, immovable skin,
dreaming beautiful and come
from a depth unknown to me...

beaten as sorrow shakes
its mane of glass, imprisoned fast
in its own waters, useless
to silence the essence
behind mirrors, in the form
of light locked over the sound
of kisses and the beating of wings...

on the threshold of dream,
seams more fragile still, to feel
my flesh consume itself against
your burning, red in my veins,
just one body sealed in faith,
saturated by what silence
my clear reflection gives...

as now conquered, I come
from crossroads dark in shadow
for so long, long
to have crossed into you, I
in my body, wounded
by the flight of steel butterflies
beating the air, on fire...

I feel over my shoulders,
your wings, and the meeting
of skins made immaculate
by merging the form of flight,
the form of light, locked
in just one body,
long before there was a body
in the epoch of the soul. ....
Oct 2012 · 1.8k
Slim Ecstasies:
Janette Oct 2012
I am dream, made flesh!
from your design
Caressed by your

Purrrrrring softly...
Naked heart-print's press upon the tissue
Of trembling thunder;
I bend
Beneath his breath
While he permeates
A rake of glittered stars
Across my skin;
The barrier
Between his tongue and my scent...

He holds me ... liquid,
Framed to his eyes,
******* hard;
The melt of ice, fed on
The heat of his tongue;
Shedding night's skin
In shades of twilight...

Dark, eyes gaze through mine
Silken pleasures;
The moistness of a stolen kiss,
Willing, wet,
Tasting the tender;
Of palpitating curves,
Of Soft thighs, quivering
Slow enough to

A tigress, unleashed, beneath
Her tamer's trance
I vary my pose,
The audacity of my savage
Meets his gaze,
River-wild and dark,
The moment.... opaque

Darkened silk;
The slide,
Palms down,
My skin alive at the burn
As hips gyrate
On the rub
Burning where shadows curve,
Creating the fire of

A writhe of craze
A pause to breathe
To shut hard
The breath of me
As he inhales
Slim ecstasies, skin
Immersed in milky secrets
Weak, with love.....
I want the I plant a seed inside your heart, so you will you will always know, without question.....that I simply want.......Always...J
Oct 2012 · 1.6k
With Intent:
Janette Oct 2012
It comes suddenly
a storm that rages to fury
bleeding me between your hands,
your mouth,
to where each syllable lost
between midnight’s satin
crests into a crazed madness

where the soft slide hardens
to gripping intentions as my arousal
tastes in jasmine-licked surrenders
like manna
for your hungered heaven

there, where no scream
goes unanswered but only echoed,
you are with me

the flesh of you wetly hot
to my thundering pulse,
I am surrender laced
with impetuous desires
woven to linger upon your reddened lips

pressed *******
scrape across your flesh
as you moan in greedy adoration
to my whispered frenzy,
“taste me here,
let me feed you

the suckle of your hot mouth
plastered to my ******* fills me
and I am burgeoning
upon graven yearns

I ache in throbbing flames
as your tongue lathes
love’s lick playing tag
to my purr of silken gasps
and breathy mewling cries
in your ears
stating my submission of this
plunging dominance….
I burn…burn
…to inferno

Smiles wreathe pearl
as you revel in my passionate blossom,
your lick peels me wanton
where we are
shameless and painted,

my torrents are spilled for you
stained and swallowed

and I,
quivering in the tsunami
that you bequeath to my racking body,
I arch,
reaching that shattering golden gateway
singing joyous to the columns of fate’s
raging wave

I am
the tide

Where you are damply hollow
and drowning...
Oct 2012 · 1.6k
Janette Oct 2012
I was born of your dreams.. eruption of your molten desires...
Once, dormant, beneath an ocean of ice,
Warmed only by the lips of the sun,..
and the eyes of the moonlight...
Your fire pierced the currents
of my dissolution,
Parted the seas of my slumbar

Your infringement into my sagacity
Ravaged salacious unleashings...
An unexpected inferno...
Of a once guarded matrimony,
Vows exchanged between a bleeding heart
And the fury of a dream, just out of reach,
into the tomb it was placed within;
by hands of whispers...
This frigid grave, where I lay in surrender...


That moment your eyes gazed me to sway
beneath hands that strummed the rhythm of a song...
I was destined to dance, within you,
You were destined to play, within me...

Uncultivated, untamed, primitive....
The shackles of my reserve
Released by the ****** in your eyes...
Unlocking all the secrets I had ever harboured...

They were yours, now...,
As was I....

A volatile surge of your hunger
Dancing in the flames upon these seas of your dreams...
Enraptured in the warmth
of your breath....
...that set me free...
Fueled by the passion of your thirst
Unraveled by the strength of your embrace...
That unbridled the reigns
As I ascended into the realms of heaven...
Upon the wings of ecstasy
Breathed into the heart of my soul
In tender whispers of your love....

...that ravaged me again...

...and again...

...and again...

...into the stillness of sighs...

...where I was born, of your dreams....

...resurrected, in the sweat of your needs...

Janette Oct 2012
Your naked fragrance darkens over my skin...

A scent of Autumn-eyes
Spilling colours upon
Willing flesh;
A slave to silken smooth,
He sways...
Dancing beneath jewels of lust,
Softly weeping...

The quiver pulse
Tangles tender ache,
His touch'
Skin blushed
Breathless, beneath arrhythmia's void,
Tongue bathe the swollen-flower,
Licked wicked...

The shades of ever moon
Fill her yearn,
A dark warmth,
Her own heartbeat,
Impatiently submissive
To his fire-tongue velvet;
And throbbing wild
The pulse of passion


His wet of fevered song
Smooth, across satin thighs,
Her river's pearled release
Open mouthed
                 He tastes the rippled, hushed


A blushed-pour down
Rhythm, bucking hard
Against his eager tongue;
The unexpected silk of orchids,
Lip feed
Whispers through her heart skin
Warm against his mouth..........
Your essence burns exotically into my soul .......those lips of fire scorch like the melting sun of gold... shape your absent body against mine, touch me as the giving air......J
Oct 2012 · 1.4k
Janette Oct 2012
You wrote me like crib notes
on the inside of your heart,
my name inscribed on the walls,
my voice
a hush in the melody
of your heartbeat
and you painted memories
in the halls of your mind
like mosaics brushed in delicate colours
bearing the likeness of me

You whispered into the night breeze
in the softest of voices,
words I recognized from forever
yet knew I had never heard before
and the sound fell like rain
in a gentle mist upon my tongue,
and I breathed you in
on a wisp of moonlight
and felt your song
humming from within

And I carved your image
into the caves of eternity,
then slowly ran my fingers
over every curve,
committing every etching to memory,
and felt your ink seep into my veins
until your pulse beat in the pad of my thumb
and I pressed it,
soft, against nape of my neck,
closed my eyes,
and felt you fill my soul....
Oct 2012 · 1.8k
Janette Oct 2012
This is dedicated to the ideal of free women everywhere

I have a voice
even though you
have tried to
silence me all
of these years

I have value
beyond your
concept of me
as property, brood
mare, slave

I have vision
beyond the confines
of your domestic
expectations, I
want to breathe

I have opinions
that are not yours,
I will not ask
for permission
to share them

I have ideas
you cannot cage,
my thoughts fly
on Favonian winds

I have freedom,
your patriarchy
shall not choke
the goddess that
lives and breathes
in all women

I have solidarity
with sisters, brothers,
together we swim
against the tides
of iniquity

I have love
To battle your hatred

I have faith
To battle your doubt

I have hope
To battle your misogyny

I have a dream
that even you
cannot change...
I have been asked to write some poetry for White Ribbon Week...this cause is so precious to my heart... I understand ...and do not forget how violence wreaks destruction..
Oct 2012 · 1.3k
Hourglass Sands:
Janette Oct 2012
Drink from my mouth, in dream,
Remember my skin
Sweetly ~ ~ ~

A muted brush
Cascading, distant
A shiver, quiet
Tendrils your ribbon
Suckling my whispered thought...

I watch you, watch me,
Light the earth of your body,
Delicately fierce;
My love pulse
Freeing your breath,
Hot and dewy
Beneath the circles of my tongue...

I stir your fragrance
Bathed down,
A carnal musk;
Where the dip of your finger
Slides the sugared flower;
A shiver-pour,
Divides, wet,
Smiling against melting
Nectar waves...

You ****** liquid pleasure
Driving madness
Unfolding velvet,
Tasting fragrant juices
Upon lips waiting
Your mouth feed,
Where I quiver-tremble
In your breath...

Quicken this ache
Rapture my dawning;
Your pounding strike;
A burning brand,
Golden shatters
Stroking relentlessly
Rapture's scream
Begs evocative...

Deep-throat's torment;
Summons my feral,
And I moan
Against you as you mold me
Peel me down,
Covering me in molten fire,
A slave to your flesh
The vein of silk,
Against dire flesh...

Crimson screams
kneading, needing, hard!
Between gasps of skin
Exquisitely distressed,
Curving my spine
Your body
flowing in mine...

Remember this place...
where moon was
Light as shadow
To the efflorescence
Of tender embrace
In hourglass sands......
Oct 2012 · 893
Janette Oct 2012
Lush sweet
you sing the beckon
touching my lips down

Shiver quiet
tendrils entwine your ribbon
suckling my whispered thought

Flush raining
your flood bathes valleys
unsought yet driving madness

Silken lover
quicken this ache
rapture my dawning arc

Oct 2012 · 1.7k
Priceless Art:
Janette Oct 2012
There’ is a certain art,
not the cliché’ form,
of such dalliance divine,
The forge of opening a woman,
Fully, to see the beautiful creation of Eden

It’ is not the opening of legs,
nor the parting of thighs,
such is just a middle,
a jumping point,
the truistic beginning

The delicious devouring starts
first at the mouth
where the ****** first builds
in salivating lip smacking nibbles
burning through the veins
opening the gate
breaching the uncertainty
of submitting to that wanting, always,
for someone to know
where to touch
where to lick
where to urge flesh alive

then it inches, in Picasso brushes
along the flesh,
(breast, waist, hips,)
where fingers and tongue find a certain rhythm
causing the body to sing, without thought
the song of origins

As it opens the strained passage, naturally,
wet with strange desire
curious, needing redemption
for all the lonely hours of denial
of wanting someone
to taste, smell, touch the ache away

And you will lick first the wounds;
the hurtful lashing of old lovers,
then you will be surprised
how easily she dissolves
fallen against your mouth
as you lick the silky wings
**** them between your lips
tongue the opening
getting inside enough to taste
the rouged flower, the Van Gogh surprise
bloomimg, simply, magnificently, against the lap of your tongue
only to feel, so wondrously,
her surrender, quivering,
warm against your mouth

And she will lay, breathless, trembling
moaning your name,
so grateful, so thankful
you took time with tongue and patience
to make her feel alive
To make her feel like a woman
To make her feel as if she were just birthed into this world
To be made exclusive by your worship of all she is....
need to go and sit in the freezer to cool down :)
Sep 2012 · 3.5k
Watch For The Night:
Janette Sep 2012
Hush, my heart, for something is done...

Watch for the night
to lay our vows
over the wild parable of gardens
and over the wet lessons of the moon,
that give us prophecy in whispers
of dream, elope, and leave,
the absence of still rooms,
soothing, the svelte lips
descending upon my neck
in the seance of evening,
you soak calla lilies
of our red earth oils
and ***,
and with them
draw me a nuptial bath,

unbind the taupe soles
I have kept with the grace
of a concubine, sold
into the dark alcoves,
beyond the value of reticence,
you find me in rainstorms,
and wrap me in the flesh

and fabric of your hands,
behind silk walls,
with the ardour of Rapunzel's deliverance,
let down over the clavicles,
as fists unclench
in their exhaustion,

baby roses quiver this night, I keep
in pecan skin and votive eyes,
dip the Fahrenheit of your glance,
as it strays over my lips, your tongue
whips of mustard weeds,
seed your voice, sinks
into the garden's cleavage

as its lit pink tapers
spill their desperate midnights
and abandoned mornings,

ache under the arthritic, thick cedar
addictions to the milkflower
of a presence painted in clay glyphs,
stay the sinew and ******
of my body, a madrigal
upon our Indian Summer bed,

bled in a chorus of cicadas....

let the hymn be heard
over all these broken vows
and shattered pledges, speak
from the ruined marriage of flesh,
as I kneel in our earth,
in the sere, and seek in myself
that measure of peace, I know
is not there, without you,

to writhe in the throes
of exquisite anguish,

I give

my mouth in dream,
between your thighs
where the river runs fierce,
under the lithe sapling root
of my tongue, as it runs
the swift currents
and golden eddies
of inebriate skin, puckers
over the Inulin of the ****
and begins its swelling,
down the trellis of bones,
and the ******* of limbs
beneath the black monsoon
of the soul, as it perishes

in the engorged maw
of the split body, blades
of shoulders, soaked in the myrrh
of our rapture, fading
lifelines engraved on the back
of the hand you hold soft,
against me,

as my throat buries its moan
swallowed by your own, for solely
in you is it silenced, quelled
by the swells of song
you reign in the jugular
and soothe, a balm
for all my body, burning

its defiance, taken
to the limits of this,
our savage garden,
in the pilgrimage
to such lavish boundaries,
held abeyant, the cadence
of candles and solemn vows
sound the rhythm of our slow deaths,
writ in the lush psalm of the handsome earth,

our love, engulfed
in the wells of a sole desire,
I give you this,
my body's silkwhite harvest of faith,
driven fast with nails

into the exquisite wrists of the Christflesh,
shivering under the furtive delirium
of these, our fevers,
severed from body to body: twain,
that is now one ardent sorrow of flesh,
this is my body,
this is my blood,

I have given,
vows to bind our words, my love,
to the vigilance of night, that lives
and dies with the fall and rise of you breath,
one muslin depth,
relinquished to the white earth,
over an eternity of deliverance...
Sep 2012 · 1.8k
Janette Sep 2012
Heaven whispered your name,
Lavender silk
Smooth upon lips,
****** to the flavour of destiny.......

Your tongue passed through mirages,
Tasting the warmth of my soul, like
Unexpected breaths washing upon
The shores of thirst;
Your white smile irising the sky...

I held my breath
...for, I needed to relish yours
Deeper than my sighs,
Into the depths of ache;
The pause in my heartbeat, lay tenderly
Balanced on the edge of your soul...

I dreamed the night's mist,
An omen of silken-soft, upon velvet petals,
An immaculate flower,
Conceived in the poetry of this delicate awakening;
The sweet intimacy
Pressed into the dark of my heart...

Your voice, became the
Hands that stripped me bare,
Wrapping around my essence like a myriad of
Forbidden elixir's, from fountains beyond the
Flinch of fingertips that
Traced the pulse of my thighs...

And your lips fell upon my body
In creases...
...those secret places...where
You arced the light of me,
A coruscation of eyes, beyond burn,
Changing darkness to blossom incandescence...

My pelvis, captured moistened moments
Beneath the power of your descent;
Where I held you hostage
Upon this pillow of my heartbeat,
Levitated in the hush of your breath...

You painted me beautiful, in moonlight
With the brush of your lips, and
I needed you,
Needed you...

Alas...only the
Soft of shadows remain,
To light disrobed hours, where
Perfumed winds whisper
Precious echoes of your words;
Tracing the patient hues of roses, that will always dream
To sway in the twilight of your arms........
I breathe in your ink until I am consumed in the french-kissed whispers of your heartbeat...J
Sep 2012 · 1.5k
Expressions Of Want:
Janette Sep 2012
I drink in His midnights

Lips parted to taste the rich darkness
Washing over my tongue, that begs
to caress rapturous shadows
Soothing my thirst within the twelfth hour
Catching prayers in palms, lapping the secrets
that I hunger for in quiet repose

I bathe in His moonlight

Soft, winds trace my skin
where southern breezes bring the crave
To hear intimate commands to limbs and heart
Adorned only in delicate sighs,
Tethered, to the beams of Lunas jealous glow
surrendering my desires to nights
silken absolution
Moaning my truths
through silent pleas
for nocturnal deliverance

I breathe in His twilight

Filling my chest
with the names of eternal passion
Woven through my breath
******* heaving, as I gasp
at the stars primal ******
Bringing me to my knees
in overwhelming clarity
of this nights worship to sky

He has become my expression of want

Where fingers trace the wet I create
every time hands grasp tender my submission
My body is given raw, laid for feast and pleasure
prepared for the communion of liquid embrace
Becoming immortally bound to euphoric whispers
dancing forbidden verses
over what has become His, alone......
Sep 2012 · 1.3k
Soul Kiss:
Janette Sep 2012
I sing in drifts of silk
sliding rainbows gently
against the rub of muscle
and warmed hotness
pouring the melt so wet
in your lingering kiss.

Begging nothing,
I weep for the lathe
of soft sheath
pearled to wicked
by the stormy thunder
you echo thru my valleys.

Revered so,
I am hungered velvet
to your tongued verse,
a litany on which
you crave my depths;
revealed inspiration
for your dreams

Adored by each caress
fingered gently to fury,
ravenous hunger fed,
I quake with earth-tides
enraptured by your
Sep 2012 · 1.8k
Raw Pearls:
Janette Sep 2012
Drench these thighs
that twine on thee
shatter my world
as you tongue trippingly

Delve for sweets of
bottomed topped blush
whilst dew-drops sing
rich thickened pearly lush

Sweet, lust-given man,
is the wood of groves
stark primal musks
embraced by skin's glove

Ah so tightly shafted
this plunge oh so deep
will make you sing
(and make me weep!)

Embrace the night
with our silken sighs
as we drum the tribal
with deafening cries

Breathing the source -
those hourglass sands
guiding each another
midst our midnight-sun lands...
Sep 2012 · 1.6k
Janette Sep 2012
In prisms of crystal
I have devoted my time etched in
heartbeats to the coldness of

The cut of this rose-stain left
me inked in the twilight stages
of immortal as I glimpsed
at the poetry that is you

I wonder..

Each journeys gamble has led
this wanderer closer to heaven
as you are wont to become my
sacrament of now

Your fingerprints to slide mine
on the curve and shadow
of eloquence undenied
bathe me in the rapture
that has been denied lifetimes...

and I quake with ravaged breath
at the forseen future of your covenant

Tell me, these pages of me are naked
waiting for your ink to spill me a story
of desire blended to the drum of
alchemy unleashed

do you now anoint me or do we taste
the moment of rapture in tomorrows kiss?
Sep 2012 · 864
Love Burnt:
Janette Sep 2012
I lay in unfolded silence
upon sheets that blushed
roses on our flesh
my quickening breath
stuttering as you speak
in finger-tip questions
down the curve and valleys
of my unchartered territories;
now yours...

I am without thought as
the shiver of you teases me
to the point of unleashing wildness
that strains at each whimper,
each moan you gather and toss
wildly upon the liquid fire
that I am...

The sigh of you breaks down walls
as I am thrown to stars in stroking
wetness, the pleasure exquisitely
tracing the lace of sweat
upon lips pungent with desire
sliding to dip in a dance of

I thirst for you finding a hunger
that borders on insatiable
as the beast within rises
voracious and demanding -
grasping to draw you in,
revel in my abandon and growl
in the proof that you are mine...

Staking my claim, I ride my nails
down your back to clench your
appetites driving me back and forth
within each stain of musk
as lusts rage to consume begins
to defy the shattering love that
you breathe into me
And when all thought and breath
have left me, when I am flung
so effortless to the fury of your primal...

I shatter....

In soft starlight and sapphire,
crimson silk fluttering in the depths of
each chasm and fold
I am suffocated on the bliss of euphoric
and I die each little death
willingly in your arms

I become as I am, gasping for tender breath
wrapped in the steel and flesh of you
crying for the need, the fruition of Us
as you murmur tender on love-burnt flesh
I am awakened as if newly made
as you smile into me, gently kissing where
you once ravaged and know

It only gets better.....
Sep 2012 · 795
The Stillness Of Sighs:
Janette Sep 2012
I am lost ...

beneath your hands and the warmth of your
breath against my skin ... those moments
in time where the wanton in me is reduced
to whimpers as the woman in me whispers
for more ...

Hold me in the stillness of a sigh and
hush me in the eternity of seconds found
when our souls touch ... where nothing
needs to be said for everything is felt ...

in a kiss ...
an embrace ...
a look ...

I pour in many shades of want ... those
wrought from this anquish that binds me
to you in a tremble of emotions ... where
each cry of need begins and ends with
'I love you' falling from quivering
lips ...

I ask nothing more from you than the
tenderness in your caress and the
intensity of your desire ...

want me as the air you breathe ...

and I am forever
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