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On the train going west, a snooping man asked questions
asking about other peoples but saying nothing about himself.
I told him a tale so violent he paled and left at the next stop.
Believed in my story when the train stopped in Liverpool
had few pint looked at my visit card stating I was a bookseller,
but that was a ruse; I was a Russian assassin sent to **** some
agents that had turned and they sat in the pub.
When the smoke from our revolvers cleared, they were dead
and the landlord refused to serve me, and the game was up
Yes, your Honour, I’m in the book trade.
New Year's eve
Is a gigantic anti-******
When clocks toll
Nothing has changed
The tempest of war continues
We sat at a restaurant had a meal which was expensive
Since it was New Year Eve, the intention was to go home
But my wife met some French people, her first language is French
And she was happy to speak her own tongue.
I don't speak a word of that Roman soldier's dialect and sat for
five hours waiting for twelve o'clock it was a drawn-out birth.
Went for a walk, down at the marina I thought of throwing myself
Into the water to break the ennui, but the water was dark and cold
And the chance to be rescued by a dolphin was near null.
New Year 30 years ago I came to this restaurant I had fallen off a ship,
Dripping wet I was nevertheless welcomed and was given food and wine.
Next day I had a cold and decided to move inland away from the sea.
I remember when I swam ashore a dolphin came I held on to it and
The friendly animal piloted me to shallow water.

We got off the bump of New Year, 2018
is a submarine run aground on an island
in the Saragossa Sea.
Her sailors walk in ring drink whisky from
bottles that never empty and don't make
the drunk enough to dance a jig.
The sailors’ life is an odd one they see
life passes by but always from a distance
when they finally go ashore, it is the second
best offer the divorcees of availability.
Yesterday’s hamburger, stale ketchup and
rejected buns, they take what is accessible,
no other choice as the ship sails on and on…
Notes of music
Fell into the ocean

Rain upon the sea
Softly lamented the loss
The conductor died.

After great sorrow
Gigantic waves crash the shore
Mirth makes life long
Providing you can laugh at yourself
Not your lame neighbour

To travel is fine
Adventures are filling a hole
Where your mind should be


*** alone
Can't stop a heart's escape  
Only love can

The boredom of ***
Can never interchange
The quiver of love
4 Haiku for the spirit

To fly far away
Let clouds absorb unhappiness
Tears a summer lake

Unburden my heart of grief
Leave as morning fog

As an eagle soar
Weightless for a second
As an oak leaf falls

The burden of mist
Obscuring dawn's brilliance
Silent is the house
A Beach in Cascais

On the beach of Cascais
Human seals, jam-packed
Soaking up the sun.
Female seals
are eying each other.
Who has the best tan?
Then they all go home
To dark shuttered flats
The fear of being seen
At home by prying eyes
sits deep in the mind
Of the Portuguese.
A better time

We bought a Christmas tree it has snow on
and is a very green tree, greener than the real ones
like those in the forest lit up by trivial stars and
waiting for snow.
With our new tree, you switch on a button and there will be light.
There was a time my father went into the forest and chopped a tree
and took it home on his bike.
The forest was near before now it is miles away.
Tiny candles placed on the outer branches we had to keep an eye on them.
It was a busy night for the fire- department.
Our tree took fire, my father threw it out of the wind
it landed root first and continued to burn to look festive on a dark night.
My little tree on the table in the living room looks pathetic
But will do on a time of the pandemic.
A blanket and a coffin

It had been raining for days, and everything felt damp
now the sun was shining the old man took out his coffin
from the shed, opened the lid and took out the folded
blanket and a pillow to dry it and take out the dank smell.
He sat by the computer and didn't notice it was raining
again, and when he did notice the coffin was full of water,
and the neighbours’ ducks used it as a pond.
He upended the coffin; it would take days to dry it now
hoped the weather would hold for at least three days.
The old man knew he was ridiculous, wanting a blanket over him
and a pillow to rest his head on like he, when dead, would notice,
yet the thought of it gave him comfort;
and that what's life is all about.
A bluebottle’s tale.
Flies, dark a biblical curse flew, over Alexandria
darkened the sky and hummed hell´s song.
This was not butterflies, in a summer glade.
A bluebottle got to a small hole in the window
they were bringing profanity upon the world.
I looked into its intelligent eyes a soldier drafted
to bring wars and hunger to the world,
(No, not a locust plaque that for its own sake
headless exists.)
to make wars and split nations into many pieces.
God had fated humans should remove each other,
he had made the error given humanity free will
and refused to be held responsible for this fault.
Since we are at the foothill of doom
His will be done.
A new breed of mankind, with small brains and no imagination.
of a Zarathustra or Jung, to give us the idea that we deserved
a better way to find harmony and everlasting niceness.
Abortion, an opinion.

  I sat on the terrace sun was flooding obliterating whiteness
 escaped into the living room, observing four ships anchored in the bay.
Through the binoculars, vessels with long lines made to carry bulk loads  
like grain, rice or coal; I spent many years on crafts like these.
This reminded me if abortion had been informal, I might not be born
in the time before World War 2 when abortion was hard to obtain  
not, relaxed, with a quick visit to the hospital and a cup of coffee.
My mother (before women’s rights, was all for women’s rights) such as
equal pay and respect, but she thought abortion was morally wrong.
Since we lived in poverty, her sister showed up with a skipping rope
that might help induce a spontaneous abortion mother was not
into sport and preferred to read lengthy novels.
I cannot condone abortion on demand; I know the arguments
about a woman’s body is her own can do as she pleases.
A better reason must be given before the purge of the unborn.
The Abortion

Morning broke in the Sea of Japan
the rainbow was off-colour
A day was born.
thought it had power
to charm us
When it was a reflector of the weather.
The rainbow couldn´t hang there
but it was erased by an invisible hand.
the day aborted
into hate and ignorance.
She was in hospital
there was nothing he could do.
The night was bleak.

A pregnant woman can do as she likes, yes, I too believe
In a woman's right; but a pregnant woman has the responsibility
of a new life growing inside her and it is paramount that
the beginning of life has the right to be born.
It is often single, uneducated women who get into the predicament  
instead of making her into a killer, we should help to give her
economic help so she and her child can live with dignity.
Women who are busy breaking the glass ceiling when finding
themselves pregnant have an abortion as a matter of course, and
in the name of success commit ******.
I'm also against adoption it is a capitalist invention, take from the poor
and give it to the rich, and it is of no help, as the birth mother will regret it
and the child when an adult will ask, why did my mother give me away?

A pregnant woman can do as she likes, yes, I too believe
In a woman's right; but a pregnant woman has the responsibility
of a new life growing inside her and it is paramount that
the beginning of life has the right to be born.
It is often single, uneducated women who get into the predicament  
instead of making her into a killer, we should help to give her
economic help so she and her child can live with dignity.
Women who are busy breaking the glass ceiling when finding
themselves pregnant have an abortion as a matter of course, and
in the name of success commit ******.
I'm also against adoption it is a capitalist invention, take from the poor
and give it to the rich, and it is of no help, as the birth mother will regret it
and the child when an adult will ask, why did my mother give me away?
About fish

Something made me think of fish
not those in tanks which life must be boring
swimming around and around
until tired and resting at the bottom
wondering how to get out of this watery trap

Do fishes think or is it all instinct?
Say, two codfish meeting each other on the coast
of Greenland: hi, their old mate hasn’t
seen you around for a while? No, I met an escaped
farm salmon, but it didn't work out

It got broody wanted to swim upstream
being a bachelor, I took my farewell and escaped.
Chased and being chased that’s life
a proper fish instead takes its chances rather than
living in a glass tank
About me (isn't it all)

Old age is travel towards death, and I spend
the waiting time writing what I call alternative poetry
as I'm not fond of swanky poems full of adjectives.
I have published many books of poetry on the Amazon
and about 30 E-books each book is about thirty pages
consist of poetry and opinion and read by no one.
I have a catering education but what I know comes
from reading massive amounts of books and
newspapers, of a solitary figure, except my wife
have no friend (they are all dead) should she go
before my life would be no worth living.
Every morning I sit pedalling away on my stationary bike,
try to get in an hour, but it is like going nowhere fast.
I comment on what I read in the Guardian and on twitter,
like to read George Galloway's opinions, he is small
of stature, is a narcissist and should be careful not getting
to close to Russia, the bear has sharp claws.
I spend my time (if not wisely) by being active this because
boredom beckons when I have nothing to do.
In the evening I drink wine and fall asleep in front of the TV
I have always been a drinker, but dislike drunkenness.
About poetry

If I feel the poem I read it is ok
if it makes me laugh that's good too
if it makes me cry alright
if it is pompous I stop reading
The boxer and the actor

I saw them on the sidewalk near The Radio music Hall
in New York, Jack was telling Alan a joke
Jack Dempsey wore a sport’s jacket, brown trousers
a white shirt’s open, top button open
shiny shoes; Alan Ladd, wore a grey suit, with matching
tie (Everyone had shiny shoe trainers not yet invented)
I noticed he was considerably smaller than Jack.
I was in awe had never seen someone famous
life and up close; this was, in 1957, I was so young.
I bought a ticket to see the show at the music hall
before the movie dancing girl came to the stage
with live music and plenty of thighs.
The final was a big kick a woman got it wrong
she kicked with her left leg when she realized her mistake
shifted to the right leg; too late, the music had stopped
but with one leg still in the air, it was what I remember.
The absence

He was trapped on a carousel
that went around and around, never stopping.
For him, every day was a new day
he had lost the ability to remember yesterday.
A woman, who said she was his wife
gave him coffee and breakfast and which made him happy.
Every day he watched the same movie and it was for him
a new movie he must have seen hundreds of times.
There was a family meeting, his wife was so old and tired
he had to go to another home, this distressed him greatly.
In the afternoon he sat in a room with many elderly people
watching a movie, his brain told him he had never seen.
In a clear moment, a light was switched on, it dawned on him
this was not his home.
He cried then, before sinking back to his absence
Abstract thoughts
See the world through a full glass of red wine
is to see the globe through blood dripping from
the galaxy as chalices of the wine of those who
paid the ultimate price for our folly.
When goblets fall and spill their lusciousness we
forget the fallen and start a new war simply
because someone must die to keep the carousel
going around and around if not the world will fall
into an abyss drifting in cold nothingness,  
surrounded by beer foam and the stink of a pub
Sunday morning before the cleaners come
with cleaning products that smell of industrial
perfume that is toxic and gives people cancer;
excessive cleanliness kills, the red wine numbs
the mind and blood run down the drain.
A Bus Ride
I took the bus into town today its passengers were
mostly elderly, old women and generally fat as women
of the land tend to be, busy feeding the family they
spend too much time in the kitchen yes, I was the oldest
but would not like to have slept with any of them
and according to their lack of interest in me, it was mutual.
That is ok; they are good at putting flowers on graves.
I was not buying much just wanted to get out of the house
I will be moving there it's good to know where the cheapest
lunch cafes are situated, that's where the Portuguese
bank staff and workers go both groups are equally bad paid.
Going home three hours later the same women on board they
were animated had bought skirts, blouses, and shoes at
the Chines shop less than half the price of ordinary shops
theirs had been a good day.
A Bus Ride
I had bought a newspaper in town and was taking the bus home,
a half an hours ride up to my village.  I looked at the headlines
and noticed the paper had no date, were I reading yesterday’s
today's news or tomorrow's?  The bus was empty this afternoon
and it struck how silent it ran could only hear the swishing sound of
rubber against the asphalted road.
Then the bus stopped for the first time on this journey near outside
my house, so many flowers now in November, my dog sat on
the steps waiting just for me. The bus door opened with a hiss,
but the dog didn't run towards me.  I hesitated something was wrong it
was the same house, yet not the same this one looked irrelevant
the flowers were pale, yes; this was a copy or a painting forgotten at
a rural art exhibition. Not my village, I said to the driver and sat down
“Are you sure?” the driver asked I didn’t answer and the bus rolled on.
Opened the newspaper it now had the right day and it was Monday.
This not a good day despite sunshine
he feels like a blob without muscle tones
dripping from the wall.
an unspeakable person he has become
to think he always wanted to be slim and elegant
in a tailor-made suit. His whole family are fat
it doesn't bother them swilling beer eating pork
sit there with ample bellies being satisfied,
it as they think it is a sign of prosperity and not
a mark of embarrassment.
Tomorrow he will go for a walk, stop eating
and force his physic into shape, but not today
there is a program on TV about slimming
he wants to see.
A bee and a cardiologist

I have patched it up with my cardiologist
I sent her one of my books and when I saw her apologised
For my behaviour, and with my new eye
I could see her clearly, but didn't say so,
I like to burrow my head in her wonderful hair.
Sleep with her in a bed of feather till my heart is cured
Told my wife I was in love with my doctor,
She called me an idiot and said fetch the car while she
Waited In the foyer as it was raining.

I wonder why I'm so angry at time it is like having a bee
Inside my head sting me to be unpleasant and shout
At people, no point seeing a psychologist when
An apiculturist might be cheaper to help me getting rid of
The bee; if so, no more honey on my tongue
An accidental old man

A very old man fell down a hole when he was out
walking looking at the pattern of the clouds.
The earth was loose when he tried to climb up, kept
sliding down, so he sat waiting, and it was evening.
He fell asleep and during the night water from
an ancient sea rose and filled the hole so he could
float holding onto a root, and when the water was
level with the ground he could get up and get out.
The sea that had been trapped so long kept rising
and the valley became a lake and his house which
had been on the high ground a sought-after property,
and he could afford to buy a coffin of mahogany  
with brass handles.
Accidently in Paris

From the bus station in Paris, I was taking a taxi to a posh
part of Paris, the driver a Moroccan didn't know the way, but I had a map
he could not read, so I navigated, first left, second right and so one.
We got there after three hours, I tried to pay, but the driver would
not hear of it, made a U. turn and shot at me, he was a lousy shot
I stood there in the street of houses ready to expel anyone
who didn't behave rich and since I walk like a penguin was accepted,
They say a blond girl has much fun, but I tell you a bald man has
more fun at Molin Roughs, (wrongly edited.)
Synchronized dancing and I was thinking when are we going
to eat? Someone a woman I was temporally in love with, arranged
so I could have soup. It was a feathery show, and I sneeze a lot.
Sunday I was driving around and had my camera handy
but I was not in the mood, the plain, my little savannah
was and has always been a flat piece of land between
two hills that look as belonging to a desirable queen’s
bejewelled *****.  So I didn’t take any photos instead
I counted trees. When fifteen I worked in an accountant
office, this mainly because my mother wanted me to go
to work in a suit. It was boring work and to relive it
I made individual numbers into people; I was fired and
the suit I had bought on credit was handed back to
the second- hand shop. I went back to school and became
a cook, which after two years bored me too. Back to school
and I became the officers who do the books.
200 bushes and trees before the bridge
My job is superfluous now ships has a few crew and they
are normally  badly paid, Technology it is called.
From the bridge to the village of Benafim I counted 400
olive trees, 245 almond trees and sixteen Carob trees.
A conceited restaurant

After the health clinic visit in Cascais
We had lunch at a restaurant nearby
Where the outdoor market is
It was overpriced and pretentious
The food, so and so.
Had a glass of wine it was undrinkable
Had a cold bottle of water instead.
There are many proper small restaurants
In Cascais, they appear not to be
Near the centre.
A few days ago, near the post office, we had
Splendid meal and it was reasonably priced
With not too many tables and people I have
fear of crowds this inane nattering about
Nothing, just meaningless noise.
A Country destroyed

And all nations
Want their fair share.
Want their lucre.
That is why
Was handed over
To the murderous thugs
Of Bengasi
Who killed him?
And now we have ISIS.
Could it be the oil?
across the seas

the Pacific Ocean was like an undulating mirror
that day the ship was on its way to Nagasaki
which for the young crew onboard meant nothing
it is incredible how quickly a war is forgotten.
Under the ocean, there were hundreds of sunken ships
there must have been much suffering and deaths
and many books were written on how successful America
had been beating the enemy into submission.
Nagasaki was like building site the Phoenix was rising
up from the ashes shinier than before.
I came across a neglected Portuguese Cemetery of mostly
young men who had succumbed to pestilence long
before Japan became a modern state
the only visible place that told of deaths the rest was
face masks because of building dust and beer.
I looked at the faces in the street this was not an oppressed
people, the war was behind them they looked at the future.
Acting class
When I went to get the last vaccine
my wife came with me, alone I get into a muddle and lose my temper.
The people at the centre treated us like we were made of glass there was a long line of people
but we were ushered in first.
I´m not that helpless and can sit on a chair all by myself
except, I'm an actor at heart, act vague and befuddled and hesitant
when answering questions.
When leaving the guard, at the centre called us a taxi
and let us sit in the shade; when we came home, I jumped out of the taxi
I helped my wife out, my feet didn´t sub along the pavement.
People I met on and off the screen

I like to watch a TV program, Father Brown
the actors are like old friends I know what they are thinking
one of the most charming figures is the police inspector
he naturally gets everything wrong from the start
and is very rude to Father Brown.
Of course, I see them as actors in real life they are totally
different if I meet one of them in the street
I would have said, look at him he seems like an actor
I have seen on TV and walked on.
I once met Cliff Richards in a paper shop he was buying
the Telegraph ( a rightwing paper)
He was a small man and pleased that I didn't fawn all
over him. We had lunch together, at a little place that had
few tourists, and with some wine, he was good company
relaxed too away from the fans.
When in Algarve I met many actors and found them
to be kind and thoughtful people, and not the way the often
are portrait in the "Sun" and other ****** papers.
Adam & Eve

If a koala bear had been sitting in the apple tree
and Eve had asked Adam to move the animal
to the appropriate tree so it could feed and sleep
there would be no need for religion and snakes
would have no poison.

It was Eve when she had her period, which got
the idea to cover her distress with a palm leaf,
Adam liked the design and the garment industry
was born, but it was Eve who wore and made
the first hat to protect her hair from the sun.
Adam & Eve

If a koala bear had been sitting in the apple tree
and Eve had asked Adam to move the animal
to the appropriate tree so it could feed and sleep
there would be no need for religion and snakes
would have no poison.

It was Eve when she had her period, which got
the idea to cover her distress with a palm leaf,
Adam liked the design and the garment industry
was born, but it was Eve who wore and made
the first hat to protect her hair from the sun.
A day in a Market Town

The café had a big window facing the street, it was almost empty
except for three scientists, they were talking about trees
I noticed a dog running up and down apparently it was lost and
tired of listening to the- none of my business- I walked out spoke to
the dog, come with me to the park plenty of trees there it followed
Me at a distance. In the park I sat down, I had biscuits in my pocket
gave them to the dog, it was thirsty, so I lifted it up so it could
drink water from the fountain, quite happy it ran around and peed
on trees leaving its marks: saying I was here with a human.

The scientists came into the park also now they talked about the string
theory until one said he would rather discuss marine biology
The dog was chasing squirrels as the day seamlessly slid into evening
I walked to the car wondering what to eat tonight would it be
meat cakes with stewed cabbage and boiled potatoes.
May Morning

A strange morning, clouds look like they were trying
to put up wallpaper, but the work was too much, and they left the project.
Drips like glue fell into the sea and became flakes of sunlight.
An airplane crossed the sky. It looked old, and it wheels were not retracted
perhaps it was a private plane doing a bit of exercise keeping its owner alert.
A seagull flew past it was a big one hardly flapping its wing, how I envy its flight.
So, why are you not happy?
I have seen so many oceans they are all the same…wet.
The oceans have many colors, grey, blue and grey, and I never saw a red sea.
The building is waking up, lifts in motion, slamming of doors.
Yet, I miss the woodland, the small terns where fish and fairies play; I shall not be there
and ask if they miss me?
A day in my life

She coming out of the bus she has forgotten the umbrella walks
slowly and her face is more African now that she is old,
she uses it as a walking stick, which she says for the aged, I think
my love for her has grown over the years, and I cannot think of
the time we were apart before we met twenty-two odd years ago.
We have Christmas day here and next day take the bus to
a hospital in Lisbon that specialises in hip replacement
We will stay the night in the metropole have good meal and look
at things- for my part rather like a grumpy North Korean leader
then back to my Algarve with trees and big boulders  
Tomorrow we are eating at a hotel they are not serving turkey but
Cabrito (goat meat) sauté potatoes and a lot of sweets I don't care to
know about; since I'm driving only water or tomato juice.
It is an ordeal for me to be among people I don't know I will take 5 ml
of ******, it will keep me calm until I simmer down and laugh at bad jokes
as told by an exhibitionist. We can't stay long since we are living in the morn
On a short walk outdoors I saw my dog she walked beside me I bent down  
to pat her head but she saw something and ran into the bushes I called her
name; Bambi come here, when it dawn on me she had been dead for ten
years and it made me think of my own mortality, but not in a gloomy way.
Sun, blue sky and stillness now the hunters have gone drinking in a cafe,
but the visit from Bambi perked me up so did a cup of coffee when coming
home, nothing out of the ordinary yet, I persist on dreaming of tomorrow
A Day of Reckoning

Forenoon, it had been raining during the night
the wizened winter landscape was now green
and amongst olive trees long-legged sheep grazed;
their pastor and, on occasions, executioner, sat on
a boulder casting dreams into the future; man and
beast, rustic peace, pity I hadn’t a camera.

On my way to the village to buy the papers, a sheep
had been run over by a truck, with its stomach burst
open and its content glinting in the sun, it was still
alive. Ah, you dumb animal abandoned by everyone  
it looked at me without any hope of deliverance,
so I reversed my car and ran over its head.

As the skull was crushed its eyes popped out, landed
in the middle of the road that now had eyes to see
with, the shock of this made it shudder a long rent in
the asphalt ***** black tears trickled. Quickly  
I threw the eyes into the thicket which was instantly
transformed into a field of tinkling bluebells.

From nowhere a road gang of small, denim- clad men  
with big hats appeared, they were badly paid lived
on road kills. Expertly strewing soft sand on blood, filled
cracks with healing asphalt, and off they drove with
their dinner. Empty road it had no knowledge of what
had just occurred, it was up to me to remember.
A dirge

He was not for me
He was not for you.
We miss his absence.
A dirge

He was not for me
He was not for you.
We miss his absence.
my dog's inner monologue

Why is he sitting there
in front of this odd-looking thing
talking to himself
looking up to the roof
there is no one there I have checked.
Something is burning in the kitchen.
I better warn him.
Well, it was not my food he burned
but why is swearing saying things like;
it was your fault.
He is quite mad today
better take him
for a walk in the woods
he looks at trees and stones
sometimes he picks up a thing but discards
whatever he found.
I think I will leave him alone
and chase some rabbit.
I catch them then let them go,
I'm not allowed to **** them, rabbits are for
eating, but he doesn't understand.
He is daft, but I love him anyway.
A dog's life

The neighbour's dog barks
it heard me coming up the driveway
I usually stop and give him a cuddle
but today am too tired
When barking doesn't help it howls
I get up to go to the dog and play a little.
Dogs don't demand a lot they get sad when ignored.
Five minutes of my time and the dog is happy
Just sits there and love me with his eyes.
If only life had been so easy, but it ain't, the day has been filled with driving to
the mechanic
to repair her car and driving her back twice.
When old one likes to be left in peace for a day or
so, and since we are moving I have to carry her
stuff, sometimes she forgets am eighty years and
Have a pacemaker. Hope she will come home late
meet some friend at the supermarket she likes people
as I need a break from her relentless demands.
A dog story

I had a dog she loved me; I also had a wife children named
Gabriel and Apple, she wanted to be trendy, and we lived
in the gentrified inner city.
When the twins were six my wife divorced me and got the house,
car and the dog, and I had to take the bus to work.
It so happened, the bus passed my former home, the dog saw
me and followed the bus, at work she sat outside and waited
for me to come out, I let her in, and she curled up by my desk.
This happened every day, so my wife took the dog to a vet
who put her down –or killed her- I wasn't very happy and
said so using a strong language which she recorded, and that
Was ok by me. I never see the children anymore she has
put obstacles in the way, and she used my strong language
as a proof, I should not see the children.
When she died, twenty years later, the children were angry
with me for not visiting them when they were small,
I told them the truth, but they thought if I had really been
interested in them I would have tried harder.  
I give a ****; they know where I live and can visit me,
If my new dog will let them in.
Adolf ******

My mother had an Uncle Adolf who after the war changed his name to Dollen. He walked funnily because he froze his toes off in the Arctic. The real Adolf was an evil phenomenon life throws
at us, but he didn't exist in a vacuum.
After the First World War which he fought with bravery he
nevertheless was a nobody trying his hand as a painter
selling them in the street of Vienna.
He became interested in the National socialistic party
attended meetings and was asked to speak.
His voice was hypnotic when he spoke of injustice
and the bad influence the Jews had in the society he was
a man the masses understood, but he spoke of hate.
His dream was of a greater Germany, but the Jews stood
in the way he wanted a race clean Germany and approached
the mufti of Jerusalem to take them he refused to claim
Jews would destroy Palestine. But for him, the Jewish question
was a sideshow he wanted to rule Europe and defeat Russia,
millions of Jews were murdered as were Roma people
and Russians. He lost the war we should be grateful for that,
in the end, he shot himself and Germany in ruin.
A mystery remains, who financed this ****** to commit a crime
we must not forget because if we are not careful, it can
happen again, and we see the inception of this hate in Israel.
(Adolf ****** 1889 – 1945)
A dreaming journeys
  A leaf floats down a river
It never made a decision
“where are you going doc?
Back to the future?
No, I have been there now
We are going to the future.
From afar the leaf hear
a woman sings
“Let me call you, darling.”
What an idiot I’ve been.
What’s left is the ocean.
My dying friend

Today I met a friend
at the local café.
He had lost wight
his days were numbered.
No, he was not
afraid of death
it held no promises
of everlasting life.
I feared he might
say something stupid
as forgiving
his enemy, why should he?
Or say I love
to someone
he didn´t love,
because it was expected.
His hopes were
to be left alone
in a room and only
talk to his past
and perhaps laugh
a little,
Life had for him
Always been ridiculous
Old man looking back in time

He remembers it well when the Mediterranean was
rich grassland had many lakes and the people
living there never starved.
A mountain ridge between Spain and Africa kept
the Atlantic Ocean away, but a seer had been on top
of the ridge and seen the mighty ocean, and felt the strain
of the mountain and took to warning people to move
upland; only a few listened and moved to Cadiz.
Earthquake, big fissure in the mountain keeping the ocean
at bay; it took forty days and forty nights, only a few people
with their chattel escaped.
The new ocean was now called: “Between Land Sea.” and people took up sailing,
trading and warring, later tourists came who
had no interest in the passing of time, and that is ok, I understand
that most goats ended up in Spain and the donkeys in Tripoli.
A Fable Sonnet
I was flying high, yet it was hot my wings were tired
Spotted a well flew down and sat by its side
leant forward and saw me in the still cool water,
but I saw something else a dark shadow pushed me
and I fell into the cold water, looked up but the evil
wasn’t there and as the sun was going west daylight
disappeared, but luckily for me, I had sharp talons and
could claw my way back up to the rim of the well.

It was night and evil sat by the fireside reading a book
of magic I couched its eyes out its scream brought
thunder and hailstones and evil ran outside to cool his
dead eyes he fell the well and called for help
what could I do a bird with silky feathers I flew up to
the sky and his screams bore the suffering of humankind
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