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James Scanlan Oct 2017
I slept beneath the stars
Last night
I did not want to
I liked my house
With its walls to keep me safe
And roof to keep me dry
But forced out
I was
A camping trip
More like a
"Get eaten by mosquitos"
and out of my house
I went
And learned
The walls of my house
Block out the Wind in my hair
The roof of my house
Hides the Moon
Now I eagerly await
The time I can once more say
Last night
I slept beneath the stars
James Scanlan Oct 2017
I had a seed
Of love
In it I could see
A towering tree
But also
A humble ****
But a seed unplanted
Is never truly known
So I planted my seed
And now wait for it to grow
James Scanlan Oct 2017
Slowly, ever so slowly,
You trickled by
Yet in an instant
(A mere moment!)
The years have passed by
And that which seemed so far away
Is crashing towards me with all the speed
And power
Of a Hurricane
James Scanlan Oct 2017
You are the sun
To me

Sure, there are days
When you hide behind clouds
But there are days
When I bask in your warmth

Oh how I long for you!
Dreams of you brighten my night
Like you brighten my day
And yet. . .

You are the sun
To me

I must stay in place.
Closer to you
And I burn
Further, I freeze

You are the sun
To me

Yet I wish
you were the Moon
Then, at least,
I would have
some Hope
The previous ending didn't seem right
James Scanlan Aug 2017
The time we shared

                       Was full of    


   ­                     And *Lies
James Scanlan Aug 2017
We met on the third day of Winter's Spring

The Buds of Ice had begun to grow

Strengthened by Summer's Snow

As I waited for those Frozen Flowers to Bloom,

Born of Nature's Mysterious Womb,

I glimpsed you from aNear

To me a Beauty Without Peer

My heart was Frozen by your Fiery Gaze

And within a Flame for you did Blaze

James Scanlan Aug 2017
It hurts

my heart

to know

That I'm missing you

While you're


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