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Roses bloom ever so softly in the spring time air.
The light at the end of the tunnel is so bright, im blinded by fear and anguish. People tell me keep going push on, yet im tired, tired of living, tired of fighting.many nights I lay awake pondering my existence. Am I real?? Is this all an illusion? What if! What if! I rack my brain as I lay there hoping for the answers but with no resolve. I prey to the gods in hope that someone is up there listening, but sadly no answer. I guess the people that told me I would never make it were right. The fire in my heart flickers in and out, in and out like a slow beat of a drum just waiting for that last gust of wind to blow it out. Now I just wait for the fates to tell me its time so I can sleep in peace forever.
if you love me
give me a blazer
when I shiver in winter.

if you love me
give me water
when I am thirsty in summer.

if you love me
give me your hand
when I cross the water.

if you love me
peep into my heart
when silence creeps  on my face.

if you love me
look at my eyes
when they speak nothing.

if you love me
love me much and I love you
for I love myself.
You are like the wind, blown away, never here nor there.
Your always searching for something right, always searching
for the light. You sit in your tower way up high, always
trying to figure out how to live your life.

Your heart is as big as a mountain, yet no one
seems to understand you. Your feelings are like bubbles
ready to explode around you. To feel like nobody is
there is a feeling we both share. You my friend are the
star that keeps me going in this tragic thing we call life.

But until the day when we take our last breaths
ill always be here for you. And when that day
comes ill see you in the heavens, to live in peace
and love. Forever and ever, Forever and ever.

Love Always
Never give up
You stand there in the distance hiding behind the
large Oak trees. The wind blows ever so softly in the midnight air.
Your dark brown eyes stare at me from afar . I am mesmerized
by his beauty. But He is gone now leaving me with nothing
but a faint memory.
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