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jackierutherford Oct 2016
Thanks to Hello Poetry for the recognition of the Daily for Mid-age Graduate.
Thanks for all the support from fellow poets .
jackierutherford Oct 2016
It's a natural phenomenon
That all or most of us girls, whether
you have big ones or you're from the iddy biddy ***** committee -
Have confidence issues
About the size of them bras

We grow up looking at all the beauty and perfection in the magazines
Those shiny,  glossy pages of materialistic vanity

Thinking ...
I wish that was me !

Beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder
Yet, we shrivel up with fear when
It's time to be with another

Thinking they're wishing the size
of them bras was BIG
As a ripe yellow Cantaloupe! :)
You lose your confidence even if
It's not true

Our men can't help themselves
Cheating roaming eyes, as they scan those surgically implanted
Plastic fantasies
Rise and heave !

Forgetting what a real woman looks like
They fall for the ones with a huge
Chest on the outer crest

They're glorious! !
But underneath -
They have confidence issues too
That's why the knife was their
Best bet

Not ment to offend. Just for fun
For Poetic Party Crew
  Sep 2016 jackierutherford
this place is a scrapyard for humans
broken, beaten, barren souls
a dull pale loneliness is looming
in the hearts of burnt out coals

logging in to the hopes and desires
a jaded and solitary heart
rubbing two sticks to start fires
hoping for the flames to start
jackierutherford Sep 2016
Thousands of us were displaced
Started careers late
Not lucky enough to have had great jobs

So we work hard
Put ourselves through night school
While taking care of family

Finally ...
Yes, yeah,  whoopee
Did it !
Once again completed school

Another certificate added to the growing list of achievements.
More bills owed to uncle Sam

Going on numerous job interviews
No one's responding
Instead ...
All this knowledge stored in your head

Current jobs pays minimum wages
Those colleges attended; mounting

When you try to get ahead  -
They hold on to their employments
As if,
It's Rocket science

Looking for younger, greener admits

Once AARP comes a knocking on
Your door
You know they don't want your
Expertise anymore

What's one to do
Still strong, healthy, seasoned
Educated, no strings to boot

Hopelessly stuck in a world of
"We will call you "

So at the tender age of fifty
Thoughts of starting your own business floats in your head

Now, back to school
For another certificate
A chance to use that knowledge
Put bread on the table
Feel useful

Quality of life renewed.

JRap /2016
  Aug 2016 jackierutherford
Tia White
The clouds take their form
Against a comfortable sky
The calm without the storm
As the breath of Heaven blows by
A gentle wind caresses my skin
With a soft, slow breeze
Embracing the peace,
From without and within,
My soul is now at ease
jackierutherford Jul 2016
At first sight
I like ...
Our eyes met, we smiled
The feeling is mutual
I can tell

Didn't think it possible but
It happened
Just like that!
I'm hooked
My summer crush

I looked up
A hand came in view
It was him, looking straight in my eyes

I melted on the spot
Took his hand and squeezed
The cougar in me purred with delight

Ahh, it's real
Mon cheri - those eyes
Always roaming to find the other
Hoping no one notices

It's a mutual thing
To just be friends
Not to harm or offend

Feels good
We smile, secretively
Like old friends

Summer crush
Like ice
Sizzling hot
Hush ...
I don't even know his name

Copyright JRap /7/2016
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