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I am the gentle breeze that blows through your hair on a hot Summer day.
I am the vibrant flower that blooms for you in the month of May.
I am the horizon at sea when the moon shines from above.
I am everything that warms your heart and reminds you of beauty and love.

I am the welcoming sun that shines on you after the rain.
I am the rainbow in the same sky that helps to take away your pain.
I am the unbroken seashell waiting for you to find me on the beach.
I am the force behind your strength when all feels out of reach.

I am the crying new born baby that enters the world.
I am the smell of the fresh laundered sheet after it has been unfurled.
I am the playful puppy that kisses your nose.
I am the laughter you have when someone tickles your toes.

I am the warmth of the flame in the fire on a cold dark night.
I am the strength and courage that you find when you encounter fright.
I am the first Winter snowflake that falls on your face.
I am the victory you feel when you cross the finish line in the race.

I am the beauty of the aroma of freshly baked blueberry pie.
I am the overpowering fearlessness you have to not give up, but try.
I am the irresistible sweet taste of a Georgia peach.
I am with you always, just a touch out of reach.

I am the cooing melody of the Mourning Dove.
I am the power of love.
I am the ripple on the water as the sun sets in the crisp Spring air.
I am with you always. I am everywhere.

I am the bright colors of the Autumn mountainside.
I am forever with you as you walk through your life... I am each stride.
I am everything that surrounds you and touches your soul.
I am with you always. I am forever making you whole.

I am.
I will always be.

                               I am.
I closed my eyes.
Felt the warmth of the sun on my face.
All the grief and pain
Was simply too hard to erase.

I could smell the ocean in the air.
I opened my eyes only to see you far off in the distance.
I knew it was you there.

I called out your name
As I ran to you.
My prayers had been answered.
It was all too good to be true.

Beautiful as always
You smiled and held me so near.
This moment was happening
It was all perfectly clear.

You laughed and said
"I'm happy you're here. Welcome to my beach in the sky,
But you can't stay forever."
As a big sister always knows why.

"You see there is a little place at my beach in the sky.
It's called Heaven and that's where I live.
I am happy and content
And have no one else to forgive."

"I dance in the sun and play in the waves.
I collect seashells as I watch the sunrise and set
All of my days".

"I know no more hate, sorrow or grief.
I only know love and peace.
And I stand firmly with my God on that belief."

"You have not yet learned what it takes.
You can't be with me on my beach in the sky.
Just because you think you have faith
You still have not learned why."

"Go back to your world and do what you can.
Be kind and gentle to each and every man.
Have a compassionate heart.
Remember my words as we now must part."

"Little things matter.
Be the best you can be.
Take great care with others
As you would a seashell at sea.
Be helpful, be strong
And never ask why.
That's all it takes
To reach my beach in the sky."

I opened my eyes
And felt the mean Spring Winter cold.
It was all an illusion
Everything I had just been told.

The snow flurries fell.
I was not on a beach
But was back in my hell.
It could have all been a dream
Until I looked down
And discovered a seashell.

Jackie Bush Holcomb
I wrote this poem about my sister Kim. I miss her.

— The End —