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Aug 2017
I am the gentle breeze that blows through your hair on a hot Summer day.
I am the vibrant flower that blooms for you in the month of May.
I am the horizon at sea when the moon shines from above.
I am everything that warms your heart and reminds you of beauty and love.

I am the welcoming sun that shines on you after the rain.
I am the rainbow in the same sky that helps to take away your pain.
I am the unbroken seashell waiting for you to find me on the beach.
I am the force behind your strength when all feels out of reach.

I am the crying new born baby that enters the world.
I am the smell of the fresh laundered sheet after it has been unfurled.
I am the playful puppy that kisses your nose.
I am the laughter you have when someone tickles your toes.

I am the warmth of the flame in the fire on a cold dark night.
I am the strength and courage that you find when you encounter fright.
I am the first Winter snowflake that falls on your face.
I am the victory you feel when you cross the finish line in the race.

I am the beauty of the aroma of freshly baked blueberry pie.
I am the overpowering fearlessness you have to not give up, but try.
I am the irresistible sweet taste of a Georgia peach.
I am with you always, just a touch out of reach.

I am the cooing melody of the Mourning Dove.
I am the power of love.
I am the ripple on the water as the sun sets in the crisp Spring air.
I am with you always. I am everywhere.

I am the bright colors of the Autumn mountainside.
I am forever with you as you walk through your life... I am each stride.
I am everything that surrounds you and touches your soul.
I am with you always. I am forever making you whole.

I am.
I will always be.

                               I am.
Written by
Jackie Bush Holcomb  Pennsylvania
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