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Izzy Krompack Jul 2017
no one expects
an angel
to set the world on fire
Izzy Krompack Jul 2017
and at that moment
that exact moment
i saw the life leave her eyes
even if she wasnt dead
but she could have been
on the inside
i guess no one would ever know how she was feeling
no one could ever tell
she could fill her pillow with tears and still...
still laugh with the rest of the crowd
those dark eyes of hers
well those dark eyes had stories
they held many stories
many memories
many tears
and many feelings
Izzy Krompack Jul 2017
he is the one that keeps you up at night
he is the one reason you dont get sleep
he is the one that haunts your mind at 3 am
he is the one that flushes your cheeks bright red
he is the one that makes your heart skip beats
he is the one that has written his name on your heart
Izzy Krompack Jul 2017
ive had enough of this
so just keep your mouth shut
your always spoon feeding me lies
and dragging me through the ruts
starting stuff you cant finish
and trying to lie your way through it
im sorry mom
i just cant do it
Izzy Krompack Jul 2017
where are you
in the darkest of night
not even to find
in the lightest of light

always leaving me alone
and feeding me lies
backstabbing everyone
and my father is the one you des
Izzy Krompack Jan 2017
where were you in the darkest of night,
only to find in the lightest of light,
where were you when she needed you the most,
with hard feelings of which not to boast,
where were you when she cried out for help,
when she reached out to you, screamed, whelped,
where were you when she lost track of her path,
when she needed you to guide her, hand her a map,
where were you when she struggled and then so, soon drowned,
you silenced her with of all sorrowful sounds.
so where are you now?
Izzy Krompack Jan 2017
He'll is real

I've been "there"
I live "there"
I've seen "there"

Most people think
He'll is just a scare
But nope
Trust me

Drama at school
And drama on the bus
Honey don't cry
Society's a bust
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