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443 · Jan 2017
Izzy Krompack Jan 2017
I'm tired of keeping up walls
I guess I'm most of all tired of putting them up and up
After they're torn down and down
But I'm tired of keeping an army inside me
Ready to fire back at any one comment
And it makes me sad that I've been ******* over
And let down so many times
This is what society has made me
400 · Jan 2017
Rusty wrists
Izzy Krompack Jan 2017
My friends don't care
They leave me here to bleed
I cry when I get home
And bleed myself to sleep

The darkness will sing,
"Honey don't cry,
Cut your wrists, close your eyes
And dream of broken butterflies"

I'm an artist with a masterpiece
My inspiration comes in rushed
So my wrist becomes my canvas
And my razor becomes my brush
398 · Jan 2017
Permanent love
Izzy Krompack Jan 2017
My love is like a bed of foam
Where our memories and love come to roam

The leave footprints all behind
Some are good, some not so nice

Through all the lies, and mistruths
It all comes back to you

Each and every mistake
Whether true or fake

Leaves upon my heart
A memory of permanent mark
364 · Jan 2017
Izzy Krompack Jan 2017
He'll is real

I've been "there"
I live "there"
I've seen "there"

Most people think
He'll is just a scare
But nope
Trust me

Drama at school
And drama on the bus
Honey don't cry
Society's a bust
356 · Feb 2019
title this
Izzy Krompack Feb 2019
her fingers ran like ink across my skin
never ceasing to keep flowing
we wrote our own stories

but one day she left
and she took our pen with her
ceasing me from ever wanting
to write stories again
Izzy Krompack Apr 2016
you should probably
look into someones life
before you barge in

you may not notice it
but when you say something
to a girl she take it directly to the heart
whether its necessary or not
so watch what you say

hell is real
more importantly
hell on earth
believe me
ive seen it
i live there

i live in a world where no one cares anymore

everyone breaks down my walls
and doesnt build back up the pieces
and no one looks inside my walls

if they did
they would see
a suicidal cutter

her parents hate her
everyone lets her bleed
people scar her
she scars herself

if you looked in her bed
and picked up her pillow
you could probably wring out
just about a million buckets of tears
and blood

if you listened to her pillow
you could probably hear just
about a few years worth
of long
if you listened long enough

you would see a girl
who gets called names
and emo
she pretends like she doesnt care
but it hurts her...
and creates new scars

if you look into her eyes you
can see where all the scars came from
and all the long
all the bad grades
and all the verbal abusings

and if you just look at her
you see a smile
and a coverup story
313 · Jan 2017
Izzy Krompack Jan 2017
I love my eyes when you look into them...
I love my name when you say it...
I love my face when you hold it...
I love my forehead when you kiss it...
I love my heart when you warm it...
I love my life when you are in it...
292 · Apr 2016
whatever happened to..
Izzy Krompack Apr 2016
what ever happened to..
chasing hot air balloons until they land

what ever happened to..
looking at the stars

what ever happened to..
splashing in puddle after the rain
and looking for rainbows

what ever happened to..
holding hands

whatever happened to..
watching the clouds

whatever happened to..
staying in instead of going out

whatever happened to..
talking to someone in person
or asking them out in person

what ever happened to..

whatever happened to..
life simple little pleasures
271 · Jan 2017
where are you now?
Izzy Krompack Jan 2017
where were you in the darkest of night,
only to find in the lightest of light,
where were you when she needed you the most,
with hard feelings of which not to boast,
where were you when she cried out for help,
when she reached out to you, screamed, whelped,
where were you when she lost track of her path,
when she needed you to guide her, hand her a map,
where were you when she struggled and then so, soon drowned,
you silenced her with of all sorrowful sounds.
so where are you now?
254 · Aug 2017
yours truly
Izzy Krompack Aug 2017
He cupped my face in his hands
and i felt safe
He kissed me on my forehead
and i felt loved
He wrapped his arms around me
and i felt warm
He talked to me first
and i felt wanted

yours truly-
the one who you wrote you name on their heart
247 · Jan 2017
From the inside out
Izzy Krompack Jan 2017
My friends all lie
They like to stab me in the back
They influence and pressure me
They don't keep me on track

They do one thing
But say they do another
But when I do something bad
They act like my mother

Always at my side
They try to correct my wrongs
Their voices play in my head
Like a repeated song

They really don't care
"But friendships supposed to last"
But if I have a say at all
I will leave them in the past

They let me bleed out
Watch my wrists turn to rust
And as for my feelings...
They leave them in the dust

I pour my heart out
But they leave me here to cry
What should I expect
They're always leaving me high and dry

Always standing around
Never have my back
Maybe they're missing manners
It's the respect factor they lack

I tell them everything
Who else would I tell
But it always comes back to bite me
And I'm always the one who dwells

Sure put it all on the girl,
Who sits quietly in the corner
She doesn't have enough on her plate
Her life's not even in order

With tears down my cheeks
And my arms folded at my chest
I wonder which one...
Will ***** me over next

They play with my trust
Like it's some sort of test
"I'm fine, I'm just tired"
My mind needs to rest

I dream of a place
Where the woods run deep
And even in the dark
You don't have to creep

There I will find friends
Compassion is what I seek
Where the woods run deep
And the hills run steep
Izzy Krompack Jul 2017
where are you
in the darkest of night
not even to find
in the lightest of light

always leaving me alone
and feeding me lies
backstabbing everyone
and my father is the one you des
228 · Jan 2017
Verbal ink
Izzy Krompack Jan 2017
Conversing is so much different than ink
Ink is something you can take back
Such as I hate you
Sorry I didn't mean it
Like so
But I think we seem to interpret it differently
I love you
I hate you
And I'm sorry come into play
228 · Feb 2019
3 : 2 3 a m
Izzy Krompack Feb 2019
depression is the *****  i want to punch in the ******* face
anxiety is her ******* side kick
panic dances around with them like a ******* background dancer
well have i got news
im done dancing
this is a fight i will fight
but not to the death
i will not let this **** me
#depression #anxiety #panic #panicattacks #3amanxiety #midnightthoughts
Izzy Krompack Jan 2018
mommy told me
dreams could come true
little did i know
nightmares are dreams too

i went to sleep
as i was tossing and turning
my mind restless and angry
but silently churning

mommy didnt love daddy
and kicked him out
they did nothing but fight
and shout

daddy was sad
but none the less
found some copes
for all the stress

some on the street corner
and some in the sheets
he thought it was a secret
some secret indeed

i grew older
and nothing changed
if anything, if got worse
all the sorrows and pain

nothing got better
and there was nothing i could do
but never the less
found my copes too

i scarred my wrists
and ate some medication
hoping for happiness
and sedation

I woke up, tired and all
but soon realized
i wasnt asleep at all
175 · Jul 2017
dark eyes
Izzy Krompack Jul 2017
and at that moment
that exact moment
i saw the life leave her eyes
even if she wasnt dead
but she could have been
on the inside
i guess no one would ever know how she was feeling
no one could ever tell
she could fill her pillow with tears and still...
still laugh with the rest of the crowd
those dark eyes of hers
well those dark eyes had stories
they held many stories
many memories
many tears
and many feelings
171 · Jan 2018
broken clock
Izzy Krompack Jan 2018
Lately I've felt,
like a broken clock,
a young soul,
that yet ceases to tock.

The thing about clocks,
you know when they stop ticking,
and with people,
you often cant tell when they stop feeling.
164 · Jul 2017
Izzy Krompack Jul 2017
no one expects
an angel
to set the world on fire
157 · Jul 2017
Izzy Krompack Jul 2017
ive had enough of this
so just keep your mouth shut
your always spoon feeding me lies
and dragging me through the ruts
starting stuff you cant finish
and trying to lie your way through it
im sorry mom
i just cant do it
137 · Jul 2017
Izzy Krompack Jul 2017
he is the one that keeps you up at night
he is the one reason you dont get sleep
he is the one that haunts your mind at 3 am
he is the one that flushes your cheeks bright red
he is the one that makes your heart skip beats
he is the one that has written his name on your heart
131 · Feb 2019
oh bloody hell
Izzy Krompack Feb 2019
go away
i dont need you
i am gay

*not mine
Izzy Krompack Feb 2019
her vibes are quite aesthetic
but her mind is rather sick
walking the line between happy and sad
but shes found that its slick
shes fallen a few times
broken her back
now shes comfortable down there
and there's no coming back
shes tried to crawl up
but they own her now
she wants to care
but she doesnt know how
they all try to save her
but she doesnt want saved
shes too far gone
that she feels ok

— The End —