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savspoetry Nov 2019
how do i tell you whats wrong when
The feelings im feeling,
I dont have the right to have.
-betrayed, resentment, sad.
savspoetry Oct 2019
although its been months since we've last talked
and although i dont remember you
I still find myself thinking about you
Why is that?
please someone tell me how to stop this.
savspoetry Sep 2019
you say im skinny
but my hands dont wrap around my wrists the same way they use to
And i dont think im okay with that
savspoetry Sep 2019
Pain is temporary?
Its the happiness thats

savspoetry Sep 2019
The whole drive here
I kept envisioning a car crash.

I unbuckled my seatbelt just in case.
(this is from 2017)
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