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Infamous one Jul 30
In the chop getting a haircut can be therapy. Cutting away the old a fresh new look
And the new could grow in change over time
From your old shop to other locations
Not the same hard to trust with your hair
Paying the tip the barber accordingly
Thankful for their skills willing to go back
Reference new customers to help business
Hoping to be a regular for generations
Making a fuss about doing it invested in them
Broken trust never going back there again
Infamous one Jul 30
Closer to seeing this event happen going down out of town. Away from home to experience the journey new encounters seeing into that world that culture onto something new hard to read signs to clues. Still feeling like an outcast not belong anywhere. So much haze proving himself. He worked hard gave his own didn't complain glad to be part of something. Even if they prejudged him made him out to be someone he's not. He didn't care for politics all he wanted was to finish and do his job right without burden or frustration. He stopped drinking relapse was the worse idea. Drinking with people who assume and expect the worse for problems they made. He took the blame while they were quick to blame someone else.
He reminded them they were blessed they had someone who loved them and kids that make them out to be the world telling not to ruin or mess that up for themselves. He didn't have much but made the the most of things and thankful for all the blessings. He was grateful and tired of holding back minding his mouth because his honesty usually got him in trouble.
Infamous one Jul 30
That dream so real don't want it to end
Able to enjoy work being a regular
Being in charge takes its toll over time
Wanting to be normal not complicated
Be able to be free not on a schedule
He was in the shower thinking about life
The water rising his burdens away
An argument played out in his head
He knew it wouldn't play out accordingly
This moment would arrive unaware
A fuse would burn out not able to speak
Made him uncomfortable imploding within
Unable to comprehend words
Didn't like confrontation from control freaks
All he wanted was to be upbeat and chill
Made out to be the bad guy and monster
Infamous one Jul 26
He was trusting to the wrong person it all came out. She was triggered ready to make the **** shot. He surrendered just wanted peace it was never ending no pretending. He didn't care to prove himself even when provoked. Walking away from all the sadness not letting them knock you rebuilding yourself up. From a crowded path to being a trail blazer scared to drift but journeying onto new leaving the old.
Infamous one Jul 26
In a field where the wind blows quietly with a green fence as he threw his softball at a stump it rolled back. Took in the scene at peace feeling at ease away from all the chaos and insanity. At peace with nature feeling all the insanity fade away no more bad memories and pain the silence empowering gain.
Infamous one Jul 22
Most of this in the mind some days are easy some feel never ending. He tried to do what was right while others didn't work cheat cut corners. He was denied another interview more road blocks. Conflict with family was the worse because he had no problem saying sorry or admitting he was wrong. Family would never see things his way and quick to be mad hold a grudge.
He didn't sit around angry because he was working a job that never gave him the results he desired s so many road blocks and detours in his way blocking his path.  He was holding back writing was an outlet to deflate his ego
Infamous one Jul 22
He worried for the new child. The parents didn't get along always trying to gain power and control the situation. He loved family but he was tired of hearing this couple argue break up and back together these unhealthy patterns became the foundation of the relationship.
He looked out for his cousin but learned to fade out not get involved he would hear more lies he got tired of more lies. He valued him but felt devalued being around with someone that never had his back unless he needed a favor.
He had his own stuff going on why would he take on the burden of others. He was trying to be supportive to the people who never supported him back. All they did was make a mess cause drama he was done cleaning up the mess he didn't make
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