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2d · 21
Fighting to stay whole battle within
Crumbling under pressure the drama
Knees about to buckle overwhelming
Struggling to get by with life
Ready to quit give up at work
Around his kids found strength
Hid the misery smiled for them
Being able to provide made it right
Feeling worthy not wasteful with time
No time to be sad getting over the bad
Focused on the good being better
3d · 33
Writing it down clarity of mind
Noble friends hard to find
Easier to let go no need to control
Took in the pain slowly immune
Bad memories remain okay with them
Use to being ignored not saying much
It's become normal staying away
Not going to stay or beg not wanted
Being a whole over being divided
Not giving up to be accepted
Not holding a grudge living
Doing things without hassle
Over all the terms and conditions
4d · 12
Ready to pounce
Just needed a reason
Fuel to the burning fire
Already had it mind
Ready to tell others
Never listening ready to argue
Assuming they are in the right
Looking down rather than help up
If you're not doing favors kept out
Have to act or be a certain way
Denying yourself to be accepted
Not breaking up the fame
Divided from the pack
The black sheep looking in
Staying away doing his own thing
Tired of pretending it okay being dogged
Over the third degree feeling robbed
Making his own way happen in peace
4d · 21
Sad how everyone changed
Hoping for the better it was worse
This life tough feeling like a curse
Helped they wouldn't do the same
So much frustration causing pain
Learning to trust no respect is gained
Talking about childhood moments
Letting it out not holding on
Feeling free able to talk about it
Not feeling trapped or restrained
Holding on for life don't want it to end
Starting over is hard doing is easy
5d · 28
Made out to be the bad guy
Doing more than the minimum
Changing it up not just showing up
Leaving it out there put it on the line
Doing the work that need to be done
Everyone easily offended making demands
Running their mouth fully flawed
Can't say anything making it personal
Twisting the narrative with hate
Judging others flaws to get an edge
Instead of bettering themselves
5d · 26
He knew the truth honored it
Never given a chance took many risks
Going against the odds no one listened
No one believed in his skills
Thought he could do it
Got tired working the hardest
Giving his all seen as a rebel
Speaking up when no one else did
Stood alone while everyone followed
Asking questions not getting answers
Called a tyrant seen as delusional
5d · 35
Feeling like yourself not accepting defeat
After tough times overcoming heat
Make it through the week feeling beat
Growing older body is hurting
Focused on good with bad memories
Working hard under appreciated
Burnt out from giving it all
Got nothing more everything
Feels like a lost cause life on pause
Trying to change this mindset
So much going on hard to forget
5d · 212
Learning to love again been hurt
All these lies got old you're living one
Cheating trying to blame everyone
For your foul actions so much pride
Saying one thing doing the opposite
Actions louder than mumbled words
Doing bad trying to justify it right
Knocking the good twisting the truth
Had way more going on ruining it
Never enough treating it like less
Obsessed comparing live your life
5d · 25
Dealing with so much losing yourself
Not in a good way paying dues
Having to hustle doing extra
No one is going to do it for you
Sacrificing things to be at work
Missing those athletic days
Older now not healing the same
Have to do extra to come out even
From having time to being the clock
Wanting to slow down its all fast pace
Mind goes numb feeling distracted
Body into work mode get it done
Tired at work ready for bed
Time for bed wide awake thinking
If all the possibilities and "what ifs?
5d · 25
Every word written
Knocking out the bad
Someone is always hating
No reason to be mad it's normal
Let them focus on being great
Told you you're no good
Turns out they are doing worse
Valuing life feeling worth more
While they care about money
It's never enough with the greed
Helping loved ones doing good deeds
From close to distant barely talking
Sobered up now trying to do right
You mad can't go without that fix
Two kids focused on those bad habits
Love them like my own be better
Get your head out of your ***
Listen for the popping sound
When you pull it out
Sat on the side lines pondering
Things seem to get worse overtime
People setting only for their gain
Not about the family selfish ways
Sad how they talk about everyone
No one is talking about them
Made it about them again
5d · 24
Trying not to take it personal
Always working for more
Not settling for less made moves
Came up short running out of time
Doing as much possible with little time
On the outs but back in struggling
Helping out been in that spot before
Sad that burden is on someone else
Trying to be fair getting ******* over
Everyone talks about one another than each other
Expecting respect being disrespectful
Saying one thing but doing another
Pointing out others bad habits
While doing the same thing
5d · 24
People mad since he had an opinion
Offended by his honesty told the truth
They had nothing on him
So she tried to turn everyone on him
Couldn't win alone making a fuss
Started a false narrative full of lies
For momentum to gain leverage
Manipulating others to gain control
Had nothing but thankful and grateful
They had it all still not happy
Miserable the blessings never enough
Being insulted gave him tough skin
Never talking about anyone
For not liking him since he disagreed
Hated him for being different
He was always the topic of discussion
6d · 26
He went his own way
Made his own path
They kept him out
Didn't listen or care
How he felt expressed concern
All he did was look out
What he thought left annoyed
No one listened very irritating
Now they are in his area
His space feels violated
So much intrusive vibes
All imposition no one asked
Everyone talking about one another
Instead of focusing working hard
Comparing lifestyles be grateful
On what they need to be doing
Starting from nothing moving up
Working hard for everything
6d · 38
Being the lead trust your skills
Able to do the job best of your abilities
Be an example be part of the team
Not make an example of others
Share and pass your knowledge
Teach everyone there's no excuse
Why it's not getting done
Being more consistent
Finishing strong efficiency
6d · 130
She told him he was the one
Let him go then got married
Talking about marriage for citizenship
Looking for love got lust broken trust
Gave respect with wasted time
Till something better came alone
It was over there was someone else
Quick to move while he regrouped
Messed around on a break kept it over
Can't be mad but did expect loyalty
Talking about getting back together
All these scenarios events playing out
Oct 14 · 37
Infamous one Oct 14
Working for it nothing is given
His aunt told him
"you weren't born rich, you have to work"
Trying to move up against the odd
Family his greatest supporter
Also the biggest critics full of hate
Broke free from the draining peeps
Stopped giving advice no one listens
Lent an ear tired of looping sad stories
Pursuing his goals towards success
Hoping to achieve them doing them
Oct 14 · 42
Infamous one Oct 14
Walked away the anger was draining
Frustrated with everything
Taking back some control
Lost himself trying to please others
Spoke up everyone got defensive
He went with the flow got *******
Always helping getting accepted
Never got helped back or expected it
Once he said No they turned on him
If he couldn't had a prior commitment
Made it seem he never contributed
Treated different tone changed
The tension overwhelming
Not faking everything is well
Pretending we are cool when its shady
If a favor wasn't honored
Oct 14 · 24
Infamous one Oct 14
Rumors spread he was suicidal
He's been living life to the fullest
Private with his relationship
Not knowing anything make it up
Assumed the worse about him
He had manners and formal
Talked about not talking about anyone
His presents rubbed others wrong
Minding his mouth staying quiet
Mostly his business by himself
Hard to trust since everyone gossips
Oct 12 · 30
Infamous one Oct 12
People set in their ways
You Ask them
What do they want improved
How can this be better
Questions no one asks
Trying to raise the bar
Everyone talks about change
But makes no effort to do so
Because it leads to more work
All the complaining it doesn't get done
Oct 11 · 114
Infamous one Oct 11
His pain faded as he wrote
Filled each page with feelings
Coped with emotions passed moments
Always working missing out
Trying to enjoy life find true love
Live to the fullest take joy in the one
Called selfish for being selective
Always selfless putting others first
Took a time out always all in
They'd never approve he didn't bother
Living a private life others prying
An open book others had no interest
Walked away there was no going back
Didn't ask because they'd ruin his day
Spreading their misery they aren't happy
Oct 10 · 29
Infamous one Oct 10
Never wanted or claimed
Made his own way
At the bottom
Looking up saying one day
Trying to be more
Aiming for the top
One day be know for efforts
Hard work pays off pushing through
Missing everyone going solo
Staying strong hurting inside
Emotions hidden starting to show
Working through the bad
Hoping it turns out accordingly
Oct 10 · 109
Infamous one Oct 10
Doing it for them
Its not about you anymore
The world sees you as bad
To them you are their joy
They motivate you while burnt out
Wanting to break give up
Staying strong for them
Finding strength body aching
Oct 9 · 45
Infamous one Oct 9
***** how you cant have an opinion
They'll try to silence you for being different
If you disagree every attack gets personal
Over a joke or asking a question
Talking about change but no one wants it
He didn't argue they'd change the topic of discussion
Jumping labels manipulating the conversation
Titles with false sense of empowerment
Debating trying to dictate the narratives
Oct 8 · 25
Infamous one Oct 8
He was tired of the same old thing
Seen the world did things
Now stuck working a job he hate
Some places appreciated him
Others treated like he didn't belong
He wrote about his frustration
Since he didn't want to say
Anything he might regret
His mind and tone changed
Easier to let it out then hold on
Its toxic thoughts that cycle
Hopeless feelings of depression
Pushing through feeling trapped
Stuck not able to move
Joints aching with lower back pain
Trying to make it through the week
Heart at one location different vibes
Mind trapped in another rushing everything
Oct 8 · 42
Infamous one Oct 8
He was annoyed he didn't need to be fixed. Minding his mouth most of all his business trying to be good made out to be bad.
While the wicked would lie and heat to get ahead. Knocking others claiming credit being a lazy soul ******* *******.
Never been materialistic valued people
They doubted him all the time
Told him there was someone better
When he was hired on it was insulting
Now hes the only while the originals
Looked out for their own some bailed
Others had health issues get well
He was left doing it alone dependable
Standing tall no help being reliable
Not sure how to feel or react
Giving his all and extra better change
Making it better the right thing to do
So many mad set in their way
Still mad when change is going on
Never had it all or together earning it
Made the most of things thankful
Some have it all given and handed
Miserable when one thing goes wrong
Its never enough complicated
Doesn't make sense always grateful
Oct 8 · 351
Infamous one Oct 8
He was tired of all the ugly
People talking about one another
Being two faced is common
People messaging you being bold
They'd never say it to your face
Slandering you to feel better
They think less of you
Trying to get others to do the same
They ruin their own rep projecting
Treating others bad like it's their right
Staying away not empowering insanity
Family divided use to being alone
Don't need to manipulate a crowd
Don't care to be the center of attention
Treat people right they'll genuine
See through all the BS and nonsense
Oct 7 · 38
Infamous one Oct 7
From having a team to doing it alone
The loyalty gone talked "being there"
Doing the work to make it better
Missing doesn't help anyone
Trying to make it better for everyone
All this team work talk working solo
Being proactive room to grow improve
Turning weaknesses into strengths
Can't rely on anyone lead by example
Focused on the work 8 hours in 5
One man doing 2 jobs in 1
Finish in a timely manner
Everyone expects so much
Don't want to fail being there helps
Counted out by the boss is insulting
Don't want to let anyone down
Hurt production hard to function
Body aches and sore maximum effort
Once a team player got burned hard
Looked out for others feeling betrayed
Now a rebel going solo getting it done
Use to being alone no longer afraid
Oct 6 · 204
Infamous one Oct 6
Being told it doesn't matter
At the bottom working harder
Doing more than the top
Don't want to lose anymore
Gave up too much from the wrong ppl
Doing everyone's job no respect
Insulted by harsh words
The nerve to ask for help
Need a favor the nerve of some
Taking on others loads of work
Not able to rest or relax
Trying to finish every second counts
Can't wait time or enjoy life
Twisted inside out feeling gutted
Yanked in different directions
Coming to terms not sure how to act
Not looking for reactions
Trying to respond what's going on
Say it where there's no hard feelings
Oct 4 · 35
Infamous one Oct 4
He showed up giving his all
Trying to make a difference
Giving his all with limited time
Covering their *** expecting it done
Not caring about him or his schedule
Life outside of work his struggle
All the pain caused taking its toll
On other work relationships
Usually reliable loves the site
Now in an awkward situation
Made moves exploring new areas
Now stuck limited movement
Oct 4 · 35
Infamous one Oct 4
Learning his lesson after being hurt
Scared to be with the wrong person
Been hurt not trying to hurt others
It came to an end now its too late
Not a debate cant change
How they feel mind is made up
A broken heart needs time to heal
Apologies no one is forgiven
Things won't change too proud
Remain the same too stubborn
Egos clash killing love no remorse
A dueling romance the final dance
Departing starting over again
Something new next chapter
After being treated cruel
Bettering yourself for the future
Learning from the past aftermath
Oct 4 · 38
Infamous one Oct 4
Never coped always on the go
No time for pain working too much
A busy job that's soul *******
Another draining failed relationship
With the wrong person not compatible
Who doesn't want anything with you
But doesn't want you with anyone else
Never the man but the go to guy
Hated on for doing it right
Taking time to care show interest
Not BS wasting time finishing strong
Others quick to point out the flaw
Feeling less after giving it all
Oct 4 · 37
Infamous one Oct 4
Not getting along starting arguments
No one willing to compromise
Trusting not feeling the vibe
Actions say otherwise no love
Demeanor changed cold shoulder
Hard to comprehend shady behavior
Always honest getting lies in return
The guilty conscience projecting
There's someone else on the side
Red flags denying the truth
Feelings fading away left with lust
Mistakes made thinking there's love
Hurting one another can't force it
From natural to delusional infatuation
Oct 4 · 32
Infamous one Oct 4
Away from everyone
Enjoying down time
His heart meant well
No hidden agenda for gain
Being genuine with love
Told the truth facing hate
Not into others drama
Minding his mouth seeing bad
Tired of turning a blind eye
After having an opinion
His character being slandered
Trying to make him look bad
All he did was focus on his faith
Did his part went home to recharge
Can't get the promotion filling the void
Carrying all the weigh hard to breathe
Caring more while everyone leaving
Looking out for others the betrayal
Used up and chewed up spit out
Oct 4 · 28
Infamous one Oct 4
The building feels like home
It allowed him to grow
Build confidence over time
Learned to trust in his skills
Believe in himself without doubt
Ready for the next level
It never came but now it's here
Not afraid facing fears can't hold back
With stone cold stare not intimidated
Without flinching or backing down
Being consumed by one filling the void
The other the past heart of memories
Can't deny rich history trying to grow
In the middle of manipulation sighing
Want to break free do what's loved
Feels right without outside factor
Oct 3 · 80
Infamous one Oct 3
The stranger in the mirror
A sign to take better care of yourself
Need to live always at work
Helping more than ones self
Use to be close now it's gone
Now it seems farther away
Smiled at her dk if she's interested
If she feels the same way back
Tired of being changed tossed away
Looking for love with the right one
Fixed for the next trying to be rejected
Need to be accepted for once
Over disrespect tired from arguing
Why fight for the wrong person
Someone living in the past looping
Who's stuck on an ex can't move on
Tired of waiting going crazy debating
Mind refuse to go along with the scam
A loving heart that's ready to settle
Oct 3 · 108
Infamous one Oct 3
Shared about living not giving up
All the mistakes life lessons
Failing leads to blessings
On the right track no going back
Been with the wrong person
Feeling numb blocking it out
Loved the wrong person
Now it's over seeking closure
Over time the heart at peace
Heals after being in pieces
Writing to feel deal with things
Show emotions process overcome
Instead of numb emotionless
Oct 3 · 28
Infamous one Oct 3
Looked out now being pushed out
Told you she cheated still surprised
Had your back you turned it to me
The knife in mine already the pain
Not one to get even return the favor
Went against a friend mind made up
All this for an unfaithful love
Ditched friendships for a relationship
Hard to trust pursuing lust mistaken
Addicted to the toxic can't get a fix
Mind clouded not able to focus
In denial about the truth believing lies
Oct 3 · 79
Infamous one Oct 3
Wide awake at the fork in the road
Don't want to lose anymore
All the frustration all the rapid change
Can't take it anymore not the same
Things aren't pure feeling less genuine
They don't care about you
Covering their *** treating you bad
Never had your back expecting it all
Could only do so much in a rush
Trying to slow down on the go
Missing out on life working too much
Had some fun with the wrong crowd
Single living not the same grew up
Having down time overthinking
Not alone others can relate
Won't admit lost in pointless affairs
Oct 2 · 23
Infamous one Oct 2
Love hate for work
Talking about school
Everything gets wild
Thinking about school time
Too much crazy going on
Wanting to help not need
Getting busy with goals
Everyone comes back appears
Needs something didn't bother before
Always tired trying to work it in
Time conflicts jujitsu becomes a thought
Oct 2 · 31
Infamous one Oct 2
Wanting to talk no ones listening
Not wanting to talk use to being alone
Everyone expects you to open up
You to spill your heart making it hard
After being ignored hard to trust
Don't want to do the job anymore
At the bottom with no options or say
Gave an opinion not being heard
Doing 8 hours of work in 5
Trying to survive not motivate
Proving them wrong doing it better
Told there was someone qualified
That deserved the job giving it all
Not good enough while doing extra
Falling out with the old loved it all
Not to fond of the new plowing thru
Oct 2 · 61
Infamous one Oct 2
They are bad to you remaining loyal
Told to be a man work hard
Not good with sharing feeling
Going numb than show emotions
Don't let them see your hurt
All the pain toxic masculinity
Hard to open up so much broken trust
Told the truth caught them in a lie
Feeling insulted disrespected
Nothing to hide always pushed out
Showing love respect matching energy
Focused on what needs to be done
Not empowering rude shady people
Be yourself see though the act
Not buying into the phony hype
Oct 2 · 26
Infamous one Oct 2
Being pulled in different directions. Staying loyal and true find balance
About to go over the edge
Had to cut toxic family
Love them keeping a distance
Falling into bad habits trying to chill
Trying to chill therapy sessions
Always the scapegoat getting the hate
Working at two locations
Not enough time barely getting by
Backed into a corner everyone happy
Building up foundation in the struggle
Trying to communicate be fair
Winning on one end giving it all
Losing on the other neglecting
****** expression showing frustration
Oct 1 · 47
Infamous one Oct 1
People come and go like the seasons
Sad to see them go letting is hard
Others leave without any hard feelings
Selfish to keep around let them grow
Onto a new chapter never good bye
Crossing paths in the future
Sharing a laugh to get through
Making one another smile good times
The journey with many detours
Not so bad with the right company
Feels like forever being detached
Able relate without awkward vibes
Oct 1 · 48
Infamous one Oct 1
Had so much hope cloudy days
Smiled through the bad times
Feels like time is running out
Not too late feels near the end
Thought it would happen
Hard to find the one after many
Trying to love without being hurt
Back on track after being derailed
A vision within another outcome
The results once mattered
Never turns out accordingly
Trying to make it on another path
Aiming to win comeback from being last
Learned way more from failing
Easy to be dismissed than be understood ready to leave the hood
Sep 30 · 31
Infamous one Sep 30
Taking pride in his work feeling insulted
By those who just show up and whatever
Giving his all while others careless about him and his efforts
Told himself work harder set the bar
Raise the standards give them value
Watched them leave it all behind
While he established himself trying to make a difference
Being knocked by everyone but bouncing back
Told he couldn't do it but did it anyway
They said it didn't matter but it made a difference
On the outside looking in once he got in
After being kept out it wasn't the same anymore
Sep 29 · 170
Infamous one Sep 29
The load dumped on his lap feeling crushed burnt out all these adjustments he doesn't win
Trying to balance working at two locations
One has been there since the beginning
The other gave him an opportunity but feels obligated
Trying to be fair and equal while feeling cheated and ripped off
Gives more to the other while one was there helped find himself and confidence
He felt drained like a failure
Sep 29 · 33
Infamous one Sep 29
He couldn't make them happy
Their misery made him sad
Ruining his plans to fill the void
Being a team player feeling played
Told to be a man get it done
Ignored on the old side looking in
Feeling excluded discouraged by them
But when they needed a favor h
He was an idea or considered
Taking on toxic machismo
So many lies and contradictions
Picking up everyone's slack overwhelmed burnt out
Don't want to do extra
Afraid to let anyone down
Fear of seeing the team lose
Trying to help hate to see them struggle
Working harder not one to surrender
Earning every cent trying to get ahead
Working for respect since nothing is given
Sep 28 · 155
Infamous one Sep 28
Taking their insults like bullets
The knife from backstabbing remains
Absorbing all the pain and hurt
Letting it die within rising above hate
Instead of inflicting the toxic on others
Saving the day filling the void
Gave it to god and prayed to survive
Staying strong bouncing back
The fire within burned out
Revived from the chaos not going back
Sep 27 · 38
Infamous one Sep 27
He was thankful to be working
Glad to be free escape the old ways
Those that didn't value his persona
Open mind to change over the routine
Memories remain time for new
Grew up with tough love hard to trust
Not a doormat to be stepped on
Secrets told suppose to be private
Opened up to the wrong people
He valued them as they talked bad
Being different gave him an edge
Took the blame without knowing
Easing the pain of others
Sep 27 · 35
Infamous one Sep 27
Through all the lies he remained loyal
She cheated later tried to blame him
They wanted him to tell the truth
Once he did it became a debate
Being told how to act was the problem
Projecting their feelings on him
He didn't feel or think that way
Telling who to be made conflict
He minded his business
While they try to exploit him
They've done worse to others
Yet still running their mouth
He didn't want to be involved
Still coming at him like a target
He didn't agree walked away
Said nothing refuse to empower
His oppressors not giving any reason
They had way more than most
Being shady because it wasn't about them
Instead of being humble and grateful
They seen it as a platform to look down on others
He valued people not material possessions
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