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3h · 24
From inside to outside
Like a stray wandering
Trying to find away
Wanted by some
Rejected by most
Not meant to fix in
Always looking in
Once inside wanted out
Better alone and free
Than restraint limited
Can't stay settling for less
Always on the go
That's what's best
3h · 17
Never want to feel that way again
Put myself in that situation
Trying to be a better friend
Guard down not so defensive
Trying to understand others
Always misunderstood
Dk how to react to others
Outbursts or remarks
Shutting down to be liked
Being quiet to be accepted
Don't like the feeling
Can't be myself feeling pressured
hide in this head to be safe
Crammed in a box trying to escape
Who others made me out to be
Lies that are not true
Focused on work can't get close
Always impersonal can't get attached
11h · 29
Someone lied about me
Now people believe
Causing hate to hold a grudge
This bad impression
Never knew just what's spoken
Dk anything about
Not sure how to make it right
Can't find the words
Felt controlled trying to escape
One movement seen as wrong
14h · 17
In the middle of it all
Dk how it started
Just know it ended
Left with a mess
Cleaning up the chaos
Didn't say anything
Now it's worse
Spoke up trying to help
Now things are ruined
14h · 20
The heart of a child forced to grow up
A part timer doing more than the full timers
Find peace in writing not in people hard to trust
Love my family and struggle trusting
My mom would rather drink than put kids first
Take dad to work to start my morning
Use to be fun a wild child lived life to the fullest
Now I'm boring working being responsible
Can't date the virus dictating others faith
People get tired of you so fading in an out
Same old writing style they start to pass on you
So many wear masks altering who they are
Dk why wearing one bothers them
Barely understand myself
Trying to adjust and adapt
Can't fix or figure out others
Trying to be me that's all I know
Got hurt trusting in the wrong people
Still doing good what's right
After showing vulnerability
5d · 21
The world a hostile place
Smile on this face
So many fake it
Easy to keep it real
Don't cheat yourself
Just be yourself
Live according
What feels right
What's normal
Your way of life
Don't compare to others
Be your own person
Your own individual being
6d · 31
Ever deleted a number mad
Wishing you saved it
Or wrote it down
Hoping to see them again
But its better to stay away
She was in a bad relationship
Couldn't help or convince her
To change her mind
Getting hurt over it
It had nothing to do with you
Tried to make the wrong right
Had to cut the cord
Turn your back stopped worrying
To protect your heart
6d · 25
I've always admired change
No one thinks
Of what it takes to get there
Everyone sees the end
And thinks about starting
The middle not taken into consideration
What you have to give up
The sacrifices made the changes
Doing things that are hated
Or that have never been done before
Seeing it in your head
Believing it could be done
Feeling it while doing it
Makes it easier to make it
Heart lets lose without worry
6d · 84
A house with a drive way
Instead of parking in the street
A two car garage with a gym
The other for a motorcycle
Able to have pets furry friends
A dream to become a reality
Have a BBQ invite friends and family
Enjoy life appreciate the good times
6d · 13
She claimed to love him
Now she denies knowing him
Acting like it never happened
Hiding a secret like it's *****
He loved her but didn't know
How to say it didn't want to rush
Feared she turn him away
Shut him down she already did
A loving smile to a cold emotionless stare
From a warm touch to lifeless vibe
6d · 18
So far from normal
No close to being right
The thought of being wrong
Drove him crazy didn't know it all
Not always going to be right
Can't justify everything
A sober mind after years of haze
An altered mindset had to get away
Cut ties or things that led to the bottle
Letting go of those who threw
The past in his face kept bringing it up
Owned up and confessed to be at peace
All the self destruction to get back at others
Never did anything just led to setbacks
Default back to starting over
Doing it all over again a vicious cycle
6d · 31
He tried to train
Always distracted
Disappointed with himself
He couldn't focus
Her name crossed his mine
Use to be obsessed
His workout kept him sane
Hanging on by a thread
He looked in the mirror
Loved himself his smile
She dropped him cold
No reason or explanation
He'd get lost in his workout
When things bugged he'd run
Running forever was a thought
In the gym had to start over
Build up muscle and tone
Couldn't pick up in the same place
Only if it worked that way
From lean to chubs the challenge began
6d · 55
Wanted her to be the one
She wanted someone else
Time pasted she loved him
He didn't love her back
Feel the same in return
He was stuck in the past
First things got ruined
Now he was messing it up
Too stubborn at heart
His mind couldn't grasp
The concept of how and why
Thinking love was easy
More to it than physical
Dealing with a person
Having patients for one another
Being able to tolerate differences
7d · 17
Only a few peoples opinion matter
They've helped and been supportive
Since the beginning win lose or draw
Success is great but short lived
Learned more from failure
Lost of growth and gained from it all
So close yet so far
Starting was hard after it ended
Never the same open to new ideas
Change of mind ups and downs
7d · 24
Being written off by others
Betrayal pierced the heart
Friend to foe now strangers
Stayed away all the pain
Had to cut ties stayed away
Not come around anymore
Ashamed for trusting
Embarrassed by mistakes
Who are you alone
Don't want to be another face
In a crowded room
Meant to stand out
With different people
7d · 27
Great story teller verbally
Writing is hard but love it
Wrapped in emotions distracted
Hiding feelings staying strong
Always straight to the point
Fear of being judged by others
Fake personas lying to your face
Bad mouthing you behind your back
That respect is lost for the deceit
Poor judgement of character
Lied to feeling disrespected
Be able to put this guard down
Prefer to be alone lost in words
7d · 28
Not holding on anymore
Failed love not the standards
Want someone who makes you better
Brings out your best not the worse
Learn who you should be
Not who not to be like
Support one another goals
Not tear each other down
Terrified to date not all the same
After a bad relationship
The bar so low just have to try
Don't know normal standards
Not playing games just do it right
7d · 16
A dream come true
Now a nightmare
Hard to fall in love
So much sacrifice
Hoping to gain more
That this might work out
Talkative to a blank stare
An emotionally charged touch
To numb showing no emotions
It's all lost where did it go wrong
Trying to be better never enough
Lost a sense of self in compromise
Can't change anymore for others
Slowing down pushing for change
Wanted a chance leave an impression
Win her heart hope she felt the same
Hope love would be return
Letting it go and flow out
Hoping others could relate
Understand instead of others
Calling it an over reaction
A vicious cycle from broken love
Mixed with insanity looping thoughts
7d · 23
Love that's intoxicating
And addicting can't get enough
Love too much it's smothering
Play hard to get full of regret
Her love on and off selective
Her mood hot and cold manipulation
When she doesn't get her way
The things she loves turns to hate
Use your insecurities against you
Get you to open up then bail
Make you her world then take it
She'll smash your heart as you watch
Jul 4 · 24
Infamous one Jul 4
Aim to be legit be down for it
Don't care to wild anymore
Not thinking about the ex
Moving onto the next
Too many fakes and phonies
Hustling need to get paid
Busting *** to getting it done
Made some moves not afraid
It needs to be done anyway
Old fades out time for the new
Rise up with the same values
Rules enforced not broken
Work within them
Jul 4 · 42
Infamous one Jul 4
Loyal to all the wrong people
Working in the landmines
Dealing with BS not obsess
Raging attitude coming out
Giving it to God he'll provide
Dealing with devil full of lies
Bring things down falling hard
Explaining frustration
Not a follower roaming solo
Or lead doing my own thing
Coming out like hate
But not about that
Jul 4 · 23
Infamous one Jul 4
Always feeling provoked
Trying not to fail or choke
Hot headed seeing smoke
Been around not afraid
Never backing down
Showed up to battle
Mofos get rattle
Talking not working
Can't hang in this game
Overcome the pain
So many bad memories
Come up finish strong
Gain from the hustle
Jul 4 · 21
Infamous one Jul 4
The world has change
Not for the better
Finding faith and praying
Always had respect for my elders
Never entitled earned a spot
Working for it since its not given
Treat people right they'll do the same
Not looking for trouble
Don't care for drama
Not always liked but respectful
Don't bother others with problems
Quick to find a solution
Can't always settle for less
Jul 4 · 12
Infamous one Jul 4
Miss being young no bills
Just friends being dumb having fun
Stayed single feared having a kid
At a young age dated but started late
Everyone grew up some went to school
Others stayed home got married or had kids
Forced to grow up and others just worked
Drinking was fun underage then it wasn't
Some developed habits others did drugs
No one knows what they want
Even now as an adult still figuring it out
Thinking how close friends use to be
Now strangers no longer talking
Some got clean acting like they did no wrong
Mad over a cheating girl that did them wrong
So many factors that make it hard
Some roll with the punches others take them
Trying to be better than parents
Some end up like them or even worse
Jul 4 · 70
Infamous one Jul 4
Wrote her a love letter
She didn't love the same
Up north in the cold rain
Reliving old pain not the same anymore
Soothing the soul flashback images
Captured a moment in the mind
A broken heart that healed and scars
Growing from the past an old gift
Live in the future enjoy the present
Happened so fast didn't last
Can't change the past but thankful
It happened lots of gain all the pain fades
Jul 3 · 28
Infamous one Jul 3
Sitting at home bored
Decided to order a Gameboy
With Tetris one of my favorite games
And Dr. Mario so I can practice
Against my cousin it's a competition
It's all fun and classic games
The day it arrived in the mail
Felt like a child a chubby kid
Still chubby just with a childhood memory
That came back to life feeling good inside
Jul 3 · 8
Infamous one Jul 3
Use to being ignored
Overlooked by many
Stayed loyal and true
Don't bother with the cruel
Respect for all earning it still
Focused on work not worried
Doing work and extra took it on
Trying to get hired and still denied
See the bad choices made
They regret the day a huge loss
Looking at life with so much to gain
From nothing trying to become something
Much more than before
Jul 3 · 20
Infamous one Jul 3
Woke up got ready for work
Stopped to get a breakfast sandwich
An energy drink to power through the day
Sat with the lead would rather be working
Wondering what's on the agenda
Stopped with the small talk
Picking up the slack
Too many followers not enough leader
Being an example who take pride in work
Not make an example of others
Never been around good leadership
Jul 3 · 19
Infamous one Jul 3
Stopped waiting on others
Do it anyway eventually
It's dumped on you
Skip the middle man
Hired or not working hardest
Not afraid to get *****
Push even through the struggle
Roles are established
Harder worker aim to get it done
Dealing with a titled lead
Abusing power and can't hang
It's at every job trying not to complain
Don't care for politics
Used or not still doing something
Had to pray get lost in the word
Not into the ways of the world
Finding faith and believing
Jul 1 · 36
Infamous one Jul 1
What does the heart tell you
A soul searching for peace
The mind questions everything
More questions than answers
Full of thoughts and ideas
Wandering eyes that are warm
Also full of fury when angry
A smirking grin when frustrated
Or caring smile that is soothing
Jul 1 · 28
Infamous one Jul 1
Just do it not thinking too much
Let it flow out what's on your mind
What is your heart telling you
Showing love is easier to do
Than actually say it
What if they don't feel the same
Or like you that way
But just a friend that changed
Feelings can bond or cause hurt
Emotions can grow or be broken
Make it more or end up being less
Losing value conflict of interest
Maybe start a new chapter together
A new directions closer with one another
Maybe cause distance further apart
Jul 1 · 27
Infamous one Jul 1
Not always focused on people
Determined to get it done
Glad when people appreciate
Your hard work it's rare
One of the greatest feelings
And surprising when it happens
Don't expect anything
But give everything all effort
A workaholic can't get in trouble
If you keep busy make some money
Jul 1 · 101
Infamous one Jul 1
Always open to learn
Growing to be better
Change is always welcomed
Crazy how others act
Not responsible for them
Stopped empowering negativity
Letting people bother with toxic vibes
Doing it alone no one said it would be easy
Wanted to rise and bring others along
Would barely get by alone
Worked harder pushing through
Willing to help out till time expires
Always striving to make it better
Easier for myself and better for others
It's a bonus when others can benefit
Jun 30 · 34
Infamous one Jun 30
Sometimes others ask
What's on your mind
Wondering do they care
Or are they using you to pass time
Making it hard to open up
Difficult to trust like a set up
Trying to be genuine
Nothing to hide
Everything out in the open
So many don't care
Not interested
Once it's closed off
Shut down all of a sudden
Some one shows concern
Jun 30 · 26
Infamous one Jun 30
Not mad don't like being messed with
So many don't smile
And have so much going for them
Never understood that
One thing goes wrong
Doesn't mean the world is over
Life doesn't stop to find direction
Struggling to find a way
Didn't find the one
Experienced that love
Didn't get the job
Been doing it years of practice
Friends grow a part
Hating starting over
Replace the old with new
Had no choice life can't freeze
Be paused stay the same
Change happens can't be avoided
Jun 30 · 16
Infamous one Jun 30
The last time we hung out
She needed a ride home from school
Talking to one another
Getting to know each other
She was fresh out
Of a called off engagement
She talked about not being serious
Later would tell everyone things
We're serious usually private about things
Eventually she would find someone
Who would be patient and tolerant
People come and go hard to get attached
Some get intimate but not commitment
Others do everything possible but no labels
Thinking about dating now a days
It's like jumping into
A shallow puddle of mud
Jun 30 · 42
Infamous one Jun 30
Cared too much
Never good enough
Made the most of things
Gave everything
Left with nothing
Seeking direction
No longer walking oblivious
Been doing it for a while
Not looking for useless lead
Doing lazy people's work
Asked a question calling the truth
Now defensive got offended
Jun 29 · 41
Infamous one Jun 29
Had a conversation with a friend
Talked about things that bug
That made me angry and upset
All those friends
Who talked behind my back
Told them straight up out of respect
All the lazy people
Doing nothing collecting a check
Who said my hard work
Makes them look bad
When I got sober it was a problem
Others got sober expect to be praised
Saying it couldn't be done
After doing it multiple times
Always hustling to get it done
While others **** up brown nose
Know what its like to be broke
Thankful to be working
Excluded looking in
On the inside wanting out
Can't deny myself to be accepted
To be liked by judgemental people
Being myself seen as hood
Even if it means
Beginning called ghetto
All those who laughed for crying
Being sensitive tired of bullies
Giving others the best
While bringing out the worse
Jun 28 · 117
Infamous one Jun 28
A broken soul trying to heal
Struggle within dealing with change
Sometimes its not for the better
Stuck with the worse
Trying to be better
Wanting the best got less
Stuck with others problems
Working with what's given
Back and forth with emotions
Writing to cope with feelings
Gave that up not going back
Never again now facing it
Prefer to not be around it
Jun 28 · 31
Infamous one Jun 28
In shape worked out hard
Asked what drugs are you on
Dressed nice has some style
Took pride in appearance
Seen as gay or too pretty
Backed up the wrong people
Quickly got double crossed
Spread good vibes
While taking the bad
Hard to love yourself
When everyone is miserable
Cheered people up to feel better
Bad attitudes infecting everyone
Moods ruin the day for others
Bring everything down for caring
Liked to be around people
Now isolated from toxic vibes
Seen others be self-destructive
Hard to watch and take it all in
Would rather stay away disappear
Tried to be there for it all
More bad than good can't help
Some set in their ways not listening
Not open to change living in old pain
Getting hurt needed to get away
Jun 28 · 23
Infamous one Jun 28
Everyone has choices to make
Decisions to be made
Everyone has their own life
Sometimes you want to help
Some prefer the hard way
Over doing things easily
Finding another way
Sometimes given it all
It's never enough
While others work with what's given
Making the most of it all
Taking on the struggle
Without accepting defeat
Standing tall going the distance
Making the most of it
Jun 28 · 17
Infamous one Jun 28
Wide awake fireworks going off
An irresponsible cousin
Including you in the shenanigans
Be where you need to be
Do what you need to do
Use to be young and dumb
Can't live or be that way forever
Always willing to change
Some set in their ways
Dk any other way
Prefer to stay the same
When a child's involved
Be more want more for them
Be able to provide step it up
Do it for them your time passed
Something new to learn and grow
Jun 28 · 15
Infamous one Jun 28
Always focused on the dream
Some got married
Didn't want that right away
Others had kids
Family is forever
Not ready to start my own
Creating and making it happen
Part of the plan lots of detours
Close to them still cant settle
Haven't found the one
Still single looking for love
Friends faded away
Still doing my own thing
Seen as crazy no one is doing it
A wild heart growing
Into much more than before
Jun 28 · 31
Infamous one Jun 28
Letting the mind flow
Always open to grow
In the slump home sick
Trying to find a way
Need an alternative
Settled for too long
Even after being wronged
No appreciation then why now
Become one of the better
After being criticized
Stepped it up shut them up
Eventually outgrowing it all
Aiming high for the next level
Not many targets to hit
Learned to move on
Went all in with this heart
Let go of it all in the mind
Always at conflict the heart and mind
The heart won't let go
While the mind moved on
Shut it all down lost interest
Jun 28 · 58
Infamous one Jun 28
Not about politics
Don't care about labels
Not trying to be like anyone else
Might share common interests
We are not the same or a like
Old school with things
Respect my elders don't talk back
Stand for the flag respect the flag
Praying believe in God walk with faith
Follow rules don't make trouble
Times have changed getting older
Trying to understand the new ways
They don't make sense don't always agree
Not impose on others
Jun 28 · 51
Infamous one Jun 28
Another life from now
Changing with time
From no job to always working
Broke as a joke to seriously wanting it
Never said anything got talked about
Spoke up no one says anything
Never personal minding this mouth
Stayed out of others business
Don't care to be involved or for drama
Just focused on getting it done
Jun 28 · 55
Infamous one Jun 28
Writing and grinding it out
Can't believe the words spoken
Lies are spreading
Like if it was true
False titles for click bait
So much spreading hate
Another debate more problems
More questions no answers
Need more solutions
Own up stop blaming
Quit playing victim
Consequences to actions
Other than pointing out the obvious
Jun 27 · 46
Infamous one Jun 27
Always been loyal with love
Not messing it negativity
Wouldn't let hate consume
Heartbroken going strong
Rejected working harder
Denied by others showed love
Comeback better
Can't stay down forever
Jun 27 · 45
Infamous one Jun 27
Trying to understand
Being able to relate
Feel it in the heart
Showed empathy
Had some sympathy
Got some anger
Dealing with frustration
Not full of hate
So many arguments
Another pointless debate
Can't talk be civil
Stayed away from pain
Avoiding bad vibes
Jun 27 · 79
Infamous one Jun 27
Stories from the past
Some are hilarious
Others are embarrassing
Don't want to talk about them
But can't act like they didn't happen
Some are a treasure in the heart
Wishing to be relived
Others be taken out rewritten
Can't look back not going that way
Facing forward on the road
On the go had to leave stuff behind
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