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6d · 51
They left you broken
But it made you strong
Not holding a grudge goes no where
Moved on not living in the past
Embraced the present new encounters
Breaking free from toxic relationships
Negative family members severed ties
Being positive doing good things
Being the solution making a difference
Over the cycling zestpool lifestyle
Not about that life out grew the box
Mar 21 · 35
Infamous one Mar 21
Sometimes you have to cut ties
You get tired of lies and stories
They have no respect for you
If they could lie to your face
Trying to BS their way through
Rather than work hard to earn it
Don't borrow money or say you will
If you can pay your debt
Eventually your words mean nothing
Holding no value a lost cause
Stop wasting others time
Trying to make manipulate others
With a bias agenda an evil demeanor
Fueled by hate and anger the ugly side
Not empowering the insanity
Or feeding into passive selective hearing
Not playing those mindgames walked away
Silence is strong focused on being better
Where the weak are loud in protest
Trying to make a camp of followers
To hate a person for having an opinion and being different
Mar 17 · 48
Infamous one Mar 17
Said sorry never forgiven
Gave you space and prayed
You'd forgive me I made a mistake
Didn't know it would be the last time
The last time we'd see one another
Heard about your death on the news
A horrible bus accident that took many
You had many things going on
I was happy for you wishing you the best
A good friend I will remember in my heart
Thought of reaching out regretting not trying
Change was hard letting go adapting
Sometimes your mind wants it one way
Had a vision with a different outcome
Mar 16 · 44
Infamous one Mar 16
Always told the truth called ruthless
Hated for honesty while others lie
Loyal to all the wrong people
Seen their true colors had to cut ties
Sending love rejecting  hate by toxic ppl
She cheated trying to blame
Instead of owning up its over now
Once cared not taking the manipulation
Moving forward with life not back
Investing in the future not drugs, and alcohol
Working to help family not steal by use people
Over the false promises empty comments
Over the two-faced attitude ****** remarks
When you don't get your way
Mar 6 · 32
Infamous one Mar 6
Tired of arguing with family
Why can't we get along
Stop holding grudges
Why is it hard to say sorry
Why can't it be easy to forgive
Holding a grudge is easier
An excuse to be bias made a target
Justify the bad behavior doing wrong
All the misconduct needs to stop
Alienated for being different
One opinion doesn't matter
Trying to influence others perspective
Making allies against a common enemy
Taking a breath composing yourself older
Some never change remaining the same
Forgiving is easier than holding a grudging
Letting go instead of holding onto the bad
An open mind in a world of negativity
Staying loyal and true to family even through the dark times
Mar 6 · 40
Infamous one Mar 6
Just because we are family
You can't tell me
How to live my life
I've grown taken risks
You did things played it safe
I'm working for mine
I respect you had a family
Respect my decisions to pursue a career
I respect who you chose to be
Stay home be a mom that works for you
I might've detoured doing what I love
I'm pursuing my passions
Always writing telling my stories
My side of the story the truth
We are different people different lives
You can't pick or chose to be in my life
Commit fully or don't waste my time
That's all I ask always outta place
Trying to fit in when I should belong
Not just be in the background ignored
Feb 23 · 185
Infamous one Feb 23
The sneaky couple fake to your face
Talks about everyone behind their back
Giving an opinion no one asked
Talking down on others they've  done worse
Complaining about people living life
Doing the same thing all the criticism
So why is this an issue all the double standards
Insulting people expecting take it with a grain of salt
Call them on their actions
No wrong was done just imposition
Bad behavior quick to debate
Making the misconduct right
Justify the wrong doing still in the wrong
Feb 23 · 24
Infamous one Feb 23
Dried tears lead to strength
A broken heart heals with love
Falling doesn't matter get back up
Being told NO still doing the work
Working harder than the rest
Proving them wrong standing alone
Fighting to fit in still don't belong
Easier to walk away than force things
Would rather be an individual
Never been a follower keeping distant
An outcast looking in avoiding drama
A trail blazer on a lonely path
Thought highly of those oppressors
Never wanted to be like them
Placed in a box to their liking
Loved for staying silent dieing inside
Hated for speaking up having an opinion
It will comeback for the slanderous talk
Feb 22 · 47
Infamous one Feb 22
All the tears all the pain
Trying to live be normal
Working with complications
Trying to balance out the sanity
Striving through only if others knew
Some so cruel making it hard
Others evil that's their truth
Trying not to fail your supporters
Not fail yourself dealing with intensity
Writing to feel praying it gets better
Express these hard words to speak
Staying positive about the situation
While things are at their worse
Being the love that was neglected
Supporting those who feel alone
Praying for those dealing with mental torment
Feb 21 · 63
Infamous one Feb 21
On the road on the Go
Who know what was ahead
The team took an L
At their best raising hell
From the bottom to the top
Win or lose going all in
All the rage in and outta the cage
Win together bonding
Lose together growing united
Support for one another
Picking each other up
Striving towards greatness
Working hard to be a legend
Determined to be icon status
Feb 21 · 51
Infamous one Feb 21
Working harder than the rest aiming to be one of the best not like the rest.
Chasing a dream in the heart it means everything
The mind sees things differently, it's not about the destination focus on the journey
Watching this world change with age. From private to everything being exposed no more secrets or behind the scenes
The mystery behind the art is gone no suspense just more given content
Feb 13 · 48
Infamous one Feb 13
A cheater who acted innocent
Love was never enough
Playing with others emotions
Lust mistaken for love
Thoughts a long term relationship
Leading to marriage much more
A one night stand with lustful confusion
Always truthful given lies
Going crazy can't make sense of it all
Wanting a second chance to start over
There's no going back or do overs
A one sided love with no pair
Feb 13 · 85
Infamous one Feb 13
He wondered being creative
What moment of his life
He could put on the page
Possibly turn it into a scene
It loops in the back of his mind
His wild imagination off the charts
Trying to keep it simple
Not aware of his audience
Older use to being alone
Appreciating the art of story telling
Straight to the point is easy
Too much detail could be wordy
Over thinking tone possibilities
Feb 12 · 54
Infamous one Feb 12
Seeing the world through yellow eyes
Losing weight too rapid
Not losing faith staying strong
Trying to remain in control
Losing a grip on reality
Things went bad but better now
Skin looking orange remaining humble
All the things you want to do
Before it's too late fighting till the end
Don't let others dictate your fate
Analyzed every scenario possible
Doesn't matter just be in the moment
Doing it makes possibilities
Take a risk and chance on yourself
With or without support chase the dream
Keep progressing the heart filled with joy
Don't let it become cold as stone
A free thinker not imprisoned by old traditions
Modern day ideals are road block
Will not corrupt your genuineness
Feb 12 · 49
Infamous one Feb 12
Learning one way
Open to other ways
New school vs old school
Grew up with tough love
Learning to show love
Express emotions show emotions
Without doubt or regret
Being cozy in one's skin
Leaving old structure
Finding new structure
Unlearning bad habits
And relearning skills
Be open to change to grow
Personal growth matter
Feb 11 · 31
Infamous one Feb 11
Some people make it but don't want you passing them up
You keep working and grinding in silence
Learning everything willing to grow
Helping others to keep things productive
While others neglect to keep job security
Some set the bar others break them
Some provide a print out others have to build off that
Sometimes it's easy others get close
Some stay stuck too prideful too ask
Success is measured differently
Others get by without doing the work
Some do the work making it easier
Feb 11 · 42
Infamous one Feb 11
Waking up having a sip of coffee
Trying to stay warm in the cold
Thinking what's next to start the day
Mentally preparing for things to come
Staring at a blank page soon filled thoughts
Acting normal whatever that means
Praying things wouldn't be so complicated
Thankful for everything and everyone
It was a battle to get there
Taking on an ego with a bs job title
A boss with no respect for others
Due to a docotors degree
Felt connected then everyone transformed
Soon did the same onto new and better
Working to fit into a better place
Feb 11 · 49
Infamous one Feb 11
Without arguing everyone managed to get along. Everyone is going through something some listen others dk how to express their frustration taking it out on Everyone. Some love to argue others don't do well with confrontation. Trying ro make the most of it all. Everyday is a struggle some handle it better than others. Some just never own up and blame others for their bad decisions.

Walking away is easier when the person doesn't listen and made up their mind. Talking bad and trying to influence others trying to justify the misconduct know well what they are trying to do.
Sad times don't last focus on the good because things get better.

Sometimes disconnecting recharging from things that drain your energy is the best move. Loving people even though we don't agree or see eye to eye.
Feb 11 · 146
Infamous one Feb 11
Saying sorry hoping to be forgiven
Made mistakes shouldn't be excluded for them
Some will never forgive stuck in that place
Same old face new behavior altered for the better
Can't live in the past trying to be in the moment
Tomorrow isn't promised treasure it while it lasts
Feb 5 · 62
Infamous one Feb 5
Transfer day come to find out an old lead called the new lead spreading lies slandering his character. This rat face ******* tried to be controlling and full of himself a job title that held no meaning.

If you're in the trenches working trying to help respect was earned and gain. This useless lead demanding to be informed so he could pass it off to someone else. Taking the credit being arrogant full of himself. Before it bothered now it's a laughable moment.

Had to go through someone else's crazy to make you stronger and better person. You can't help them but learned who not to be and be better. Working hard to make sure it got done in a timely consistent manner.
Feb 5 · 49
Infamous one Feb 5
Who are you outside of work?
Tired of living up to ideal standards
Over others judgement
Working in the background
Eventually started to stand out
Working hard to get ahead
Yet still in the struggle
Missing family but with them fear of missing out
Like something needs to be done something is missing
Seen their True color now mad they see there's no games or playing on this end
Just walk away Not worth reviving something thar tried to destroy you
Kept a distance never said anything bad
Feb 5 · 42
Infamous one Feb 5
Sorry still living with the guilt
Ignored by people excluded by many
Be part of something fit in for once
A lost man finding away to resolve peace
Hurt his best friend over a girl
Been hurt by a formal friend
Hard to make the wrong right
Wanting to be forgiven another
Hard to forgive other no do overs
Reached out got ignored gave too much
Let it go now getting all the blame
Trying too hard never good enough
Stopped caring let it go
Had to restrain get over it
Lack of communication
Many assumptions are made
Feb 5 · 45
Infamous one Feb 5
Fired from the first job what made it worse was he let his cousin down.
Getting beat up at work to lose the second job by an older lazy coworker
Ever job and life lesson learned changing not meant to be the same
Tired of holding onto bad it never gets good or better
Just positive thought and optimistic thinking is close as it gets
Moving forward years being stuck stuck in the rut
Feb 1 · 145
Infamous one Feb 1
Bouncing ideas off others to grow
Some give feed back
While others give look at you like you're weird
Hearing it out loud thinking about the next move
Been around different crowds always their person
But they aren't mine we grew apart seeing friends like family
To be treated like a distant friend
Feb 1 · 35
Infamous one Feb 1
Hard to say NORMAL
Everything is weird and crazy that's usually how it plays out
It's not healthy but thankful to have someone
Not treated right but willing to make it work
Sometimes things don't make sense but work out
Being with the one you love doesn't work out
Someone that loves you doesn't go right
Trying to work it out mentality
Physically drained from missed opportunity
Hard to cope with change so rapid
Never given a chance for things to grow into more
Friendships end growing apart
Or over girls that lusted around close friends causing a divide
Jan 31 · 45
Infamous one Jan 31
Learning to eat serving sizes not indulge because of stress. Divide up the meal not consume it all in one serving. Lightened load less stress focused on the change up. From the bottom to the top working on being better.
Looking back but never going back
Better in the moment forget the past
All the change was rewarding
Finally made it while others gave it up
Breaking rules knocking down walls
Rising up against the odds going strong
Striving towards greatness over the tardiness
Friends turn rivals not making it personal
Stayed loyal withing true to self
Taking on another fake persona than before
Jan 28 · 35
Infamous one Jan 28
Meet a nice girl who's not materialistic
Someone accepting that
Doesn't change anything about you
Open to grow together feel like an equal
Not be submissive or treat one bad for power
Something natural not forced rewarding
Not soul ******* and toxic with an ego
Seems easy but it's complicated most of the time
Jan 28 · 25
Infamous one Jan 28
Trying to be normal it's always a fight
Working harder than most seen as weak
Not a lead doing lead roles standing out
Want a healthy relationship everything so complicated
Health issues just want to enjoy life
Eat without worrying
How it will effect the body
Self destruction has taken its toll
Doing more positive and creative things
Tired of arguing with others tired
Trying to get along they are holding a grudge
Jan 27 · 52
Infamous one Jan 27
He woke up ready to take on the day
Dressed his best to do his best
Wrote down ideas focused on the work
Writing his book a life projects
Playing with some deep thoughts
Trying to make it working for
Nothing is given but earned
Lost in practicing bass guitar
Feeling it doing pad work
The concentration is sharp
Focused on being better
Jan 27 · 194
Infamous one Jan 27
Free from family able to be yourself
Do what you like makes you happy
Instead of ridiculous standards
No one is living up to all talk no action
Being with the wrong person relationships failed hard
Not trying to force things it was never natural
Empower yourself to inspire others
Keep working for the dream
Focus on goals challenge yourself
Wanted to move up got comfortable
Opportunity presented itself taking risks
Given a chance wanted it more than most
Use to care stopped worrying got distracted
Jan 25 · 184
Infamous one Jan 25
Things are better working with people feeling valued
Before around people that demanded it was never good enough
From doing the grunt work to leading the pack
Making sure it gets done making extra effort
Doing the extra on top of normal stuff
An old lead set in his bitter ways
A new younger lead that's more understanding
Part of the team not being used and pushed out
Thankful for the changed everyone contributes making effort
Not a bad lead taking all the credit
Jan 25 · 56
Infamous one Jan 25
Loving you and kept out
Your hatred pushing everyone away
Talking about everyone like it's right
Causing division among friends
Putting out positive vibes
Trying motivate others to enjoy life
Stop being stuck on an ex
They moved on do the same
Quit blaming yourself they chose to cheat
Forced it failed because it didn't work out
Loved too much only one sided
The passionate kiss lost its charge
Hand holding gave life now soul *******
Being selfless for others feeling ignored
Helping others
Jan 22 · 46
Infamous one Jan 22
Hard to open up show emotions
He had an opinion his words flipped
Emotions used against him
Silences stirre the truth within
Always feeling alienated by peers
Excluded his opinion not validated
Be a certain way live up to ideals
All he wanted was to be himself
Treated like he did something wrong
Working twice as hard feeling cheated
Rsing up feeling brought down
Jan 22 · 29
Infamous one Jan 22
The trio met behind the building to talk about the turn of events. Everyone played a role some did more than others. The boss would cut out the lead who was the middle man. Talking to the one who got it done.
Some are well off while others are working for theirs. The lead never took charge. While the up and comer was determined but didn't like stepping on toes but hated walking egg shells.
Jan 17 · 56
Infamous one Jan 17
Trying to be normal so many things complicated
Wanting a family coming from a broken home
Working hard to stand out stuck in the background
Showing up with good vibes positive energy
Helping the team trying to keep them motivated
Be in a healthy relationship get to know the person
Not lust and be manipulated
By someone who's insecure causing doubt
Who doesn't care about the real you
Staying positive feeling depressed
Working hard to get in shape
Done it before dieting to get it back
Know what it takes even with health conditions
Jan 17 · 47
Infamous one Jan 17
Never one to get mad quick to forgive.
I respect others with different opinions
After being insulted it's time to cut ties
Trying to debate and conversate
Making things person doesn't mean right
Arguing with true facts  taking on lies
Staying on topic while distractions
Makin personal attacks on flaws
Nothing to do with the conversation
Always respectful not welcoming hate speech
Going silent keeping a distance
Staying away from toxic behavior
Took the insults never again
Overcome many obstacles
Don't need peoples approval
They don't have what I want
Even if they did finding another way
Not going through them to get it
Never had family support
It ends up being about them
Everyone has problems
Doesn't mean others will give up their life
Take on their drama keeps getting worse
That they choose to be stuck on
We are not the same or equal
Spoke up looked out got ignored
No sympathy or remorse emotionless
When you told the person
This could've been prevented
Jan 17 · 44
Infamous one Jan 17
He was pursuing her, she gave him the run around. He had to cut ties move on. They talk about dating but she was always busy. It was one sided he'd text her and she'd never respond or left him hanging.
He knew his worth and value tired of settling because it was pointless. She got his hopes up then got his feelings hurt. Thinking this would be different it ended up being worse.
Used his time and energy pursuing his goals learning bass guitar and doing MMA getting the technique down. Working out those kinks to be a better person.
Jan 16 · 44
Infamous one Jan 16
Though this was love
Turns out she's collecting
Being on her way
Trying to side hustle
Making it a job
Instead of trying work for it
Making flash promises
Pretending to be nice
After the transaction is made
The act fades away
Leaving you invested
No returns just cash taken
Leaving everyone used
A one time scam
Never buying that again
Jan 15 · 54
Infamous one Jan 15
Found joy in writing got a complement reread the material. Surprised myself with my words. Always in a different mindset. Told to publish something not sure who my audience is because use to being an outcast kept out looking in.

As time passes things change along with age. From wanting to being young and dumb. Now older and wiser than before telling stories from mistakes and failures life experiences. Always deep thought coping and reflecting on life. Telling those funny stories. now being more cautious and seeking opportunities.

Stopped reviving dieing friendships. Love family but not able to be yourself makes it easy to leave things behind cut ties. One sided friendships
Jan 15 · 52
Infamous one Jan 15
He wanted to be part of their world seen as an equal. They pushed him out kept him so he did his own thing. He didn't have to prove himself and stopped seeking their approval. They always talk about everyone to distract others from their wrong doing. Staying away keeping a distance
Focused on training and learning bass guitar being more artsy and creative behind the scenes making his own way being a trail blazer
Jan 12 · 50
Infamous one Jan 12
Keep creating let it flow
Make your imagination come to life
Dreams make sense in the mind
Desired more mentally experienced
Physical demands become obsessive
Love the process to create not holding back
Things come together don't want it to end
Starting turns into more playing with ideas
Feed back the development is appreciated
Looking back close to the end
Asking what was going on where did it come from
Jan 12 · 269
Infamous one Jan 12
Forgive and move on
Prayer helps
Walk in faith
A lonely journey
God will provide
Jan 11 · 42
Infamous one Jan 11
Forgiving for peace holding onto a grudge doesn't empower you it controls you because all you want to do is create scenario of things that never happened. Things you want to say or could say but if the confrontation happen nothing would be said.
Using your imagination playing with hypothetical situations. You think you have the person figured out but you don't know what they feel or going through trying to get the upper hand thinking you know to find out you have no clue.
It's okay to be wrong it will bring shame you'll feel embarrassed. Everyone makes mistakes just learn from it be a big and better person for next time if there is a next time.
Jan 11 · 61
Infamous one Jan 11
He couldn't pretend nothing couldn't happen. Give up his believes because something was trending. Using to being rejected being cancelled didn't bother him. He was always writing to express himself. Tired of his words being twisted and being excluded for having an opinion wanting to be an individual.
He might have missed out or made mistakes but didn't no compromise his integrity to be accepted. Not everyone will agree or get along because everyone has a different situation or grew up differently. Some have more than others while some have to work to get what they have.
Best advice given was do it yourself no one is going to do it for you. Do your own thing most of all treat others right even if you don't see eye to eye. Give them space you don't know their struggle or what they are going through.
Getting older is exhausting no time for hate or hold onto festering grudges that won't be settled or come to terms dude to stubborn pride and arrogant egos.
Jan 11 · 49
Infamous one Jan 11
Asked what hurts you
Family was the response
Siblings that never get alone
Bad communication assuming the worse
Everyone thinks they are right
Only when they need something
If you can't help forever holding a grudge
Cussing you out expecting respect
Thinking bad behavior will be rewarded
Not able to open up using it against you
Manipulate others slander your character
One sided arguments better to walk away
Called delusional for being an individual
Sensitive for having an opinion
Speaking and standing up for myself
Things never change remaining the same
It's easier to keep a distant then get involved
Jan 10 · 86
Infamous one Jan 10
They'll bad mouth you
Don't listen keep being better
Try to knock you down
Get back up go hard
Slander your name
Stay clear of their dirt
Saying it can't be done
You've already done it
Fighting to survive positive vibes
Not feeding egos by giving in
Crazy enough to stand alone
Come back for more no surrender
Family becomes strangers
Friends become foes
Learning to walk tall use to being alone
Jan 10 · 52
Infamous one Jan 10
When you do what your suppose to do
Looking around worried hoping
Praying everyone is doing alright
Someone is always mad instead of thankful
Complaining instead of focusing on the blessings
Comparing life to another's just keep living
Everyone is struggling or going through something
You're not alone everyone is important
What you do to better the situation matters
Somethings you have no say or control over
Take on what you could handle one day at a time
Either you live in the moment or miss things
Trying to live up to others expectations
Everyone has a plan it might not happen right away
It might happen not accordingly keep doing the work
Keep growing and learning build a foundation
Appreciate supportive people let go of the toxic ones
Share memories and moments don't let anyone dull your shine
Jan 8 · 54
Infamous one Jan 8
Some want to go back
Be fixed by what broke them
Live that moment where they felt whole
Even if that was lived short time
Fix things that go worse overtime
Or do nothing because trying didn't help
Mistaking lust for love minds confused
Hearts broken due to obsession
Heated romantic passion fades away
Places that brought joy are gone
Long lived memories from the past
Another  chance if that's possible
An opportunity to do things differently
Not there anymore reminiscing
Out grew that with time so much change
Jan 7 · 41
Infamous one Jan 7
Two brothers, who don't get along
Never see eye to eye different lives
The good brother working his way through
The bad brother forces his ways
Trying to take over muscling others
One talked about everyone making drama
The other minded his mouth walked away
Crossing paths treating one another like strangers
Brothers should look out for each other not oppose go against one another
Jan 4 · 33
Infamous one Jan 4
He stared at the mats knew it was home. The fear of getting an injured walking with a bummed knee. Stretching to feel right do better drilling. Making three points of contact, cupping to secure the submission. Breaking the guard with knee slicers.
Trying to get the technique down so it could work more effectively.
Gi vs No Gi two different worlds learning to be patient every action leads to a reaction. Bruised up from training sore and tender muscles.
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