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taylor w Jul 2019
i didnt have a favorite color until i met you
i havent seen purple the same ever since
i hated it until you told me u loved it
  Jul 2019 taylor w
I find more comfort in strangers
than my family
taylor w Jul 2019
why are you looking at them
like that?
you look so pleased,
and calm,
and kind,
happy - almost.

but with me,
with me...
it feels unreal
and eerie
and heavy.

your hands are on my back
and your voice gets lower
it slurs simple sentences
and uses a fraction of your vocabulary
                                                                    "je te veux"
                                                                         "je te veux"
                                                                              "je te veux"
                                                                                    and nothing more
and i hate it
i hate it so much and it hurts me
anytime i hear that language

that beautiful language
tarnished in an instant
because of the way you used it on me
i miss speaking my love language, and u ruined it - in abt. 6 months.
its ur fault, tbh.
taylor w Jun 2019
hey !!
get up!!
you have stuff to do!!

im tired...
and the stuff isnt important...

yes it is !!
if you dont do it youll get yelled at !!
do you wanna get yelled at ??
no !!

it doesnt matter...
they always yell...
theyll leave me alone if i dont respond...

theyll yell more!!

ill be fine...
im always fine...
waking up and doing things is hard sometimes.
taylor w Jun 2019
u know hes a bad person right
                                                                            He isn't when he's with me
u know hes talking to other people right
                                                                      He doesn't when he's with me
y r u w him anyway
                                                                                       Because he loves me
u know thats not true right
                                                                                                               I know
so y
                                                         Because it feels nicer than being alone
id treat u better if u let me

— The End —