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Ian Miranda Dec 2012
I dreamt I was an apple tree
sitting lonely on a hill
Waiting for someone to pass
and eat 'til they were filled

And finally that day did come
When a pretty girl had passed
Unfortunately that girl didn't even see
an apple on the grass

She gave me one small double-take
but didn't take a fruit
So as she walked away from me
I tripped her with my roots

"That stupid *****. Don't come back!"
I yelled to the stupid *****
She got back up, scraped and bruised
I didn't give a ****

And then a little boy arrived
A lollipop in his hand
I didn't ask him to drop the candy
I made it a command

The little boy ran away in tears
Why doesn't anyone want an apple?
Until I found an old lady walking
So instinct told me to grapple

I took the hag and opened her mouth
Grabbed an apple from a branch
Bound tightly in my rooted grip
She didn't have a chance

And all of a sudden a lumberjack came
wielding an iron axe
"I just want people to eat my apples!"
This guy didn't know the facts

But he swung away at my armored trunk
Until he hit the core
I heard a crack in my spine
but I couldn't say a word

And down I went tumbling
gracefully onto the ground
So graceful that when I hit the earth
No one heard a sound

And then the people came to me
catching apples in the air
Finally they noticed me
Finally they cared

And I awoke from this random dream
and looked up at the clock
It was still early so I went back to sleep
And dreamt I was a rock
Ian Miranda Nov 2012
I stared into her sea green eyes
and choked on the foam that raged up my throat
It tasted salty
like her kiss
It smelled fresh
like her crashing hugs
and I thought in that moment
that I had sipped too much of her gaze

When the water retreated
I inhaled
The air was sharp
It stripped the moisture from my tongue
made my skin rough
cracked free

And I ran back to her
like a tide
My bare feet blistered on the
scorched bed of grains
until the torrent
swallowed me with a ferocity
that snatched my lungs
wrapping its waves along the membrane

Insides burst
Fluids escaped
My vessel floated away

The torrent carried me
and rocked me to the sound
of sweet stasis sung unto the deep
Ian Miranda Nov 2012
I want to sip
the morning dew off
your body
Taste the honey
that collects on your goosebumps

I want to hear the raindrops
dangling from your skin
aching to roll
like a current
through your coral fingers

I want to trace
the sunlight
on your lips
that leave your warm kisses
on my neck

I want your nails licking my back
like hot steel
crashing against my frozen body

I want to run my fingers through
a curtain of your hair
Flowing freely in my palms
I want to drink the colour from it

I want to taste every word
through our kisses
And decypher
the secrets engraved on your tongue

I want to lift you up
with a single pinky finger
and encase you in hands
that feel like arms

I want to love you
like leaves carried in the wind
like the stars cradled in the sky
like your breath surging in my lungs
Ian Miranda Nov 2012
You taste like rain
your touch like fire
you breathe electricity
and I am the wire
Ian Miranda Nov 2012
Rubber erases
deep spaces
line traces
where her face is

Her smile cracked
lips smacked
eyes tacked
fade to black

turned dissection
forgot protection
late detection

She weeps
Because she hears it sleep
Fearing it may seep
the scars just as deep

Now she cries
sad lullabies
emotion unties...

Rubber erases
deep spaces
line traces
where her place is

Lost and torn
her heart out-worn
her body scorned
her mind forlorn

Rubber erases
deep spaces
line traces
where her base is

Rubber erases
deep spaces
line traces

Rubber erases
deep spaces

Rubber erases

Ian Miranda Nov 2012
I often find myself deep in the world of unknowns
of wind,
of fire,
of water

She exhales
sending static electricity waltzing through the air
as if the particles find some deeper attraction in her presence
Her fragrance
zests the cracks of empty space
Within a single whispered word,
my breath escapes me
in hopes that it may embrace
just the sound of her voice

Her heat fills up my spine
like a thermometer
and illuminates the heart
Fiery eyes burn hieroglyphics onto my lungs
Her touch gives me the fireflies
and in a frenzy they collide
igniting on impact
Their spilled embers
cast sillouetes on my eyelids
of our candle-lit dinners

Silk hair
pools against the bed sheets
Her lips would be the moon
to my tidal kiss
Frost nips at her imperfections
But she never freezes
for she changes feverishly
like bubbling water
If only transparent

Her forms cannot define her
She is mystic like the air
Spontaneous like a spinning flame
A kinesthetic ocean
and I’m good at drowning

— The End —