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  Jun 2014 Higgs
There was a Scots soldier, Bill Millin
The sound of his bagpipes was thrillin'
The Germans thought how sad-
The poor man's quite mad-
We'll not waste a bullet on him then
Limericks are usually light-hearted, this one not so much.
The tradition of going to war playing morale-boosting bagpipes was forbidden in the British army during the 1914-18 war as it tended to attract enemy fire. On June 6th 1944 however, Bill Millin was ordered to play the pipes on Sword beach as the D-day landings were in full swing.
He escaped injury because the German gunners, deciding he was completely bonkers, did not fire on him.  He died aged 88 a couple of years ago.
Higgs May 2014
When she first moved in with the popular girl,
She hoped they'd like her as well.
But the visitors all ignore her,
And her days are a lonely hell.
"Flore", by Paris Bordon. Many people walk past her each day, on their way to see the Mona Lisa.
Higgs Dec 2013
Separate at first,
They came together.

Moving slowly
In black and white
Cool as ice...

But then they began to run
And now
They bleed into one another.

Yet, despite all that has happened
(And the absence of pink),
White still resists the smears
Against orange.

All becomes clear
With the final revelation

Of true colours.
The final scene of "Reservoir Dogs".

I watched this movie again the other day. It's still one of my favourites.
Higgs Oct 2013
Unseen personalities
Who shared my younger days.
Hated by my parents,
Who hoped it was a phase.

From first thing in the morning,
Then after school, till late,
My friends were always there for me
At ninety five point eight.
A belated tribute to Capital Radio, which reached its fortieth birthday last week. During the 70s and 80s, my sisters and I were addicted to this station. We listened to various DJs over the years but I suppose our favourite would have to be the late, great, Kenny Everett. My parents, on the other hand, were not so keen and became increasingly exasperated at having to retune the kitchen radio back to Radio 4.
Higgs Sep 2013
I was driving to work,
Listening to the morning news.

Not much happening, that Monday.
September 10th, 2001.

But then it was reported
That over in Afghanistan
A man had been assassinated.

Ahmad Shah Massoud
A resistance leader
Fighting the Taliban.

I didn't know who he was.
I didn't know why he'd been killed.
I didn't know what it meant.


Around the world
Some people
Important people
Were getting very worried indeed.

And then
The following day

Nineteen men
Took their seats.
The assassination of Massoud was initially reported on the BBC as just another foreign news item.
Its true significance would not become clear until the events of the following day.
Higgs Sep 2013
The final checks have all been made
Of equipment and supplies.
But now the fateful time has come
For saying our goodbyes.

Your guides will help you reach the top,
So listen to what they say,
And always look out for others,
That you meet along the way.

As you set off on the first leg,
I hope that all goes well,
And I'll be waiting here for you,
When teacher rings the bell.
Master Higgs had his first day at school today.
He's back now.
I feel a mixture of pride, relief and emotional exhaustion!
Higgs Aug 2013
There's nothing wrong with enjoying a drink
With your friends
On a summer's day.

But frankly,
I think you've had enough.

And now
You're starting to make a fool of yourself.

Falling down,
Rolling around on the ground,
And when you finally get up
You haven't got a clue where you're going.

I was about to suggest
That you should go home.

But on second thoughts
I think it might be safer
If you sobered up first

Or you might end up
Lots of bees are enjoying the lavender in my garden. Some of them are a little bit worse for wear. I understand that such behaviour is not tolerated back at the hive and can even result in loss of limbs...
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