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vicky Oct 2017
You are my shoulder and soldier,
to live is to love you.
From you I gain happiness,
yet I experience sadness.

The rain reigns in my heart,
my sorrow is like an arrow struck in ny heart.
Hurt like a blade cut through,
I'm bleeded and wounded.

I expect too much to realize not,
you love me no more.
I became a starless night,
full of sorrow and emptiness.
vicky Oct 2017
I thought you knew the chaos that I'm in,
All of this time you got me wondering,
Have you not known that I know all your sin?
With all these thoughts you got me pondering.

Was naive, did not notice your mistakes,
Oh I was blind that I did not look,
We both know a small talk is all it takes,
But you still went over to your new hook.

I felt so bad I just kept feeling down,
My tears were falling with the gushing rain,
In all my thoughts and problems I could drown,
Little did the strength of my heart still reign.

I had the chance to express and speak up,
I told you all the things that you should hear,
Crying and could hardly speak with hiccup,
Decided and said I don't want you near.

My decision was truly regret-less,
Because now I live my life happily,
Without the man that made me feel worthless.
being in a toxic relationship is so stressing much more when he/she is adding up to ur problems. don't stay just because they say "it's okay he/she'll change". second chance is enough. speak what u feel

— The End —