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Henry Willson Nov 2014
In my thoughts of you,
There is an underlying love that is
present in every word, in every glimpse.
Even as my mind wonders in a daydream,
It is only YOU that I see...
Throughout the pressures of everyday life,
It is your love that keeps my heart buoyed,
You mush up my mind with your sweet aura,
You're beautiful, more wonderful in my eyes
Than you were before!
The deeper our love grows, the more I discover
a greater sense of beauty in you, about you, with you...
You're amazing and amazingly mine...
I love you
Henry Willson Nov 2014
I thought I knew the depth of love,
Till you came into my life,
What started as only but just a shake of your palm,
Left me overwhelmed by an aura I can't describe...

I thought I knew happiness, till our love grew,
Sharing the best laughter, a radiance that only us knew,
Hand in hand as we walked under a sky so blue,
Day after day, with a kiss, our Love we renewed...

I thought I knew karma, till I started breaking all the rules,
Never would a day pass without me lying to you,
Pursuing temporary pleasures, evading what was good,
Ignoring the possibility of ending up with life without you...

I thought I knew pain, till I looked in your eyes,
Haunted by the gaze that befell my eyes,
Then and only then did I realise,
I had known not how much you meant to me,
Till that moment you left my side...

— The End —