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Hello Haley Jul 2015
I tend to find poems that include the title a little cliché.
I have always felt that my Hope was in the next life.
But lately the scales been falling off of my wearily eyes.
Now that I seen just how personnel my Living Savior is.
I see now that my Hope is in this world as well as the next one.
So now my Joy is completed with him whom has rescue me.
Tears flow tears of Joy flood from my eyes in realization.
Now I know that you go before me to heal my wounds.
Sometimes its years before you do the next step of healing.
But none the less you did not forget about me Lord.
Hello Haley Jan 2015
If you told me to go home, I'd get lost looking for it.
If this house was ever taken from me, I'd never find another.
Home is where the heart is, and I've found mine in yours.
Hello Haley Jan 2015
Headlines in the newspapers of people killing with no motive.
People taking the lives of someone's children.
Someone's reason for breathing.
Someone's world.
But after we're done reading, we move on.
We laugh at the comics on the next page, then throw the paper in the trash.
But someone's still out there trying to pick up the broken pieces of the life a stranger shattered.
Even though the paper's in the trash, life goes on.
Pain and darkness will still be forever present in this world we call home.
Hello Haley Jan 2014
Just a blank page I'm staring at.
Just a blank page.
I wonder what it can do once the words come out.
What will it do?
Can you relate to the feeling?
As the thoughts keep reeling.
It's just a blank page you're looking at.
But think...
How else do all masterpieces start?
Hello Haley Jan 2014
How can you fight a war so blindly?
Only to open your eyes to the destruction you've caused.
You know what you did was wrong.
But your words say otherwise.
You don't know how to fix it,
But you won't ask for help.
So you sit in misery with a smile on your face
Waiting for someone to see the pain in your eyes.
Hello Haley Dec 2013
Love is patient
Love is kind
Love is the feeling that makes you blind

Love is beautiful
Love is unique
Love is something that will make you bleed

So guard your heart
Let it love slow
Because your heart can't take too harsh of a blow
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