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I need more friends
I need more of a life
I need to be less of a loser
I'm trying to be here
I'm trying to be there
He's always there
He's always here
I need less of him
And more of me
I remember the first time I saw us together...
Physically saw us together.
It was in your bathroom mirror the first time I went to your house.
I was wearing your shirt
And you were wearing mine.
And I thought we looked like the biggest mix match couple ever.
Like people would wonder how we got together.
2 years later and I love every single picture
Of us together.
Every single time it makes me so happy.
Just looking at the pictures of us.
Remebering how in love with you I am.
Knowing how far we've come.
Its so beautiful.
We are the most adorable couple.
We try the hardest.
Not only are we making things work
We're loving each other while doing it.
I wouldn't want to make it work with anyone else but you.
Because I'm so in love
With you yelling "wake up it's morning"
And you saying hellooooo when you call me and it eventually escalating to "haaarrrooo"
I'm so in love with the smiles you keep adorned on my face in your presence
The laughs that flow out of me when I'm with you
When your a complete and utter dork and all I can think about when I look at you
Is how lucky I am
How in love with you I am
And how I could never be with anyone else.
I can hear myself getting more and more annoying
Because the only thing I speak about
Is him.
I can see the people I talk to getting tired of hearing about him.
See the exhaustion on their faces as I go on and on about this man I claim to be so in love with.
And I can't stop myself.
Not for one second.
Because if I stop myself
Maybe the spell will break.
Maybe I only love him theoretically.
Maybe my love for him is contingent on being able to talk about him.
Maybe if I stop talking about him every second of the day
I will cease to love him
And then I will have nothing.
Nothing to talk about.
No one to be with.
And that's so absurd.
Because I love him.
I love him with all my being...
But here I am.
Still talking about him
Because I'm too scared to find out if I'm right.
I just wanna lay next to you
Hold you in my arms
Bury my face in your body
And cry.
Cry myself to sleep.
I don't know how we got here
Or where we're going
But I just want to stay next to you forever
In the warmth of your embrace
Where it's safe.
No one else's arms will do
Because I don't like them
I love you.
I don't regret
Saying I love you
I don't regret
Ever loving you
I don't regret
Meeting you
And I don't regret
Letting you in to my heart

I regret
Not saying I love you more
Not kissing you every chance I got
Being a ***** over stupid things that didn't matter
And always finding a way to make you think I was insane.

You made me who I am today
A better, more patient and understanding person who actually tried.

You let me be myself
You let me fall in love
Even though that's not what you wanted.
You let me explore a wild side of me I can't put back
You were my favorite hello
And my absolute worst goodbye.
And the only thing I want
Is to hug you one last time
To kiss you one last time
To hear your voice one last time
See your face
See your smile
It was always so easy with us.
You made it so easy to fall in love with you.
And now I've lost my best friend.
We can't always get what we want.
I love you now
Right now
Right now you're broke
You need allot of help
You're in a bad place
You need me
And I love you.
I'll love you in the future
When we're living together
When we have stable jobs
Good cars
And can afford rent without killing ourselves with jobs.
I'll love you when we have our first child
Boy or girl
I don't mind
As long as it's ours.
I'll love you when we grow older
When your hair starts to turn gray
And wrinkles start to appear
I'll love you when you need a cane to walk
When you get some heart disease from all the sandwiches you eat now
And when you need help just to go to the bathroom.
I'll love you through it all
When it's hard
When it's easy
We'll always get through it
Because even when it's a million degree outside,
I'll still be wearing your sweater you gave to me.
Because even on a happy day,
I cry myself to sleep because you weren't apart of it.
Because even when I'm talking to people all day,
If they aren't you, I'm not happy.
Because I'm in love with you...
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