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Feb 2013 · 747
What's happening?
HannaMaria Feb 2013
I'm so confused babe?
You said you loved me?
Arn't you puddy in my hands?
You want to be together babe, but you only text
I don't like that
I want something real
Something worth holding on too
Can you do that?
Is that too much to ask?
Feb 2013 · 821
HannaMaria Feb 2013
Romance fills the air
Sweet treats are exchanged
With cards and flowers
Couples holding hands,
Pationitly kissing
Secret admirers
Then in the mixture of all this
I'm single, standing alone.
Feb 2013 · 625
There's this boy…
HannaMaria Feb 2013
There's this boy...
He's not what you'd expect from me
There's this boy…
He's tall and rough
There's this boy…
He jokes around and acts silly
There's this boy…
I can tell him anything
There's this boy…
Who's my bestfriend
There's this boy…
And his names David
Feb 2013 · 586
Falling through my fingers
HannaMaria Feb 2013
Life is a delicate thing
It can be destroyed in an instant
Mine is being destroyed
Crumbling at my feet
Normally I would fight back
But now I'm done
I can't fight, I'm sick if it
I wish it would just end
Here and now
Then I wouldn't have to watch
As my world is crumbling around me
Jan 2013 · 618
Who needs school?
HannaMaria Jan 2013
Tired of this thing called school
Tired of the talk
Tired of the looks
Tired of the whole stinking thing
I wish it would end
I could be a hobo
Living off the garbage
Unfortirntly society doesn't agree
Jan 2013 · 766
HannaMaria Jan 2013
Happy as can be
My heart is two sizes two big
I'm in a great mood
I love being with my friends
I love being happy
I'm overjoyed
Overly happy today!!
HannaMaria Jan 2013
"Today while the blossoms still cling to the vine, I'll taste your strawberries, I'll drink your sweet wine"
    How come life can't be that elegant
With the one you love
Humming tunes of romance
Wasteing the day away
"A million tomorrows will all fade away, there I forgot all the joy that was mine today..."
     Memories of joy and delight
Dangling on a chain
Taunting us with our wildest dreams
Calling for us to dream about
I love this song. "Today" it's so beautiful
Jan 2013 · 450
His problem
HannaMaria Jan 2013
You and me
Me and you
Yuck I don't like those words
You have been such an *** lately
You think oh she won't be mad
"She's head over heels"
No more I say, no more
You are on a fine line now
That you will for sure fall off
I think your done
You have no more chances
First there was 2, then 3
Now 10……
You arn't going to control this
You can't decide when I'm part of you
Part of this…part of us
Tonight I'm ending…this…thing
What is his problem?
HannaMaria Jan 2013
You were my boyfriend now you're hers
She's my best friend
You're my ex
That's not a good mix
"Are we dating yet?" I saw you say
Ohho, that did ruin my day
I'm happy for you two, I really am
But yuck, my friend I think this boy is icky
He is sweet at first, .....but......
He will turn into the monster inside all
The one that's on your head, teasing and taunting
Reminding you of every weird detail
Every flaw and insecurity
But girl I'm happy for you I am
"I say though a fake smile"
Sorry it's so long, I had to get out my feelings bottled inside. My ex and my best friend are getting cozy. It's a lil too much to handle
Jan 2013 · 694
365 days
HannaMaria Jan 2013
365 days
It's the new year
Time to "start freash"
Try and "fix" the broken holes
We're do I begin
With him, or them, or that
Congratulations to me I made it
365 more days till I sing that again
Happy New Years all!!! How you have a great night/day!
Dec 2012 · 456
Baby no
HannaMaria Dec 2012
Awe baby no
We broke up
I thought you'd find another girl
Right away
No no no no
You want me back
"Beautiful" is what you say
Don't get hooked
I'm not worth it
You ask again and again
For me to be your's once again
We arn't right for eachother
Your a skater boy
Baby your not right
Dec 2012 · 529
I thought
HannaMaria Dec 2012
"One big happy family I thought"
Oh no no, that was me,
Comforting myself
Trying to pretend it was okay
What is wrong with you?
I am not a hoodlum
I do not go out to "rub elbows"
I thought these days were the past
I thought I could stop worrying
Correction they were forgot about…
For a short while, we'll their back now
"One big happy family I thought "
"One big happy family"
Dec 2012 · 2.2k
HannaMaria Dec 2012
The flu
Takes over my body
Turns me into a zombie
The beastly side comes out
I shiver and sweat
My bipolar body
With restless nights  keeping me away
I'm sick!:(
Dec 2012 · 852
Walk away
HannaMaria Dec 2012
It wasn't magical
I wanted those couple weeks to be fun
Enchanting, mermerable, and exciting.
You turned out to be none of those
That's okay, I suspected that
I didn't put my heart into it
So I would walk away,
Without a tear shed
No regrets
Boys are confusing sometimes, but I myself am impossible to penetrate
Dec 2012 · 602
HannaMaria Dec 2012
Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray
20 young live have been lost
Two weeks before Christmas
What has the world come to?
Millions of hearts have been broken
20 families hearts have been shattered
We must all pray for this tragedy

Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray
Dec 2012 · 419
Today, today...
HannaMaria Dec 2012
Today, today...
What a day it is..
12/12/ should be magical
Shouldn't it? Filled with dreams coming true
Smiles huge and bright
Today, today...
What a day it is..
Wanting my wildest dreams to come true
Wanting everything to be perfect
Of coarse today is just a day
Any other 1 of the 365 days
One day out of the whole year
And it should be magical
My note is, I hope your wildest dream come true
Dec 2012 · 831
Let go…?
HannaMaria Dec 2012
Just one day
Just one day I say
I take a breathe in
I blow it back out
I cannot fret over one day
I cannot
Count on me to doubt

People wonder why I'm crabby
Maybe because my mind is full
On the point of brimming over
I cannot describe the pull you have on me
It's strong and breaking

Maybe it's time to let go
Let you take care of yourself
We both know you can't
……Maybe it's time to let go……

Haha  oh I am funny arn't I?
Letting you go?
Then we would both cry
Letting you go...
And you just may die....
Really long, sad
Dec 2012 · 505
HannaMaria Dec 2012
"Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever."

-Walt Disney
I wanted to share this because it makes me smile. Thought everyone might enjoy it.
Dec 2012 · 549
That close
HannaMaria Dec 2012
I was this close
This close, to coming home to a funeral
This close to not seeing you again..… EVER  .. What the heck...I leave for six days
Six days… and  I come back.… to hear
You overdosed and were knocked out for two days
Two days...three and you woulda been dead
Two days...I can't take this... You're unstable,
Scary, unpredictable, hurt, depressed, and dieing    
This close
This close……
Kinda different
Nov 2012 · 984
Why..? Why..?
HannaMaria Nov 2012
It doesn't end
It gets deeper and deeper
Bigger and bigger
Harder and harder
Scarier and scarier
To deal with you
The pain destroys the memories you say
It helps me forget
  WHAT do I do with you?
The limelight makes it worse
But for all I know tomorrow could be your funereal
There goes your life...forever
Your are a 14 year old boy
Life hasn't showered you with it's fruits
It's to hard to handle you say
What if I killed myself right now?
   Do you want me to help?
I can't rebound as well as last time..
   Your suicidal thoughts keep me up
I wake up on the floor, when the bed was my starting point
I have a sleeping disorder all because of you
It started the day...the day your arm bled the sticky velvety red substance blood
My friends scared of my sleeping disorder
Do you know how bad it's gotten?
Do you know I cry in my sleep?
I can't rebound again..this is too much
You can talk to me
I don't bite...anymore
I used to hold on to hope
But darlin I can't do it…anymore
Sorry this is EXTREMELY LONG. I've been going through some very rough things lately. Please show this to everyone your following..this is what happens to the witnesses of suicidal victims
Nov 2012 · 608
Boom ba boom
HannaMaria Nov 2012
Boom ba boom
The sounds of the stereo
  Boom ba boom
Leads me in the right direction to go
  Boom ba boom
Across the floor
One two three four
  Step step stomp
  Step step stomp
Concrete hard under my feet
The familiar sounds of the street
  Boom ba boom
  Boom ba boom
Nov 2012 · 1.1k
Do you realize?
HannaMaria Nov 2012
You may not realize
But I am more then silence
I'm strong, independent, loud, scared
I am more then shy
Through your eyes you see who you want me to be
Through others they see the real me
I wish you could understand
That I'm not under your upper hand
I have my own life
But this is what you don't realize
Nov 2012 · 453
1,000 miles
HannaMaria Nov 2012
Baby we live 1,000 miles away
You got hooked didn't you
I always knew the we would come to this day
The wind blew through

We started new lives
Fell gradually apart
Baby we have new lives
I'm not sure if we should even start
Baby I love you, but were so far awat
Nov 2012 · 542
HannaMaria Nov 2012
You said you loved me
Asked me to the dance
And then ignored me

Is this a trick dear?
To make me look stupid
I though you loved me dear?

You danced with me
Also with other girls
Why are you confusing me

Is this a trick dear?
To make me look stupid
I thought you loved me dear?
I'm confused
Nov 2012 · 1.1k
Princess and the prince
HannaMaria Nov 2012
Just call her beautiful
Sing to her
Kiss her forehead
Romance her

How she should be treated everyday
Make her your princess
Show her your love
Your're her Prince Charming
Don't turn into a toad

Dance around the room
Dress her up for the ball
Find her heart
You took it away
You are the glass slipper
For eternity
I really don't like this poem, but I do at the same time.
Nov 2012 · 1.2k
Bitter sweet simphony
HannaMaria Nov 2012
Sweeping over the land and sky
     Winter is coming
A blanket of dark shadows upon us
     Winter is coming
Snow falling and melting on the still warm ground
      Winter is coming
Smothering the sound
       Winter is coming
Bring influenzas to humanity
        Winter is coming
Snow clouds are covering and blanketing the sky in darkness. Also on a side note, thank you very much for liking my poem and giving me positive feed back. It's most appreciated. Thank you all, very much!! Good day and goodnight to you all!!
Oct 2012 · 613
Foggier then I remember
HannaMaria Oct 2012
You don't know what your doing
    I don't know what your doing
I love you, but your changing
     We no longer see eye to eye
Your thoughts are foggy and unclear
     Please bring back the one I know
I'm not willing to accept a new you
     Alcohol isn't the way to go
It's turning you into a forbidden monster
    If I could I would let you go
But I can't....because your my family
Had a bad night please, please, please, you know how you are. Come back to me with the real you
Oct 2012 · 730
Best friends
HannaMaria Oct 2012
We laugh
We sing
We cry

That's what best friends do
We're one of a kind together
You take away the tears shed
Over countless boys and drama
And replace them with tears of joy
Stinging our throat as we laugh
We laugh our heart out

We sing as if the world was our shower
We dance as if the would is our stage
We laugh as if we saw jay Leno and jimmy kimmel
We cry as if the world is our pool
Oct 2012 · 639
Oh river
HannaMaria Oct 2012
Swollen, huge , and extraordinary
You swallow up the banks around you
Flooding over the sides
It's such an amazing scene
Sheets of rain coming down
Filling, filling, filling you up
Oh don't flood
Don't come up to the egdes of society
River your natures magnificent wonder
Oct 2012 · 949
Floating, sinking, drowning
HannaMaria Oct 2012
I threw it away
Falling to the ground
On treaded waters
Falling slowly slowly sinking
to the murky undergrowth
I should have stopped and thought
I didn't
I sank down down down
with my decisions
At first I felt bad
Then good
The terrible
Sinking completely
Letting out my last breath of air
Using it on lesser importance
And there's nothing to do
I'm drowning drowning gone
Everything's dark and I no longer feel
I'm dead I sank with my decisions
If i were still here I would stop and say
I'm sorry
Oct 2012 · 400
HannaMaria Oct 2012
You make me smile, I melt when your around
I feel comfortable, and warm
Sometimes I wish you would stay
Life doesn't work like that though
Haha I'm in a funky mood I just am melting like butting in the sun
Oct 2012 · 412
Gone with my heart
HannaMaria Oct 2012
My heart is split and confused
I don't know who to trust and love
Should I pick none or one?
They both have a place in my heart.
HannaMaria Oct 2012
My mother taught me purple
Although she never wore it.
Wash-grey was her circle,
The tenement her orbit.

My mother taught me golden
And held me up to see it,
Above the broken moldings,
Beyond the filthy street.

My mother reached for beauty
And for its lack she died,
Who knew so much of duty
She could not teach me pride.
My favorite it poem of all time. By Evelyn Taught me purple
HannaMaria Oct 2012
The seasons change 
Leaves change 
And people change 
The seasons go from hot to cold
Leaves go from green to gold 
People go from nice to mean
All in the blink of an eye
You miss the season when it's gone
You miss the leaves when there gone 
You miss the people when there gone
Oct 2012 · 1.2k
Three colors of life
HannaMaria Oct 2012
The stop light goes green yellow red, green yellow red.
It's like life. Go pause stop, go pause stop
Green and go green and go. 
Oh how life rides a road 
Green for go green for go
Click click click like a code
Yellow and pause yellow and pause
Life is an obstacle
Yellow for pause yellow for pause
Take time to smell the rose
Red and stop red and stop
Life is treacherous
Red for stop red for stop
Sometimes we need someone to catch us 
The stop light will always go green yellow red, green yellow red
And life will always go go pause stop, go pause stop 
But I will always be there to go pause and stop at and stop light for you

— The End —