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HannaMaria Feb 2013
I'm so confused babe?
You said you loved me?
Arn't you puddy in my hands?
You want to be together babe, but you only text
I don't like that
I want something real
Something worth holding on too
Can you do that?
Is that too much to ask?
HannaMaria Feb 2013
Romance fills the air
Sweet treats are exchanged
With cards and flowers
Couples holding hands,
Pationitly kissing
Secret admirers
Then in the mixture of all this
I'm single, standing alone.
HannaMaria Feb 2013
There's this boy...
He's not what you'd expect from me
There's this boy…
He's tall and rough
There's this boy…
He jokes around and acts silly
There's this boy…
I can tell him anything
There's this boy…
Who's my bestfriend
There's this boy…
And his names David
HannaMaria Feb 2013
Life is a delicate thing
It can be destroyed in an instant
Mine is being destroyed
Crumbling at my feet
Normally I would fight back
But now I'm done
I can't fight, I'm sick if it
I wish it would just end
Here and now
Then I wouldn't have to watch
As my world is crumbling around me
HannaMaria Jan 2013
Tired of this thing called school
Tired of the talk
Tired of the looks
Tired of the whole stinking thing
I wish it would end
I could be a hobo
Living off the garbage
Unfortirntly society doesn't agree
HannaMaria Jan 2013
Happy as can be
My heart is two sizes two big
I'm in a great mood
I love being with my friends
I love being happy
I'm overjoyed
Overly happy today!!
HannaMaria Jan 2013
"Today while the blossoms still cling to the vine, I'll taste your strawberries, I'll drink your sweet wine"
    How come life can't be that elegant
With the one you love
Humming tunes of romance
Wasteing the day away
"A million tomorrows will all fade away, there I forgot all the joy that was mine today..."
     Memories of joy and delight
Dangling on a chain
Taunting us with our wildest dreams
Calling for us to dream about
I love this song. "Today" it's so beautiful
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