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Hannah Adair Sep 2017
I'll give you everything,
until I become nothing-
only a shadow.

                                                               ­              the former winces
                                                          ­                   the tip-toeing, and the
                                                             ­                platitudes, loathsome.

Waiting with baited-
breath. For different results
than the binary.

                                                        ­                     no expectations.
                                                                ­             that's what you like
                                                                ­             about it.
                                                                ­             none of the drama.

the answer is always null.
Just like me to you.

                                                           ­                   *in all honesty,
                                                        ­                      I can't apologize for
                                                                ­              being the real me.
Hannah Adair Jul 2017
Circle back to me.
Check in, check out-
I guess-
we’re ok today.

My heart and mind know
what I am waiting for, but
something is missing.

We’re on separate
pages, and maybe even
on separate books.

You want to love me;
To build, to grow, to learn, and
all the things between.

But I’m in peril.
Floating between right and wrong.
The good and evil.

And I’m not sure that,
the girl you fell in love with
exists anymore.
Hannah Adair Sep 2015
The love of my life.
My person who is supposed
to be here with me.  

Is not.

My person cannot  
see past our history.
We'll always be more.

Than friends.
Hannah Adair Dec 2014
Sometimes I wonder if you like me or if-
You just like the idea. The concept.
Seeing me is like seeing yourself, looking in a mirror.
How do I know that you love me, and not the concept.
You’re projecting.
It’s all conceptual.

If imperfect people create perfect love, then what are we?
If imperfections make you beautiful, did I become grotesque?

If the concept is more alluring than the truth, then is it a lie?
If the concept is better than me, then maybe I’ll never be your lover.
Hannah Adair Dec 2014
Why do I doubt someone who has given me no reason to mistrust them.
It must be because of You.
The past that swiftly winds around my chest until I suffocate, and leaves me gasping and clawing for air.
The past that immobilizes me when the situation is even slightly re-enacted.
The past that tells me I am not worthy to be loved so well and unconditionally.
The past that snakes into my mind and creates unheeded jealousy.
Hannah Adair Sep 2014
I would take the last
metro every night, if that
meant I would see you.*

Je voudrais prendre
Le dernier métro, si
Je pourrais te voir.

Je ne sais pas ce
Qu’est l’amour. Je tiens à
le trouver avec tu.

Je suis cassée. Et
je ne suis pas aussi fort,
qu’elle semble ou crois.

Toutes mes journées-
elles terminent et commencent
seulement avec tu.  

Je prendrais le pré-
mier métro, si je pouvais
rester avec tu.
Hannah Adair Jun 2014
I am a shadow;
Cast only in the presence
Of your mar'ked dark.
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