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Haley Smith May 2016
If it all ends
there's no turning back
no new starts
only broken hearts
and tight lipped locks
shattered hopes and empty trust
loving you turned out to be a bust

broken stars and shattered skies
all you said were fat ** lies
shouldn't have let my walls down
but it's too late now
I'll move
someday, somehow
I know it'll hurt to see you around

and I know my heart will fall to the ground
I'll pick it right up
and dust it back off
and move forward to forget that loss
I shed tears over you back then
to do so now would take me to way back when
I don't love you now like I did back then

so here's my farewell
and see you again
I loved you while it lasted
but its way past the end
Haley Smith May 2016
Joyous glee comes from your mouth
every single time you laugh
can't help but smile when you look at me
I'm a fool in love *** can't you see

everyday I see your face
it makes my heart pick up its' pace
I love how you're you and no one else
you play your games and give manly shouts

you melt my heart down into goo
I hope this felling will be the start of something new
I saw you once and that was all I needed
then my heart started rapidly beating

you don't know what you've done to me
why would you, you don't see
I'm afraid to tell you how I feel
you might not feel the attraction is real

I've been hurt so bad it's scary
I hope saying this doesn't make you weary
so here I am telling you how I feel
maybe you feel it too and we can make a relationship real
Haley Smith Apr 2016
The day you smiled was the day I fell
fell so hard I couldn't even tell
talking about anything an everything in between
talking 'bout you
talking 'bout me

I wanna be the girl you notice for more than a day
the girl you'll remember after May
the girl you'll hopefully want to stay
a bright memory among the existing
your summer fun
your only one

if only for a day
I'll get you to stay
you take my heart
and I'll steal yours away
promise to come
and to never leave

our summer love will never fade
but always grow
ingrained on my soul is what you are my own beautiful Northern Star
you lead me to myself, the truth inside
and bring out all the secrets I want to hide
Haley Smith Mar 2016
Waiting for all the cards to come tumbling down
burying me alive
I'm falling now
falling for your lies
and everything between
sour cries for freedom
I want to feel that deep connection
something stirring inside of me
only when you're near
always a fleeting emotion
you were the one to sweep me off my feet
the one I held so high
my light to my life
but it was all a lie
dwindling to dust
it was a strong lust
nothing more
nothing less
I gave you my very best
you struck me down
and you struck me hard
permanently engraved on my soul
is the heartache you put there
nowhere to go
but stay and fester
a growing rage
a growing mistrust
empty casings is now all I am
Haley Smith Mar 2016
Lead me
lead me
into your open arms

Lead me
lead me
until my heart's not broken no more

Lead me home
weakness and all
beating is my heart
beating is my soul
emptiness consumes me
eating up my insides
eating away the truth

Lead me
lead me
away from here

Lead me
lead me
out of darkness and into light

Lead me into the oblivion sunsets
set my heart aflame
filled to the brink with trust
you got close to me and broke my walls down
the first in the task of many
don't want to hide anymore
I am to take the chance I can now
Haley Smith Mar 2016
tiny fragments chip off my soul
spiraling into oblivion
How much hate has corrupted my soul?
How much of your love can make me whole?
sending me crashing to my knees
eating up my shriveled heart
which turns to dust
craving your love
craving your warmth
getting your hate
your cruelty
your lies
opening up to someone so lost
ending up paying the painful cost
I lost my trust
I lost my love
maybe if I knew I didn't love you
it would've ended well
invisible chains held me to you
scarring my soul
my mind too
burying me deep inside
my walls stay up
not one comes down
no matter how hard you or I pound
Haley Smith Mar 2016
Soft little hearts
so fragile
so fare
take hold of mine with gentle care
hold it as an artist would a brush
cherish it with all your heart before it's lost
gaining my heart is a high price to pay
opening me up., too
and getting me to stay
I want you to hold my heart
and love it with all you are
and let me know every once in a while I'm your shining star
I don't want the world
or anything between it
I want you
and I want you to see it
I have a hard time with showing how I feel
but hopefully this will show you what's true and real
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