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 Jan 2022 Just Grace
the cheer of lemon petals
radiates from cerise centers
and floats on summer breezes
that carry meadowlark melodies;
music written by the soul of nature
for the open hearts that hear her love
 Jan 2022 Just Grace
 Jan 2022 Just Grace
euthanized epiphanies
fluttering vacant thoughts
hope's expectation
breaks on waterfall rocks
creation of oblivion
averted sideways glance
stares of isolation
all is happenstance
 Mar 2021 Just Grace
known from history to history
and named in every age
the muse our of imagination
circles above the darkened stage

firmly held by winter's grasp
but heralding the birth of spring
starlit hope shines from afar
breathing life into eternal dreams
watching orion shine
through the moonlight
wondering how many times
these timeless star-shapes
have been named
 Mar 2021 Just Grace
the golden age will start
when children of the father
and children of the mother
join hands in the realization
that they are sister and brother
all living lives of loving each other

and in seeing the beauty in all
ignorance and judgment will fall

and so let it begin
and let it begin with me
 Feb 2021 Just Grace
Kim Denise
It's 11:11
and for the first time
after a very long time
I'm wishing for myself
and not for you
 Feb 2021 Just Grace
 Feb 2021 Just Grace
I am sitting in the rain,
Awaiting the bus.

I want to go home.

But I am sitting in the rain,
Awaiting the bus.

The bus is here, but I don't want to get on.

So I am standing in the rain,
Considering the bus.

The driver opens the door, waiting for me to enter.

And I stay standing in the rain,
Eyeballing the bus.

"Ready to go?" I shake my head, but enter anyway.

I am sitting on the bus,
staring at the rain.
i still dont like the bus.
I had a secret, i tried to hide
Which i kept hidden, deep inside
But nothing changed, inside my head
Just my physicality, has a different thread
And one thing, that will never part
Is my love for you, deep in my heart
From the day i held you, when you were born
And every day since, from the break of dawn
Although some aspects of life, have taken their toll
I love you, from the depth of my soul
by Jemia
I embrace you in all your goodness.
I embrace your spirit, the breath of freshness.
I embrace you the creative force in the universe and in me.
I embrace you in all your humanity that I love,
in my humanity I love.
I am waking up to you in my day dreams
where figments of you
sneak into my psyche.
If I but take a moment to laze, to relax
and give the slightest effort
to place myself in your presence
you creep up into me
and even in a shallow breath you enliven my lungs.
You are here in the slow cool breath of winter,
hardly seen in the young tallow trees
whose hearts are just barely moved
but even in what cannot be called a flutter
they shrug the change of the seasons
as if to say to you:
we are here, ready to be transformed.
 Jan 2021 Just Grace
she reaches my heart
as she sings her song of light
restoring night-withered spirits
with dawn’s melodious sight
the earth's love is apparent
on mornings like this

and on mornings like this
i am reminded
how proud i am
to be her son
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