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Gracie Ghost May 2012
Step back, sweetheart, and have no fear
I know what I’m doing here
Take my hand now, there’s no need to scream
I’ll spin you a beautiful dream
I’ll pull you into this world of mine
Each of my words is a road sign
I can show you the beauty in everything
I can show you why the caged bird sings
Nothing ever can compare
To the taste of my own air
I’ll let you feel and taste and see
The world to which I alone hold the key
Just let me take you far away
From the darkness of today
Come with me and you can know
The wonder with which my eyes glow
I’ll paint each letter with my tongue
Inside your mind to keep us young
I’ll do for you what no one can
For I know when your sadness began
I’ll whisper away your misery
I understand your internal sea
I’ve risked all I have by asking you please
Come see the world inside of me

What do I have to offer you?
Words deeper than the ocean blue.
Gracie Ghost May 2012
Your eyes are like oceans

And windows and trees

I just sit still

held fast by your breeze

More than anything,

as the waves come and go

the tides of your eyes

I wish to know.

But I am tied down by

ghosts and ink

and people who know more

(that’s what they think)

I hate how we live

all bound by our world

For when I’m with you

My wings are unfurled

So take me away

with your storms set me free

take me away

to your eyes of the sea
Gracie Ghost May 2012
There is a rhythm

That only we hear

Our slumbering hearts

Awakened by ear

Less heard then felt

Like a gathering storm

Almost tangible

A thunderous form

Not skin but bones

It pounds through your core

Our sonic souls

Each the other’s door
Gracie Ghost May 2012
I am the Queen of Broken Things

Of lost causes and tarnished rings.

Your glittering world and all its expense,

Is held fast by my rusted fence.

When all the birds have gone but one,

Every piece captured, save a single pawn,

Think of me and my lonely wings.

I am the Queen of Broken Things.
Gracie Ghost May 2012
Droplets of blood glisten
Like rubies in the snow.
I cannot lose her
That’s the only thing I know

Every time I close my eyes
I see her shocked face
Looking up at me
From that blood-soaked place

What really terrified me
Was seeing my hero there
Covered in blood and crying
Fear tangled in her hair

Guilt drags me down, down
Like an anchor at sea
All of this is my fault
I made her come with me

We left red marks on each other
Holding hands to lessen the pain
Those surface marks have faded
But deeper imprints will remain
Gracie Ghost May 2012
There was a girl who walked

Down the trail

Every day with a boy.

This boy, he knew her

Like no one else could

And like no one else would.

This boy, he knew all her flaws,

All the suffering and darkness

That was her heart.

He knew the looming loss.

But he also knew her sunshine,

And so he walked with her.

Some days, she just couldn’t

Keep up the façade.

She pressed her face

Into his shoulder and cried,

“I don’t want to be lonely anymore.

I don’t want to be broken anymore.”

He didn’t try to fix her,

Because he knew

People are not fixable.

And anyways,

He loved her darkness

Just as he loved her light.

So, on they walked.

And she remained broken.

But her loneliness is starting to fade,

Because right now,

He is placing his hand into hers,

And pressing his lips to her ear

And he is whispering,

“You are broken,

But I love your scars.

You are lonely.

Let me fill your heart.”

And she let him.

And they walked on.
Gracie Ghost May 2012
You and I,

let’s not say a word.

I want your raw emotions,

Untarnished by

These letters

That millions have already used.

Do not cage yourself

In words.

Speak to me

With your eyes

And with your hands,

And in the silence

I’ll know what you mean.

Because I can feel,

By the way you look at me,

By the way your fingers

Paint thoughts

across my skin,

I can feel you.

And in the end,

That is all there is to feel.

You and I,

We never needed words

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