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May 2012
There was a girl who walked

Down the trail

Every day with a boy.

This boy, he knew her

Like no one else could

And like no one else would.

This boy, he knew all her flaws,

All the suffering and darkness

That was her heart.

He knew the looming loss.

But he also knew her sunshine,

And so he walked with her.

Some days, she just couldn’t

Keep up the façade.

She pressed her face

Into his shoulder and cried,

“I don’t want to be lonely anymore.

I don’t want to be broken anymore.”

He didn’t try to fix her,

Because he knew

People are not fixable.

And anyways,

He loved her darkness

Just as he loved her light.

So, on they walked.

And she remained broken.

But her loneliness is starting to fade,

Because right now,

He is placing his hand into hers,

And pressing his lips to her ear

And he is whispering,

“You are broken,

But I love your scars.

You are lonely.

Let me fill your heart.”

And she let him.

And they walked on.
Gracie Ghost
Written by
Gracie Ghost
   Rabab Khan
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