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Gracie Ghost May 2012
It’s really late
and I’m very tired
but I can’t sleep
because of this stinging emptiness
I don’t want to feel alone anymore
I know that I’m not really alone,
I just feel like it a lot I guess
Like how sometimes you feel dead
Even though you’re still breathing
(I know how you get like that)
And I just need someone to hold me
And keep the biting words at bay
The words from my own mind that
Attack me every day
Can someone please just hold me
Please just show me I’m loved
I just want to feel needed
I need so many people
None of whom need me
No one needs me
No one needs me
No one needs me

(This is why I shouldn’t be
left alone late at night)
Gracie Ghost May 2012
Ghosts never change
But I am different
With every breath I take
I feel like if I slowed down
If the whole world slowed down
If you made the world slow down
I could feel again
I could shake this numb
That’s drowning me
In this fast paced world
Maybe then I would feel
I wouldn’t have to change
I could sit all day
With you
And just let myself feel
I wouldn’t have to lock
All of this inside
And maybe if I deal with it
Deal with all my feelings
Instead of drowning them
Before they drown me
Maybe I could feel
I wouldn’t have to pretend
I wouldn’t have to change
Not for anyone
Not ever

Ghosts never change
I want to be a ghost
Gracie Ghost May 2012
I like the feeling of your strong hands
And the way you bite your lip when we dance
And how, with each other, we’ve taken a chance

I like the sound of your voice late at night
And how you’re happiest when you write
Well I’ve been high, but this is a new height

I like the songs you spin for me
And how you sing them slightly off-key
I like how we talk so effortlessly

I like how fast I’m falling for you
And I’m a little scared; this is new
But I’ve always loved high speeds, to be true

And It’s kind of hard for me to believe
That you are (and this is) happening to me
But I like how we fit so perfectly
Gracie Ghost May 2012
Same eyes
That’s what I notice
We have the same eyes
Green-ringed chocolate
Reminds me of
The low timbre of his voice
Glides over words like
Falling rain
And every word he says
Is more beautiful
Than every song
You’ve ever heard
He is a master
Of words
Words are
I know because
I use words like weapons
As does he
But his voice is strong
And soft
And my voice
Sounds like ice
Against his soft rain
Yet even if he leaves me
With nothing but pain
He has still given me
More than anyone could
From him
I learned words
Words are power

Same eyes
Same words
We are more alike
Than I thought
Gracie Ghost May 2012
gracie, gracie
is a ghost
of the people
she loves the most

gracie, gracie
her soul shakes
with every single
breath she takes

gracie, gracie
hides her true face
when she dies
won’t leave a trace

gracie, gracie
stuck in her mind
trapped forever
left behind

gracie, gracie
all alone
talking away
at the phone

gracie, gracie
thought she was screaming
turns out she was
only dreaming

gracie, gracie
torn apart
now all she’s got
is a broken heart

gracie, gracie
loved you the most
but now she is
barely a ghost

gracie, gracie
you let her go
so she faded away
faded slow
Gracie Ghost May 2012
I am a tourist
In the waking world
My only home
Is in my dreams
I only feel grounded
When you kiss me
In the quietly blissful
World of sleep
For once, I feel
Belonging, connecition
I feel at home
While I sleep
But when I wake
(And unfortunately,
I always do)
Reality returns
And I forever remain
a tourist.
Gracie Ghost May 2012
I’ve been stumbling through the weeks,
Moving slowly as I can,
Wasting all my time until
I get to see you again.

I think that I’m crazy for
Randomly throughout the day,
Thoughts of you drift through my head
And then in my head they stay.

My heart’s a rollercoaster
And my head’s a battle field
My head won’t take stupid risks
But my stubborn heart won’t yield

What I know for certain is
You have got my heart entwined
And this tortures me so, but
In truth, I don’t really mind
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