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May 2017 · 427
your naval lady...
Gourab Banerjee May 2017
Flowing appeal
intuitions murmuring
middle of your existence
drives me crazy
steamy curves
my thirst for you
often overwhelms
my passion ripe to see
your naval lady.....!!!-11.05.2017
Apr 2017 · 373
Immensity & Me..
Gourab Banerjee Apr 2017
It all begins with a dream
a dream beyond the silly circumference of humility,egoism,insanity,
it's very much in the core of your soul
a purpose that haunts you
a purpose greater than every expectation that you can think off
it comprises with it all that's beyond that highest price tag tabulate
the very truth for what you breathe
you wake up every morning
that ignition that makes you smile
and not that exhaustion that makes you wry
believe in yourself;you're much more larger than those
limited boundaries measured by frame of time
you're infinite.
you're like nobody else neither nobody will be as you yourself are
be that you
it's all in you and none the less but.-13.04.2017
Mar 2017 · 279
Gourab Banerjee Mar 2017
At times,
all I wish is
to dip down
at the serenity of a Sea
Sea be my mother
I wish if I could be the son of Sun
the pristine vibes
I wish could flow in my veins
with time
so I become infinite.
Mar 2017 · 412
Gourab Banerjee Mar 2017
from a random street artist
towards the fame of Madame Tussauds
they hardly know the struggle of an introvert
the small lanes upbringing
the large specs
the differentiation lies in between me & we
at the end
the truth is under cover
and defeated looser
I define myself
Mar 2017 · 415
Gourab Banerjee Mar 2017
cosmic allegations
not secluded
nor paralyzed
still so many lives
they're underprivileged
being authoritative
becomes clumsy
policy makes paranoid
humanity looks for scope
Feb 2017 · 296
Gourab Banerjee Feb 2017
The very own melancholy
we all owe
I bow my head down
before you
my father of ages
give me the strength
to bear the pain! - 05.02.2017
Feb 2017 · 270
Gourab Banerjee Feb 2017
a space to surrender
the mortal existence
a being
the soul can be merged with
infinite fantasies
yet to discover
my eye beholds
whenever I look at you!-05.02.2017
Jan 2017 · 239
Gourab Banerjee Jan 2017
I will undress you
again & again
As many times
you wore anything but me.
Jan 2017 · 372
The infinite chant....
Gourab Banerjee Jan 2017
If it's not there;
take the initiative,yes you can
Remember that man
who moved an entire mountain
believe me the problem you're facing isn't that big
come out of the shallow barriers
submit your small being to the limitless
Chant the greatness your soul murmurs
Its your turn to bring the change
"Be the change you want to see in the world."
The souls were poor who address their agony
be the prophet of eternity
Spread infinite.-07.01.2017
Dec 2016 · 263
Gourab Banerjee Dec 2016
faded memoirs
comparative frames
mild stroke
a slight pain
and its over.-11.12.2016
Dec 2016 · 199
Gourab Banerjee Dec 2016
shattered dreams
evolving present
sleepless nights
lucky those daydreamers.-04.12.2016
Nov 2016 · 308
Gourab Banerjee Nov 2016
at times I have gotten tired
feel sick of what I do
I feel like hue & cry
to express the me of my
nobody can replace
still replicates
I want to re-live those moments
the journey of discovery
the nature in you so calm
the army of fanatics in me
dark & dull clumsy nights
long hours of a day don't know why
a confession not that usual
but those were the moments I lived
abstract from the scratch and again mesmerised.-29.11.2016
Nov 2016 · 398
Suicide Note...
Gourab Banerjee Nov 2016
all are running after
yes everyone but me
the chords of heart
so irresistibly sensitive
explicit emotions
skeptical humans
I wish the last sigh
be in your arms
have lost my armour
no ray left am dying.-28.11.2016
Nov 2016 · 186
Gourab Banerjee Nov 2016
the magnificent holy knot
I wish I could be that lucky lad
no I'm not
destiny has so much for me
that too but you....!!!-28.11.2016
Nov 2016 · 218
Gourab Banerjee Nov 2016
So long its been
The cloud has covered the sky.
So long its
The Sun has no shine !
Long been the northerly been flown
With the rising dawn...
The chameleon wore(s) a black gown !
In search of a shrine
As the black-magic covers me.
Swift grip of the eternal dark
I could see by my closed eyes.-28.11.2016
Nov 2016 · 202
mortal fallacy....!!!
Gourab Banerjee Nov 2016
do you remember
that walk hand in hand
that promises of infinite wishes
to be with you in all the way long
the cherishing moments
that momentum;you sigh on my shoulder
I felt your warmth
beyond the diversities
we accept one on one
you're mine Lady
fallacy is mortal so I'm a Poet.-26.11.2016
Nov 2016 · 264
Till the end
Gourab Banerjee Nov 2016
I had scars
I fall in love.
I'm starving
There's nothing else to lose.
Love 'll not die
Lover's will alive forever.
I love you
Till the end.-24.11.2015
Nov 2016 · 191
~ Ruler of Tomorrow ~
Gourab Banerjee Nov 2016
I'm not a Slave of Time
But surely I'll rule someday.-24.11.2013
Nov 2016 · 234
Timeless Revolution
Gourab Banerjee Nov 2016
Clear cleavages
Thirsty eyes
Inactive organs
Get awakened
Trend of time
Revolution coming soon-Written on 10.11.2012
Nov 2016 · 245
~"Take Care"~
Gourab Banerjee Nov 2016
Today I'll not there
Still you've to take care.
There's a long way ahead
You have to walk alone.
I call you mother
And I know you're matured enough.
Still the father in me
Always provokes to say
~~~~~ "Take Care".-18..11.2014
Gourab Banerjee Nov 2016
In a barren land
Seasons doesn't count for me
Every blossom seems like a bullet
A stranger far away
Sings a melancholy
I dunno
How can one depicts my pain
So beautifully! - 07.11.2016
Nov 2016 · 315
Miss You Lot!
Gourab Banerjee Nov 2016
When life is miserable
    "     eyes gonna wet
Remind me must
Mayn't remind
Throughout the rest
I'll be there
Else will or not
Love you Sweetheart
Miss    "   lot-Written on 07.11.2012
Nov 2016 · 206
Gourab Banerjee Nov 2016
Throughout the day
We talk to each-other.
Still so many things
Left untold.
An unknown bond
We can't break.
You say
I listen!
It seems to be the ear-plates are thirsty of
Ages long.
My eyes
They also bear the thirst of desert.
They all became calm
By this moment of converse.
You're mine
I'm yours
Starting to the end.-04.11.2013
Oct 2016 · 330
Gourab Banerjee Oct 2016
My dream
Whatever in night or in day
She's with me
May be conciously
May be unconciously
But,she's my shadow
Wherever I go
She follows me
May be it's my fantasy
But,I can't deny
Except her I'm nothing
Whatever I'm
Is only for her love
Love you lot
Miss you too
Take Care
Be Happy
Keep Smiling-Written on 31.10.2012
Oct 2016 · 238
Why I deserve you!
Gourab Banerjee Oct 2016
Will respect you
As my Mother
Will care you
As my daughter
Will love you so much
You just can't think
Husbands'll be there
But,I'll be boyfriend
Anything else!
Or is it enough for you
That you'll be mine-Written on 31.10.2012
Oct 2016 · 1.1k
Tribute to Father
Gourab Banerjee Oct 2016
An wholesome package
A son
A brother
A student
A husband
A brother-in-law
A father
A philosopher
A man of letters
By gender masculine
By profession he's dependent on others
Ultimately a failure personality
Having three sons
Two eligible & one minor
When he's on deathbed
The elder took care of him
So,what about the other?
The other's also almost as his father
A son
A brother
A student
A lover
A philosopher
A man of letters
By gender masculine
"   profession Writer
Having a creative mind
Has lot of compositions
Dream to be a Nobel-Laureate
Who's he?
The ill-fated son is named
Gourab Banerjee-Written on 30.10.2012
Oct 2016 · 203
Gourab Banerjee Oct 2016
I became silent by days
Although the beginning
Was with moments.
Then,I discover
Its no more alike before
My eye lashes
Aren't dropping anymore.
It felt impossible for you
But it happens
When a beloved is in pain
You can't help it out
The mourning might
Freeze your heart.
Still there nothing much
You can do.
With every passing moment
You can feel like
Light years passing away
You're untouched
The flow of time will conclude.
Still the story left untold
As ever.-24.10.2015
Oct 2016 · 300
I owe nothing but you
Gourab Banerjee Oct 2016
Be the infinite to my limits
I owe nothing but you
Yes you're an essence
A habit to extent
I owe nothing but you
Different we're
Lot of difference lies
Still all I've is you
A destiny to meet
A way to walk
What all I owe
Is only you Love!!!-19.10.2016
Oct 2016 · 254
A Passionate Father
Gourab Banerjee Oct 2016
Never given a thought
Never been in a brothel
At times there's a raise in the breathe
Hyper tensed I felt to be true
But spirits are ever higher than of an animal
An animal with no senses
Spirits are nowhere
I feel like break into tears
But that violates masculinity
I never give it a second thought
Its not that manly for me
I can't be ever in a brothel
A lady for love yes I insist
That never influenced to be an animal with no sense
No am never been in a brothel
A lady for a lifetime is all I pray for
A queen for crown less king
To be Princess of a passionate father yes that's me.-14.10.2016
Oct 2016 · 209
Memoir of Memories
Gourab Banerjee Oct 2016
Staying alone
Walking down the path
Through Memory lane
Blinking eyes
Teary or dusky
You're never alone
Memory is all yours.......!!!!!-12.10.2014
Oct 2016 · 213
Tom & Jerry Show
Gourab Banerjee Oct 2016
The best phase
Of a human being's life
Except some exceptions
Because,as we grown up
We face various problems
We've to overcome hardships of life
But,why we've to face hurdles?
As we grown up!
Because of our desires
The basic instinct of human nature
That human's always hungry
Of materialistic as well mental possessions
And,the way we want to achieve it
Our life becomes the show of Tom & Jerry
We're the Tom cat & our desires're the Jerry rat
And,as per the format of show
We always run after it
And,it seems to be far forever
And,when the show ends
We're already at deathbed
With the last deep breathe
So,what would be the moral?
Is it the path of life leading?
Of course not!
Desires must be there
But,there should be a limit
At first,we've to know our self
Until,we know our self
We never can define our destiny
Can't adopt our goals
Now,obviously the question arises
That how one could recognise own self.
And,the only way to recognise self is meditation
May be life is of jet speed
But,we've lot of spare time
And,if we contribute a little
We could get a lot
Atleast,can avoid the Tom & Jerry show
So,beware of being Tom & Jerry
Being Human-Written on 10.10.2012
Oct 2016 · 118
Kingdom of Love-Life
Gourab Banerjee Oct 2016
Kingdom of passions
     "         "  desires
     "         "  happiness
     "         "  fantasies
     '          "  dreams
And,ultimately life is a
Kingdom of Love
So,sink in Love
Enjoy Yourself-Written on 06.10.2012
Oct 2016 · 156
~The Falling Star~
Gourab Banerjee Oct 2016
Even the falling stars
Tell a lie...!
They do...!
I know
You'll never...!
I know
It would be never been
As it's before...........!!!-05.10.2013
Oct 2016 · 206
Live it today
Gourab Banerjee Oct 2016
Yearning we all
For a secure future
Financially as well emotionally
For materialistic possessions
For bundles of money
Thinking off future
We spoils our present
So,silly we're
Having no patience
Future is uncertain
It's forever unseen
Leave it at it's own
Enrich yourself day by day
Release pressure
Eat healthy,think better
Be full of life
Live it today
Never rely upon the unseen
Today is yours
Tomorrow may not be-Written on 05.10.2012
Oct 2016 · 312
Being Beggar
Gourab Banerjee Oct 2016
Whom am I?
To hurt anyone!
Whom am I?
To curse anybody!
And not only me
You too
None of us have no power
To rule over someone
To insult anyone
To play with another's modesty
With anybody's feelings
All we're equal
Whatever one can say
Do the best
Speak the truth
Everything seems to be beautiful
Change yourself first
Because,charity begins at home
Rectify yourself
Being charitable to own self
    "     beggar to else-Written on 04.10.2012
Oct 2016 · 211
Mother's Lap
Gourab Banerjee Oct 2016
Once I'm thinking about
Safest place of the world
As we generally presume
It's mother's womb
But,thinking over it
For a while
I realised
It's not too safe
So,where is the place?
Again,I dive into deep thoughts
And,ultimately I eureka
It's mother's lap
The most pleasant place
  "    real life heaven
May be alive or after life
But,it's the place
Even,heaven can't replace-Written on 04.10.2012
Oct 2016 · 349
Music of Soul;Laughter
Gourab Banerjee Oct 2016
A divine remedy
Problems are many
Solution is only
For instance
When a baby smiles
We forget everything
Our heart only wants to rejoice that
Because,nothing else can be beaytiful like that
Actually,it's like a music
Which absorbs all anxieties
And,it's infact a music
That sung by soul
Because,this act is a blessing
To upgrade ourself to the Divine
For better explanation
Those people who laugh all the time
We call them mad
But,they're truely blessed
So,keep smiling
Get instant blessing
Let's the music play
Life is for a while
Rock it everyway-Written on 04.10.2012
Oct 2016 · 165
Worth of Mother
Gourab Banerjee Oct 2016
Throughout our life
We all suffer a lot of pain
We've to do a lot of struggle
Struggle of existence
      "       for survival
And so more
We conceive a lot
"   bear a lot
"   tear a lot
But,the pain we feel
Is less than someone else
Yes,if we together all our pain
Still it would less than a mother's pain
Believe it or not
But, a female is more strong
Than a male
The pain a mother bears
None else can bear
Think over it
And,you can realise
How much worthy she is
Even she's the most precious
So,love her a lot
Respect her from core of your heart
A single tear of a mother
Is enough to destroy anyone
So love her immensely,unconditionally
God'll bless you
God'll praise you-Written on 04.10.2012
Oct 2016 · 303
Money as Entertainment
Gourab Banerjee Oct 2016
What's money?
Is it only currency notes or coins?'s not
It's larger than life
Money is base of relation
   "        " cause of affection
Everything you can afford
If you've money
And,what for money ultimately stands for?
Is nothing but
Entertainment-Written on 03.10.2012
Oct 2016 · 156
State of Solitude
Gourab Banerjee Oct 2016
The cloud floating in the blue sky
Having none own
May be the Sky above as endless shade
   "     "    '    Land below like mother's lap
But,still it's alone
As I'm
Floating in ocean of human's
Surrounded with mountain of emotions
Rain of desires showering night & day
But,I'm neutral
Because,I'm alone
And,I want to be-Written on 02.10.2012
Oct 2016 · 182
The LAST words
Gourab Banerjee Oct 2016
Eyes full of tear
Overwhelming feelings
None is there
With whom I can share
Why one would bear my inherent sorrows?
  "       "         "    share pain of a betrayer?
Yes,I'm a betrayer
Hurt so many hearts
None can realise what's in my heart!I'm innocent
I'm not betrayer
I just love to live
I   "      "     "  dream
What I want is nothing but a fearless world
Where all heads would be high
Everyone can breathe the sigh of relief
None would hurt anyone
All would be equal
A single religion would be there
And,that's of love
Good Bye!-Written on 02.10.2012
Oct 2016 · 163
Power of Love
Gourab Banerjee Oct 2016
I need some motivation
I    "         '    inspiration
I'm just like a seed
Wrapped or sealed
Until the seed would be sowed
Will not in touch with eternal resources
Like air,water & sunlight
How can it bare itself?
What about it's growth?
Every human being is unique one
Everyone has possibilities
Potentials,qualities of own
Just a little backup is required
May not be financial or materialistic
But,a little praise words are enough
Is it too hard to speech?
So,please motivate others
Inspire them in odds
Even a stone can speak
If a little love can be showered-Written on 02.10.2012
Oct 2016 · 835
The Sword of Non-Violence
Gourab Banerjee Oct 2016
The time we born
Is a age of war-mongers
East to West
South to North
Throughout the World
There's not a single moment
You can't heard about a war
It's a must in our daily life
May be in lieu of civil war
But it exists
None can disobey it's presence
And,where there is a war
There must be a weapon
And,in true sense war can't be without weapon
There're so many varieties of this weapon
Even may be countless
But,once a person made exception
Yes,he invented a sword
Strange it seems to be
But,it's fact
And,we should proud of him
Because,he's an Indian
We all know him as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Also renowned as Bapuji i.e Father of Nation
We celebrate his birth anniversary as a holiday
But,did we even use his weapon once in our lifetime?
Surely,the answer would be no
But,if we really respect him
We should do so
Isn't it?
Think it off!
And,last of all I would like to conclude with
If he can so we too-Written on 02.10.2012
Oct 2016 · 151
Be the Best
Gourab Banerjee Oct 2016
Only can hurt
Whereas,silence & patience
Can bring the unexpected
How much dark it would may be!
Can never overcome the possibility of the rising Sun
Thickness of fog
Hardly can block the rays of Sun
As well false never can overcome the truth
Be faithful to truth
Be positive in odds
Believe the Superior
You're the best
Leave better,good,bad,worse,worst among the rest
Yourself you
Be the Best-Written on 01.10.2012
Sep 2016 · 408
Use Me
Gourab Banerjee Sep 2016
By name it's "USE ME"
Visible in populated places
Volunteer serving us
Night & day
Cleaning our society
Protecting us
It's nothing but a Dustbin
Among civilised bins
It's an uncivilised one
May you survive long
  "      "    serve long-Written on 01.10.2012
Sep 2016 · 153
That Day & Today
Gourab Banerjee Sep 2016
Trembling foot's
Mumbling throats
Lingering thoughts
That day
You rebuke me
On my feet
Have my own identity
I've established myself
Thanks for that disappointment
That today I appoint myself-Written on 01.10.2012
Sep 2016 · 925
Warrior Prince:DADA
Gourab Banerjee Sep 2016
Big Brother's are there
Elder ones also
But,Dada is one & only
The Prince of Calcutta(now Kolkata)
  "   heart throb of every cricket lover
  "   proud of Bengali's
He's a nation's leader
Also renowned as Maharaj
But,in true sense
He's the Royal Bengal Tiger
The one & only across the Universe
He's none but our beloved
Pride of Nation
Sourav Ganguly
The ultimate Warrior Prince-Written on 01.10.2012
Sep 2016 · 246
Indulging I'm........
Gourab Banerjee Sep 2016
Lattice of darkness
Web of loneliness
Made me mad
    '      "   speechless
Even I can't see
Today,I'm paralysed
Living a life
Having no enthu
Once I'm enlightened
Now,I'm darkened
And,day by day sinking into
More & more
Each & every moment
I'm indulging-Written on 01.10.2012
Sep 2016 · 340
Spirit of True Winner
Gourab Banerjee Sep 2016
Way to success is hard
Tremendous struggle is required
There's no shortcut at all
But,there're two basic things
Which're must needed
For being successful
First is determination
Second is confidence
So,be determined
Be confident
There's nothing in this great existence
That can stop you from achieving
Whatever you want
You must be the winner
None can disobey your excellence
Because,everyone honours excellence
Everyone salutes success
Being indomitable
Being true winner-Written on 29.09.2012
Sep 2016 · 143
Pray to God
Gourab Banerjee Sep 2016
Actor we all
Just playing our role
What else can we do?
God is all in all
We're doer
You're the Superior
Just praise us
Pardon our sins
We're errful
So,we're human beings-Written on 29.09.2012
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