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Gourab Banerjee May 2017
Flowing appeal
intuitions murmuring
middle of your existence
drives me crazy
steamy curves
my thirst for you
often overwhelms
my passion ripe to see
your naval lady.....!!!-11.05.2017
Gourab Banerjee Apr 2017
It all begins with a dream
a dream beyond the silly circumference of humility,egoism,insanity,
it's very much in the core of your soul
a purpose that haunts you
a purpose greater than every expectation that you can think off
it comprises with it all that's beyond that highest price tag tabulate
the very truth for what you breathe
you wake up every morning
that ignition that makes you smile
and not that exhaustion that makes you wry
believe in yourself;you're much more larger than those
limited boundaries measured by frame of time
you're infinite.
you're like nobody else neither nobody will be as you yourself are
be that you
it's all in you and none the less but.-13.04.2017
Gourab Banerjee Mar 2017
At times,
all I wish is
to dip down
at the serenity of a Sea
Sea be my mother
I wish if I could be the son of Sun
the pristine vibes
I wish could flow in my veins
with time
so I become infinite.
Gourab Banerjee Mar 2017
from a random street artist
towards the fame of Madame Tussauds
they hardly know the struggle of an introvert
the small lanes upbringing
the large specs
the differentiation lies in between me & we
at the end
the truth is under cover
and defeated looser
I define myself
Gourab Banerjee Mar 2017
cosmic allegations
not secluded
nor paralyzed
still so many lives
they're underprivileged
being authoritative
becomes clumsy
policy makes paranoid
humanity looks for scope
Gourab Banerjee Feb 2017
The very own melancholy
we all owe
I bow my head down
before you
my father of ages
give me the strength
to bear the pain! - 05.02.2017
Gourab Banerjee Feb 2017
a space to surrender
the mortal existence
a being
the soul can be merged with
infinite fantasies
yet to discover
my eye beholds
whenever I look at you!-05.02.2017
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