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Babatunde Raimi Sep 2020
When you left, I was empty
You took a part of me away
And travelled with it
In my sleep I sway and move
Dancing to the tunes of the flute we play
But the sound is no longer intriguing
Like the times you press the notes

I prayed to the gods for your safe return
Offered sacrifices for favour
You are my yesterday, my today, my tomorrow
Even when your clothing mask your beauty
It still radiates like the stars beautifully tucked above
When I swim in your river of dreams
I get drunk in the desire to swim therein forever

I miss you like Nepa; my Paradise
I cuddle your picture all day long
A perfect definition of insanity I guess
Your absence makes me feel banged up
I just want you by my side now and forever
For a re-union will be worth all the gold in the world
When are you coming back My Paradise?
Babatunde Raimi Sep 2020
Poets never die
They live forever
On the pages of our hearts
With lines that resonates with us
They hug you so tight in their lines
And make you forget your past

Poets are Legends
They pierce through stony walls
With words that cuts like a knife
Not with the tongue
But with well conjugated lines
Oozing from the best of minds.

There is a man for every woman
A woman for every man
If there is a gift for all and sundry
Then, there is a poem in everyone
A poem that tells a story
A story or love, lust, hurt, all freely expressed

When I am sad, I think
When I am happy, I smile
If I want to save the memory
All I do is ink it in a poem
And never will it fade away
Memories that will linger till eternity

Poets are romantically romantic
Marry a Poet, you will live longer
They paint the world with words
And make the world a better place
They are masters of eros and seduction
Especially when they run their ink through your sensory receptors

When my time finally comes
I want to smile and die empty
Knowing I changed my world poetically
And to me, this is how to change the world
For even when we die, we never die
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
You touched me here
Touched me there
Then stroked my hair
That is assault;
A pure act of "Konji"

You feel weird within
I know that feeling
You feel high like you are high
But the onus is on me
Because you are under-sixteen

I feel uneasy down below too
Who ever rejects a largesse?
But the law is the law
All I get is a visual massage
Of your holy temple of happiness
But the walls, I'm sorry, I can't...
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
I reserve my expertise
Until after dark
Illuminated by the moonlight
And the coast is clear
The perimeter secured

That's when we roll
Not like the death dance
Exhibited by the Crocs
But in sweet melodies
Emanating from sweet rumblings

Come my love, come
Let us swim in the ocean of love
Like the Dolphins of the Atlantic
If I waited till it was ringed
It is to give you a memorable banger

Come my love, come
Let us get lost on a lonely island
And swim with uncanny swagger
Get lost in sensual fantasies
For your sweet musings, is music to my ears
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
When you opted to be my shining light
I doubted you for a second
Doubt, it has ruined many destinies
I guess I was stupid

Prove to me you are legit
And I will go all the way
I relish those moments we shared
Sweet times with indelibly prints

I almost lost you to foolishness
Please read me my rights
The right to remain silent
And thereafter, cast me to your prison of splendour forever
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
My mind is clouded with layers of hate
With the deadly accuracy, you feasted on my soul
And turned my heart to your secret stool
Inside your stony heart is a fortress
Buried therein are victims of lust
What a way to loose it all in one bang

In that temple you have buried destinies
In beautiful nightmares you possess and take them to Vegas
Your enclave of no return, where you prey on them all
There I was, a permanent resident and a slave to infatuation
You  laid in wait and made me  weak, vulnerable
In your world, Delilah is a saint, a learner

I lost all, including my sense of reasoning and judgement
I was lost to your intricate maneuvers
My heart still palpitates at the thought of you
In a desolate world desolate with mundane things
I wish I listened to the voice of wisdom
If only I could turn back the hand of time...

A Chameleon you are, though  masqueraded as a saint
Putting on class acts;  outshining Hollywood's finest
For the want of love, I lost my love
Now my heart rages like the tempest sea
I am now clad in a garment with togas of bitterness
Does true agape love really exist in this wicked world?

If I could, I would lock you up in hell
And caste you beneath to yonder place
Thereafter will I protect my heart from your kind
Cold blooded Leach designed to drain
Once upon a time, you were my morning star
Never again will I trade love for lust.
Babatunde Raimi Aug 2020
From your breast of wisdom did I ****
And wisdom enveloped me
My life shone line a million stars
You must really be favoured by the gods

Until I got lost in your world
Proverbs 18:22 was a mystery
Dymystified by the "Twins"
Surely, the blessings beclouds mother-infant bonding

I used to create my own happiness
Until I met you, perfectly imperfect
To perfect my imperfections
The gods must be happy with me
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