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6.0k · Dec 2019
Seductive Spirit
Babatunde Raimi Dec 2019
You want a make out
Without a ring on it
You call it attractive
I call it infactuation
They call it seductive spirit
They just want the pudding
Bunch of irresponsibles

This kind goeth not away
But by fasting and prayer
A generation of sadomasochists
Bunch of nymphonaniacs
Do I look like a loose ball?
Even if I wanted to play
"Shoe get size, 'mbok'"

Open your legs at your peril
When it's time to settle down
Men look beyond beauty
Character and intelligence tops the list
Even love is not enough
When he is ready to "ring it"
Don't say I didn't tell

When you advertise your wares
Frontally and from behind
You attract what you represent
Men don't like exposed wares
If you cover it very well
They will pay fire to posses it
Trust me, I speak from experience

Queens of the night
Their office opens at night
Adorned in skimpy gowns, no brassiere
Sometimes, with their nieces knickers
Exposing all exposables
You attract what you are
You get what you desire

Do you have a banging body
With seductive shape
All you get is a one night stand
No one wants to marry an empty barrel
Before you open your legs
Please, open your sense
Do you understand?

Before I drop my pen
Please repeat after me
Lord, Jesus, I come to you today
As my personal Lord and saviour
Deliver me from seductive spirit
That I might be made whole
Write my name in the book of life
Thank you for saving me. Amen!
1.3k · Feb 2020
Dear Admirer
Babatunde Raimi Feb 2020
Dear Admirer
Let me cuddle you
In the lines you feel
Let me be the artist
That paints you in words
Let me be your soft voice of comfort
When your hour comes
All flags will be flown high
Dear Admirer
Don't wait for me
Find me...
1.1k · Oct 2019
Babatunde Raimi Oct 2019
Poverty is a curse
A plague to be avoided
Work smart, lest you be poor
You too can cross the line
That very thin line
That separates the poor and the rich
Just take steps of faith
And be intentional

Poverty robs you of your ego
Makes you less of a human
But are people really poor
I guess not, just lazy I think
If you can get your hand *****
You will never lack what to eat
Run from poverty, faster than Usain Bolt
Do nothing and poverty looms

I just hate the coffee called poverty
How can I rent my wife to tourists?
Who does this for Pete's sake
This must be a spell
Is it a marriage with benefits?
Please help me ask these East Africans
How do you rent your wife to tourists?
That women have local and foreign husband!
Do we need to be re-colonised?

Again I say "Tufiakwa"
I don't care your tribe or race
Poverty is a universal plague
And winning starts with the right attitude
If truly you can think enough
That which you have, is just enough
Together, let's kick out poverty
It begins with you...
858 · Sep 2019
Africa Bleeds
Babatunde Raimi Sep 2019
Please i need help
Don't leave me like this
I can't sleep
They say it's sleep-onset insomnia
But from the beginning
It was not so

Maybe it is psychological
Their pains in my heart
With pictures of them
Begging for their lives
But i still cannot sleep
And from the beginning
It was not so

Their bulging eyes
As they take their last breathe
To a journey of no return
Their offense
Victims of a failed system
But from the beginning
It was not so

Why are brothers killing brothers
Brothers killing sisters
Sisters killing brothers
Wiping out communities
For the glory of what?
Where is our morals?
The spirit of comrado?
But from the beginning
It was not so

Though obscure
We need to ask
Where are the jobs?
Who has the reins?
That has stagnated Africa
Black people, black mind
A phrase that depicts backwardness

Even the Heavens have Guardians
Nothing passes their sight
They have been enfired
To neutralize aggressors
But, can my brother be an aggressor?
Trust at your peril
That's where we find ourselves

In the Jungle
It's "No man's land"
Where the strong prey on the weak
As long as you are powerful
Or seemingly untouchable
You are licensed to ****
Africa bleeds
Yes, Africa bleeds.

Each time you strike
A wife looses a husband
The children; a father
The family; a breadwinner
The Community; a philanthropist
The nation; an Ambassador
Africa; an illustrious son

Stop cattle rustling
Stop political machinations
Stop hate speeches
Especially From the altar of religion
The internet inclusive,
For it is divisive
Stop the killings
That Africa may live
And not just survive

Break the walls
Let's build bridges
Open up your enclosures
That i may come in
And dine with you
That is how life was programmed

To achieve our SDG's
Our ******* is prime
That your people be my people
My people, your people
That we may give the boy child a life
And the girl child a voice
And build the Africa of our dream

The carnage in Rwanda
Aparthied in South Africa
Insurgency in Libya
The killings in Nigeria
Mirrors the travails of Africa
Rooted in corruption
All must stop now

How did we get here?
A people divided
Along ethnic and religious lines
Detached along tribal and economic
But from the beginning
It was not so

We are tired of bloodsheds
We demand peace
The white on the Nigerian flag
Invisibly tainted in red
Being the blood of the innocent
But surely, nothing lasts forever
For surely, justice will be served

Stop saying "Kafasasu"
As our heart bleeds
When you open up our brothers
With your knives and weapons of mass destruction
Sending them into a journey
A journey into the unknown
Oh gods of our ancestors
Where are thou?

The God of our creation
Send us a Moses
That will lead us from where we are
To where we ought to be
Our promised land of peace and unity
Equity and justice
That we may return with offerings

Stop the rustlings!
Stop destroying our crops
No life should equate that of animals
No animal should be silenced unjustly
Why do you think prayers are said
Before any animal is slaughtered?
The act is sacred
Friends, we are all animals
In different shades and sizes
But place premium on life

Once i saw a documentary
Featuring a helpless Antelope
Feeding her young
Until a pride of Lion approached
As her young sprinted
The mother waited and sacrificed
A sweatless feast for the Kings
But the Eagle watched
She could have helped
Enough of nonchalance
Get on and be engaged

Praying for Africa is a beginning
Taking conscious steps is progress
That the Creator may hear our voices
And have mercy on us
Let my people be your people
Give me a damsel from your clan
I will give you a Prince from my tribe
That we may unite

Refuse to be nonchalant
Refuse to be intimidated
Especially on the part of justice
Let us come together
As a people of one race
That we may build Africa
And the world at large
Not by the sword
But the strength of our unity
For all these ills
From the beginning
It was not so

Babatunde Raimi (c)
Author/Life Coach/Poet
716 · Sep 2019
Babatunde Raimi Sep 2019
My love for you,
Like a candle that doesn't loose its flame
Despite the breeze of trials blown.

My love for you,
Like a fabric that doesn't wear
Despite it's frequent wash
In the water of despair

My love for you,
Like a boat out in the sea
That sinks not despite the tempest storms

My love for you,
Is just like a rose flower
Whose fragrance lingers even when crushed

My love for you,
Constantly burning in my heart
Pure and eternal
My love for you
Is life.
518 · Jun 2020
Babatunde Raimi Jun 2020
I am justice
Blind to colour
Blind to race
Blind to tribe
I play it right

Before me;
All men are equal
Before me;
Might is not right
Right is right

Before you act; think
Before you talk, filter
If you do the crime
Trust me, you'll do the time
For my gavel will I bang
478 · Jan 2020
Men Cry Too
Babatunde Raimi Jan 2020
If I behave unstable
It is not intentional
I blame it on you
Yes, on your narratives
That boys don't cry

You say men shouldn't cry
You see crying men as weaklings
Why shouldn't I cry my cry
Even Lions cry, so why not?
We have all been mis-schooled

Depression comes in different  shades
Crying is soothingly therapeutic
So, let me cry my cry in peace
Or is it your cry?
One day, your time will come

If I sink into depression
Because I am being a man
When depression leads to death
Will you take care of my loved ones?
Can you legalise your promise?

I vented my anger on drinks
I became a chronic drunk
I laced it with womanising
I became nymphomaniac

I am first human, then a man
All you need do is ask nicely
Maybe we can be good friends
That we may cry and win together

Stand up for the boy child
Tell them it's okay to fall and cry
How do you cope with a falling grade?

I am single and unmarried
Married and unhappy
Do you have a nagging partner?
"Every Mallam to his kettle" please
Don't add if you can't help

I have a right to cry
It is not a weakness
It is a display of emotion
Ask women, they cry in sorrow and gladness
Stop the emotional blackmail

There is a child in every man
A tear in every gland
Boys lives matters too
Let me heal and cry in peace
Spread the news...

Do you know my story?
If you know my past
You will appreciate my pain
Then my praise
Boys needs help too

Failure is but school, learn
Suicide is not an option
Marriage is not by force
Singleness is not a curse
If you are hurt, cry your cry

When a breadwinner dies
A wife looses a husband
A child loses a father
A family looses a sibling
It's okay to cry, so cry...

Don't vent it on addictives
If you have ever been told
"Man up; boys don't cry"
You have been abused
Gather here, let's cry together
435 · Jul 2020
I Prayed You In
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
You came into my life
And wipped away my tears
For your glory always overshadows weaknesses
Baby, I am not scared to do this
You are the one; the special one...

I believe in your Smiles that melts a rock
You are the one I have been waiting for
Somewhere along the line, I lost love
Just when I was about giving up, love found me
This makes me believe in miracles

There is a Queen for every King
And a King for every Queen
If every King needs a Prophet
Every General needs a Lieutenant
Then every soul needs a soulmate
That's why I prayed you in...
414 · Apr 2020
Lord Of The Ring
Babatunde Raimi Apr 2020
Wake up!
Why wear a ring for years
He knows what he knows
Be wise my Lady, be wise
With the ring, you're tied

Wearing engagement rings
When it exceeds one year
Are you the lord of the ring?
Or the ring keeper
Take my world, "Na scam"

Don't be a prisoner to one
When you are desired by another
To have and to hold
For better for best
Except you are a professional ring bearer

If it exceeds one year
And he hasn't take you to Mama
You are on lockdown
And would soon be isolated
That's what it is "Nwayi Obioma"

Don't be a prisoner of love
Search your heart and inquire
Is this really what you want?
If you have been ringmatized
And don't be a "Shediot"

If he is not saying a thing
You are somewhat in captivity
In a prison of another's creation
Be wise, be smart
He could be a gamer
414 · Jan 2020
A Dose Of Vanity
Babatunde Raimi Jan 2020
A Poem: A Dose Of Vanity

A dose of vanity
What you call vanity
Might not be vanity at all
What is poison to one
May be pleasure to another
How yummy and sweet it is
The sweetest of all pleasures

Come with me to sin city
Bring down the walls
When you come over
No need for hang-over
Just bend over
And I will take over
Afterwards, we can changeover

Give me a dose of vanity
Without any iota of sentimentality
Let us define our territoriality
With a sense of responsibility
Before we engage in vanity
That leads to ecstasy
Be advised, proceed with protection

Now, the moment has come
Before we "*** our ***"
Let us "talk the talk"
This moment is intended for pleasure
No doubt, the best form of exercise
Ours not intended for procreation

Did you sign an oath of celibacy?
Are you virile and adventurous?
Let's play with the oil that never dries
Let me give you a trip
To a city that never sleeps
Don't we all need a dose of vanity?

Slowly, lift up the veil
Start from the periphery
Input the play head
Twerk like Cardi B
And enjoy a dose of vanity
Before you get tipsy and engaged
But remember *** is real
Have you been tested?
Spread the news, not the virus

Babatunde Raimi
Author/Life Coach/Poet
08178827380 & 08035063895
384 · Sep 2019
Take Me Back To Yesterday
Babatunde Raimi Sep 2019
Take me back to yesterday
When holiness ******* prosperity
When churches won souls
Not the craze for numbers and money

Take me back to yesterday
When we taught moral instructions
Where teachers were models
Not paedophiles and opportunists
How I so miss yesterday!

Take me back to yesterday
When girls covered up
Knelt to greet Elders
Fetched from the stream
Where *** before marriage was a taboo

Today, celebrities project immoralities
Singers praise corrupt persons
Officers collect bribes
Contracts and admission are for highest bidders
Please take me to yesterday

Take me back to yesterday
When men married women
Women married men
Where we raised respectable boys and girls
Not sadomasochists and sadists

Take me back to yesterday
Where politicians served us
We looked up to them
Today, the table is turned
But from the beginning;
It was not so

Take me back to yesterday
Where we rubbed organic
You call it Coconut oil
I call it "Adi Agbon"
Where we wore "Shuku" in all shades
And adorned in beautiful beads

I miss yesterday
Hence my poetic pen drips
If you miss yesterday
Come ride with me
Let's go back to yesterday
That we may better our tomorrow
271 · Nov 2019
If You Want To...
Babatunde Raimi Nov 2019
If you want to make heaven
Marry from Enugu!
You want to be successful
Please marry from Anambra
If you want a complete package
Marry an Akwa Ibomite
They attended finishing school
Right under their mother's tutelage
If you want to raise Professors
Marry From Ekiti
If you want to build empires
Marry an Igbo girl
They push you to success
Do you want to maintain your culture?
Mary a Yoruba girl
If you want to be royalty
Marry a Hausa girl
If you don't ever want to cheat
Mary and Edo girl
If your relationship survived this year
Despite its economic realities
Please marry that one
If you desire a beauty Queen
Marry a Benue girl
If you love good romps
Marry a Calabar girl
Your life will never remain the same
And you will live happily ever after
If you want to be loved forever
Marry your friend and soulmate
Listen to me my friend
Don't go for looks
It will fade away
Don't go for money
Someday it will be exhausted
If you want a good partner  
Go down on your kneels
Then, watch and pray
259 · Nov 2019
Babatunde Raimi Nov 2019
I lost myself
Living in a prison of your creation
But when I found me
I found beauty and zest
242 · Sep 2019
My Pretty Black Mamba
Babatunde Raimi Sep 2019
Africa's King of reptiles
The pretty black Mamba
Fast and furious
Venomous and slithery

Bites in quick succession
Faster than you can react
If you cross their path
Prepare for war

So also my Sweet mother
My survival, her priority
She laboured that i may live
My Sweet Black Mamba

You are my ultimate champion
With African mothers
We never really grow up
Even when we have grown up.

My mother my gist partner
My number one fan
My soothing voice of comfort
I love you like "Kilode"
Babatunde Raimi Sep 2019
My life, defined by lines
Class and boundary lines, Motherhood and tightrope lines
Between being a good woman and a Mistress
What a way to live!

Sometimes i want to toe the line
Other times I wish to  cross the line
Or maybe stay safe behind the lines
Those lines that guides virtues
Don't judge me, unless you have walked my walk

Sometimes I pole vaulted
When i allow them get closer
Even though they are married
Yes, I know the drill
I wanted to feel like a  woman

Don't see me as a loose canyon
Available and randy
You don't know my pain
If you know my pain
Maybe you'll understand my acts...

Like a prey laying low
They seem to easily perceive my needs
They come with those true lies
Enticing with Cars, Houses and cash
I just play ball...  

They offer ***
Because they know the pressures on my libido
...take advantage of my lonely and ***** moments

My lips they ride
Until it is as wide as the sea
Then, off they go!
To another lonely Single Mother
Will these men make heaven?

The cycle never breaks
Each time I cross that line
The joy is but for a moment
I head into a phase of depression
What a way of life

Afterwards, I become a ***** *** slave
A corporate *******
As I soon realise
And in the deadness of the night
Trust me, I tear...

It's about time this stops
I refuse to be a ****** alternative
I detest being a loose ball
Say NO to *** with a Married Man
Say no *** with benefits

Boldly I call off your bluff
Today, I ask you,  loose my number
Loose my house address
The One who gave me the child
Will always be on time. Amen!

You left me for another
"Oh! I should have married you!"
"Story for the gods"
I ain't letting you down there again
You have chosen your path

Live with your decisions
"Your can't eat your cake and have it"
It's not gonna be easy
Because I've got mouths to feed
But I'll pass

Those lonely nights will come
When I'll need a wrap
Just like a married but single lady
Husband based abroad
"Cars" parked at owner's risk?
Those need has to be met, but I'll survive

Even when I need to pay school fees
The solution is not on genitals
Especially of the married
Truth be told
The solution lies with the Ultimate One

Trust and believe Him
He will change your story
Turn your secret tears to cheers
Convert your shame to fame
Because He turns non-entities to celebrities

Whoever taught Rehab, a harlot, liar
Would ever make the list
She enjoyed grace
That grace is still available today
Only if you will...

Give Him a chance
Let Him make you a showpiece
He brought you this far for a purpose
He gave you that child for a reason
Tell me, whose report will you belief?

Please stop these men
They will ruin your life
Wake up and brace up
Look out for a weak single mother
Preach the good news of hope

Look out for single mothers
Share a date, a word
Bond, love, pray and believe
To hell with all these "Zaddys" with benefits"
Yours will soon find you!

Curved ***** will be thrown
Take advantage of life's curve *****
Allow them to transform you
To a very pretty and attractive LIONESS
Whose **** and lips aren't for sale

Enough of irresponsible ****** adventures
Yes! They will come looking for your juice as a  Single Mother
Be a Lioness,  
Fierce, firm and courteous

Are you married? Congratulations
Don't make him regret getting married to you
If you treat him wrong
There are many open arms out there
They will accept and love him scatter

To all those "Wobe Children"
Sleeping with their ancestors
Breaking marriages and homes
Karma is a *****, your time will come
May you be paid in the same coin
Please say "Amen!

Be his *****
Let him be your tool
Exude flirtatious energy for him
Rock those seductive *** shots
Date him all the days of your life.

You were a Queen ab initio
Now, you tie wrapper like my grandmother
Be wise as a serpent
Be like the sons of Isachaar
Times and seasons have changed

Now, get off your high horse
Show that man why he married you
Before they show him all
Why he shouldn't be with you
Like Stella, get your groove back on

Single motherhood is not a curse
Nobody has a right to you
Do not debase yourself
Give yourself some respect
Let's all prove to the world
Single mothers raise Presidents like Obama too

A good man gives without asking
He will never ask you for ***
Even when you offer, he declines
Not all men are promiscuous
Now, this rule applies to both sexes
There are still good people out there

Who wants to hire inexperience
We all love "experience hire"
So, single mothers have experience
Single mothers make good wives
After all, experience is key

To all single Mommas out there!
This is specially for you
You are better than they think
To a life of "Yes I do"
And "Happily ever after"
Please raise your glass!

Babatunde Raimi
Author/Life Coach/Poet
217 · Sep 2020
Poets Never Die
Babatunde Raimi Sep 2020
Poets never die
They live forever
On the pages of our hearts
With lines that resonates with us
They hug you so tight in their lines
And make you forget your past

Poets are Legends
They pierce through stony walls
With words that cuts like a knife
Not with the tongue
But with well conjugated lines
Oozing from the best of minds.

There is a man for every woman
A woman for every man
If there is a gift for all and sundry
Then, there is a poem in everyone
A poem that tells a story
A story or love, lust, hurt, all freely expressed

When I am sad, I think
When I am happy, I smile
If I want to save the memory
All I do is ink it in a poem
And never will it fade away
Memories that will linger till eternity

Poets are romantically romantic
Marry a Poet, you will live longer
They paint the world with words
And make the world a better place
They are masters of eros and seduction
Especially when they run their ink through your sensory receptors

When my time finally comes
I want to smile and die empty
Knowing I changed my world poetically
And to me, this is how to change the world
For even when we die, we never die
216 · Oct 2019
Respect Nature
Babatunde Raimi Oct 2019
Long before we were
Nature has been
Beautiful water covering earth
Land mass where Lions  roam
Beautiful fields with singing Birds
Forests with amazing trees
With the African python standing guard
Nature opens up her arms
Accepted us in our naked forms
Keeps us safe and protected
Without which survival odds are low
Like ungrateful elements
We destroyed mother earth
In the name of development
The rock python lost its home
Making invading our territory imminent
The result, you know!
We destroy that which shielded us
Hunting with impunity
Flaring gas without caution
Nature is quiet and just
But when the time cometh
The sea will rage
The clouds will open up
Don't say I didn't warn you
Because when nature fights
Everyone cowers
And calls it natural disasters
Some call it acts of God
But we all know
Respect is reciprocal
Respect nature
205 · Jul 2020
Dear God
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
Dear God
The Genesis of our problems
Lays in the Exodus of our morals
If we can come together like the Corinthians
With psalms and hymns like David
In the end, we will celebrate like Esther
And also jubilate like Job

After the fall of the First Adam
It had been Chronicled in "The Book"
That our Lamentations will be grave
Just like that of Brother Job
Oh Lord! Please send us "An Isaiah", a Moses
Lead us and cleanse our land Mark, Mathew, Luke and John, please pray for us

We are mystified by these plagues
With the semblance of Revelation chapter 18
Teach us to Number our days oh Lord!
In longevity and peace as promised in Deuteronomy
Judge us not for our sins
Spare us like you did Rahab in the book of Joshua
For we are to you what Ruth was to Naomi

Soon, the King will hear our cries
Swallow up our challenges as the fish to Jonah
Streghten our faith to trust like Daniel
As we contest for the faith of our fathers
We shall bow our kneels like James
That we may all win like the Isrealites...
Babatunde Raimi Jan 2020
You see that feeling
When we are together
It never goes away
You see the way i look at you
Each time you smile
It makes me feel alright

I tried always to get closer
That I became a monitoring spirit
Checking your whatsapp status makes me high
And i know you know it
I just can't say the words
Just because i am Lady

Just that you know
Until you pick my green light
In my mind, we are already dating
My heart yearns for yours
Why are men so blind!
Truth, I'll live and die for you

You are my only temptation
Now, I am more confused than ever
Your kind, with all that intellectual compostion
And a matching physicality
Very rare to find I tell you
But when I finally find one,
It's a very big "Yes" for me

With my beautiful eyes
I already undressed you
Call it lust or infactuation
But "Na from clap dem dey enter dance"
Like this, many found their soulmates
And changed the narratives
"Sistos", if you like him, say "Hi"

Right now, i am in a prison of your creation
And i do really love the feelings
If I were still in the world
I would have shot a straight bullet
I can't wait no more Sugar
Please come to Mama
Because In me also, is your addiction
193 · Dec 2019
I Need A Hug
Babatunde Raimi Dec 2019
You are free to leave
If you want to
You obviously can't take a bullet for me
Let alone die for me
The road is not smooth
One day you will realise
How unfair you have been to me
That day will surely come
Then you will understand love
In its purest form
But it will be too late
When I think of us
I think of the beachside
Sipping margarita together
But not anymore
You know what?
You are my greatest regret
I curse the day our path crossed
I wish you never were
Truth is, right now, I need a hug...
181 · May 2020
I Am Sorry...
Babatunde Raimi May 2020
Don't go crazy for me
I'm in love with another
My heart, my everything
Belongs to my better half
Please, seek love northwards

Your pain in my heart
I know that feeling
You can't be the king of my jungle
Nor I the Queen of your empire
Like a royal, my path was set

Truth, "Oja okunkun ni igbeyawo"
But, I have chosen my path
We were but friends
I'm sorry if you fell in love
And this, a final goodbye
176 · Nov 2019
Babatunde Raimi Nov 2019
What is inspiration?
The in-spirit of God
At work in man
Inspiration births aspiration
Aspiration births actions
Actions begets results
When it is negative, you learn
Otherwise, you succeed
Be consistent and insistent
Be persistent and prayerful
And one day, your time will come
168 · Oct 2019
It's Closer Than You Think
Babatunde Raimi Oct 2019
You said I have rights
You made us promises
You said we own the lands
But the minerals are yours
And you want peace
This you seek is possibly impossible

You said my people are your people
With your sweet savouring tongue
You preached unity and true federalism
I believed without a doubt
Yet, my people are impoverished
But today I say, not anymore

I see Armies rising
They are sold out to a cause
One people, one mind, one voice
From age long oppressions they will liberate their people
Even if it is their last assignment
That's why I see fresh air coming
It is closer than you think

But you have a choice
Restructure now or suture tomorrow
If it is our land, it is our resources
Not yours and your cabals
Before the rain comes thunder
You have been advised

Let the town crier sound the gong
Gather all the villagers
Let your strong men volunteer
Let the women sing
Let the children watch and learn
As we "Balm" these ones for exploits

It is better to live for something
Than to die for nothing
Even if you fail, they will remember you
And forever Crest your name in their hearts
With your picture on their wall
You will be their greatest inspiration...

This could cost our life
Is this really a part we want to thread?
We really don't want  bloodshed
Let us come back to the table
Shake this table that it breaks
Then restructure, to secure our future

We believe in our indivisibility
We can turn our waste to wealth
Covert our diversity to opportunities
Turn our population to  blessings and not curses
But then, collectively, we say "No" to oppression and violence
However, the choice is yours...
167 · Jul 2020
Love Is Patient
Babatunde Raimi Jul 2020
She is my vitality
You make me perform at full capacity
You help me relate with the inner me
You alone are my black magic
But most of all, my dearest

I love it when you wash my head
It makes me feel larger than life
As it awakens my nerves
And spur me to greater heights
To achieve feats that have long eluded me

You are my good luck charm
If you like call it "Cobnomi"
True love is stronger than death
Little wonder it took just three seconds
And in three, I fell in love

You are the illuminant to my shadows
The painkiller to all my sorrows
I will watch and wait earnestly
Until you say "Yes" my love
Not even tribe or religion can separate us
Afterall, true love is patient
144 · Sep 2020
I Miss You
Babatunde Raimi Sep 2020
When you left, I was empty
You took a part of me away
And travelled with it
In my sleep I sway and move
Dancing to the tunes of the flute we play
But the sound is no longer intriguing
Like the times you press the notes

I prayed to the gods for your safe return
Offered sacrifices for favour
You are my yesterday, my today, my tomorrow
Even when your clothing mask your beauty
It still radiates like the stars beautifully tucked above
When I swim in your river of dreams
I get drunk in the desire to swim therein forever

I miss you like Nepa; my Paradise
I cuddle your picture all day long
A perfect definition of insanity I guess
Your absence makes me feel banged up
I just want you by my side now and forever
For a re-union will be worth all the gold in the world
When are you coming back My Paradise?
141 · Dec 2019
Revolution Africa
Babatunde Raimi Dec 2019
A Poem: Revolution Africa*

All hail the Lion King
King Flair Simasiku
A certified change agent
You seem calm, cool and collected
How did you overcome fear
Dining with the king of the jungle
You even spoke their language
When you say "Roar", they roar
When you say "Walk", they walk

Where is Rafiki?
Did he give you the pass code
How did you surmount the insurmountable
"This is not a small something oh"
Success is not for Lilly hearts
But brave heart like you
They said real shekels lays in their mouth
Can you help demystify this mystery?

Tell me King Simasiku
How did you overcome your fears?
How did you win their hearts?
Was Rafiki instrumental
For he is the mouthpiece of the gods
He is the most popular Monkey on earth
Plesse say a word for us

Tell us King of the Jungle
How can we posses a Lion heart
When our leaders coveted the Lion share
They **** our national assets with impunity
Tell me King Simasiku
How do we blaze the trail
Just like you did
The whole world will hear your name
Be kind, take us to your Kingdom
Far away in Namibia
From you, we seek true knowledge

You inspire us King Simasiku
We are a people suffering and smiling
But if you teach us your ways
That we might be bold as a Lion
Then we can face our fears
And make 2020 count
Just like the Eagle Fola
She already raised the bar
And you, you killed it with this exposure

Brace up for impact
This is no PowerPoint
This is no Photoshop
Not even paint or corel draw
This is reality, get close at your peril
The morale behind this
Face your fears or die trying
Even if you perish
The world will remember you
Do it not for yourself
But for your Simba
That they may enjoy tomorrow

There are Scars lurking around
But we will always run to Rafiki
The just and Only Wise One
We refuse to be manipulated
And flee to return like Simba
We will fight for the glory of Africa
And chase every Mufasa out
Wake up Africa!
The hour to liberate her has come
Just say the word my King
And we will follow
Revolution Africa!
136 · Apr 2020
This Is Not A Drill
Babatunde Raimi Apr 2020
If Ondo is used for settlers
And Ogun is a river
Tell me about Oyo, an empire

You mispell Gwosh as Jos
Recognised Sokoto, a market
Far away from Osun, a river

Lakes is to Lagos
As Kogin is to Kogi
And Kebbi is synonymous to Ka'abba

Janzama, women power inspired Katsina
But Kano was a Blacksmith
While Kaduna means Crocodile

The people of the golden soils of Jigawa
To the river Imo Mmiri
They don't speak Gombe at all

Take me to the hills of "Enu Ugwu"
Following the hills in "Okiti"
Without navigating through Iduu

All Ebonyi are "Aboine"
Close the Delta that marries the atlantic
And Oyono, makes you Cross River

Don't say Benue, say "Binuwe"
Balga, Yelga, Salga formed Bayelsa
And I love Kasashen Bauchi

"Anyim Oma Mbala kwenu!"
But I love ladies from "Kwa Iboe"
Only legends understands this

Tell them I told you
Adamawa is a warrior
While Abia is a coinage

If I missed your state
Go back to the history books
This is just a drill...
133 · May 2020
You Are Not Alone
Babatunde Raimi May 2020
Like a palmtree
You have held on strong
Trusting not in chariots
But The Uncreated Creator
HE promised victory
So, hang on, it's in view
Because God said so

Sometimes the tide comes strong
With torrents so powerful
But the best of Sailors smiles
Because it's just another day at sea
Wrapped up in glory and splendour

Look backwards with gratitude
Forward as an incurable optimist
For today is a reminiscence
Indulge and be happy
For it heralds the day you were born
And the heavens rejoiced
See the world as your stage
For He alone deserves all the praise

You are not alone
It is for a reason you are here
As God's greatest creation
Imbued with possibility mentality
And when all is done and dusted
I'll be here like a Fan
Cheering you on and on
For in lifting one another,s we grow
121 · Apr 2020
A Lecturer Once Said
Babatunde Raimi Apr 2020
Mr. Lecturer once said
Just one night, you won't fail
You wearing Rasta hair,
This question is for you
Have you bought my handout?
It is not compulsory, but...
Which textbook am I teaching you from?

By all means avoid carryovers
It is worse than heartbreak
Know what works for you
Like a Lion, seperate yourself
But "A" is for the ancestors
"B" is for the serious students
"C" is for everyone, "Awon saddists"

Rome wasn't built in a day
You musn't graduate in four
You can spend six for four
Just take your time
Government will still pay me
Stop and ponder my friend
Is education still the key to success?

Don't be discouraged
I know a few good ones
Not all the prophets in Egypt
Bowed to the Eyptian god, Baal
Arm yourself with skill based education
And the world will look for you
Don't say I didn't tell you
119 · Jun 2020
You Are My Still Waters
Babatunde Raimi Jun 2020
You are a class act
Worth more than rubbies
You are my amazing magic wand
I'm glad you won the primaries

You are my green pastures
And my mesmerizing still waters
I pray to be your first good morning
And your last goodnight

You are God's purpose for my life
Strategically positioned for my rising
If you say "No", I'll die
Will you marry me?
118 · Jun 2020
Will You Marry Me, Please?
Babatunde Raimi Jun 2020
You are a "Beautiful One" to watch
Fun to be with, graceful as a ballerina
Look! I want to follow you like the shadows
Hang over you like the stars

I want you in my dreams now and always
In my arms, to have and to hold
On my shirt, dotted with your lipstick  
You and I, together forever

There are ladies, but you are "My Lady"
My world, My heartbeat. You are "The One"
Let's sign the dotted lines and do life together
Will you marry me, please?
109 · Feb 2020
No Need For Aphrodisiacs
Babatunde Raimi Feb 2020
Exercise like Billy Blanks
Then punch it like Anthony Joshua
Meander like Lionel Messi
Drive it like Chrisriano Ronaldo
Play around like Neymar da Silver Santos
Swim a d swim like Michael Phelps
Whatever you do?
Never loose your mojo like Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Eyes on the ball like Serena Williams
Hit it hard like Rafael Nadal
Or do you prefer Tiger woods?
Until you hear her sing like Beyonce Giselle Knowles
Twerk like Cardi B
Don't stop cruising like Michael Shumacher
Except you are in a hurry to meet your ancestors
No need for aphrodisiacs
When you have natural smoothies
Above is how to keep her
Repeat these lines over again
And she'll love you forever
Babatunde Raimi Sep 2019
Oh! Africa!
Let me tell you
About my dearest Africa
The cradle of human civilization
The land of wonders!

Undoubtedly, the second most populous
Of all the continents
Where Gazzeles run to survive
And Lions pursue to feed
In a battle of survival

Let me tell you about Africa
Covering six percent of earths surface
Home to Nelson Mandela
And greats like Fela Anikulapo Kuti

But for Ethiopia and Liberia
We were all colonised
Introduced to foreign gods and culture
In all these occurrence
We never forgot Africa!

170millon of us speak Arabic
130million speak French
With over 2000 different languages
We are the kings of diversity

Let me tell you about Africa
Where we hold the ace
As the hottest continent on earth
Surely, a noble bragging right!

Go back to your history books
Let's set the record straight
Africa is not a country
Neither do we live on trees
It is a blessed and peculiar continent

Let me tell you about Africa
Where our only problem is governance
And corruption reigns supreme
Oh! Africa! My Africa!

Wait a second!
Are you planning a getaway?
Visit the Omo River in Ethiopia
The birthplace of Emperor Halie Selasie

Would you like to track Gorillas?
Then would love it
The Virunga Mountains of DR Congo
It is worth all your penny

The breathe taking scenery
That Zanzizar offers
Will make you relocate to Africa
Surely we are
The real Ministers of Enjoyment

If you want a birds view
Of our beautiful continent
Make it to the tallest mountain in Africa
Mountain Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
It stands at 19,340feet

Kenya reminds you of nature
Cape Town, our most beautiful City
The Mummies and Pyramids of Egypt
And the delicacies of Calabar, Nigeria

It is appointed to die once
But before you do
Visit our beautiful continent
Your life will never remain the same
That your education may be complete
And I hope this inspires you!
101 · Sep 2019
I Am Truly Sorry
Babatunde Raimi Sep 2019
You are a part of me
Your life flows through me
Directly through my veins
You dont just walk away
No you can't Baby
Except we never were
If we are meant to be
No wall can separate us
At least not my wall
I am currently confined
In a prison of your creation
You are the reason I was created
Together, we will win
I am truly sorry Baby
101 · Sep 2019
Bros., Wey You?
Babatunde Raimi Sep 2019
A Poem: Bros., Wey You?*

Bros., Wey you?
I hear say your game tight
I wan hear your market
You no need to drop shekels
I just wan help you

Come make me reason
No cone form Asari for me
I no be Orpkorpise oh
Na lashing things oh
You know now!

Abeg make you do pem oh
Na white sky I go take come
Make your name dey your neck oh
Preye say you Gallant dia
Oya, make we enter yonder

Make you walensh well oh
Dem no dey use shame drink poison
I see you, I see heaven
After every don kpomkpi
Las las, we go dey alright

No worry, wetin be suya
If I want make my mouth dey busy
I go just dey blow whistle
So you no go provoke
Know say Lasgidi Erema no fit

When I finish with you
You go know say devil na area boy
Na God be Godfather
Kpata kpata na draw
Warri Erema no dey carry last

I go soon bracket you for Effurun junction
Before omuta go enter
No time to check time
This motor dey delay my destiny
I don dey reach your crib

My temper dey rise now
And I no fit use am boil rice
Afterall, no vero for maternity ward
When I work you finish
You go hear alaba

Today, he no get as he be
I go run your matter wella
I know say you go make sense
Abeg, wuna gi mi cold shack for di side
Nothing dey happen

Babatunde Raimi (c)
Author/Life Coach/Poet
98 · Oct 2019
Transactional Sex
Babatunde Raimi Oct 2019
From the days of Adam
To the reign of King David
Even to the house of Judah
And to ancient Rome
This long age exercise
Has been a powerful tool
But they all paid dearly for it

So efficient it could start a war
As much as end it also
A perfect bargaining tool
It makes you larger than life
In the animal kingdom
It is blood for blood
As they mark their territories
With faeces and *****

How the migthies fall
To this age long act
Sometimes it is Sweet
Other times it is bitter
Often times you **** the consequences
In a bid to just satisfy your libido

For the rich, a tool for oppression
The poor, a means to an end
Our universities aren't exempted
We've heard of *** for grades
And grades for ***
Even *** for movie roles and jobs

I don't care why you did it
If you ever did it
Or still doing it
You are a *******
Or a confirm brostitute
Transactional *** is wrong
It'll never be a means to an end

You sleep with men for phones
You want to appear classy
You open your legs to pay bills
Even guys aren't left out
They prey on smart working ladies
All for the love of money

What differentiates you from *** workers?
You sleep with your boss for promotion
Go down with clients for cheques
Then you say, "Don't ask, Don't tell"
Legalise, register, let's know you as a *** worker

"The thing wey dey sweet dey ****"
Each time you go down with them
A deposit of them is placed in you
You carry what they carry
Afterall, you have their deposit in you
Who knows if your kid is his kid?

And to you Bros. ******,
She takes care of your expenses
For ****** favours and satisfaction
You should be ashamed
If you don't repent now
The next one might bestow on you
That dreaded disease, its called AIDS
90 · Feb 2020
Don't Stop
Babatunde Raimi Feb 2020
If I asked you to nail me
Till your heart will fail you
I'm just asking for more
Requesting you push harder

If I asked you to hit it
Pump it like your get-away card
All you got to do is push faster
Twerk, a little to the right and left

Until you hear the sounds
Of soothing joy and satisfaction
And the phrase "I'm coming"
Don't stop, because you just nailed it!
84 · May 2020
I Can't Breathe
Babatunde Raimi May 2020
I can't breathe
I can't breathe from oppressions
Oppressions of slavery
How can I breathe from racism?
I can't breathe from the oppressions of corruption

I await when we'll become humans
When Black lives matters
When they'll feel my pain
Yours is a tragedy gone too far
Maybe after you, we can breathe
Did you really have to die, Floyd?

If there is a Judah in every twelve
Shall we blame the Judas?
Or institutions that protects racism?
How long shall we be quiet
And accept man's inhumanity to humans?

From the evil days of the world war
To traumatic military regimes
And then, demonstration of craze
Where is the justice, democracy?
What is wrong in being black?

You teared in the west
It echoed in the north
Vibrated in the south
And came down strong in the east
When your sun set at noonday
In like manner, the moon got darkened  

This scale is not balanced
The scale of justice and freedom
This is the world we live in
Where might equates right
When you sit and do nothing right
You are but an infinitesimal part of our problem

Where will the pendulum swing?
To be or not or be in a perverse world
When will our Moses use his rod
The rod of equality for all
Regardless of colour, race or tribe?

Bravo to word and pen artist word over
Defenders of the defenceless and justice ambassadors
I wish I could turn around time
When life really mattered
Including black lives
Only then can we truly breathe...
82 · Oct 2019
Trouble In Paradise
Babatunde Raimi Oct 2019
As you walked by
You carried an aura
I saw the tiger in your swagger
Even when you danced
It was a death roll
A dance of death
Like the mighty Crocs in Africa
Come, come to me your eyes called!

Weak but adventurous
I was willing to take a risk
After all, "All die na die"
You invited me to your hallowed chamber
I pounced every corner of your palace
An exact replica of the acts of Samson and Delilah
I positioned for a rematch
Nothing tasted sweeter I swear
Then you faded away, forever...

As my world fell
I was caught in between two worlds
No doubt, that of life and death
Nothing in life is really free
It comes with a cost
A stigma I have to live it
Because I lacked self discipline
It was a sweet bitter fling
That left an incurable stigma for life

Don't pray for me
My choice is made
This is for you
Before you walk that walk
Think of the consequences
Lest what befell me comes on you
Don't say I didn't tell you
There can be trouble in paradise
Save you are ready to say "Yes"
79 · Dec 2019
Sail With Me
Babatunde Raimi Dec 2019
I don't know where this boat will dock
I don't know where it is taking us
But surely my dear
Ours is not to know tomorrow
If we take it one paddle per time
Living one day at a time
The tide might sway us aright
To a life of bliss
I guarantee there will tempest storms
The type in the days of Noah
Give me your heart my dear
Sail with me in this lonely journey
For in oneness we are strong
Only then can be berth safely
On this journey called love
77 · Jan 2020
Religious Scam
Babatunde Raimi Jan 2020
For the want of miracles
My people have become gullible
Muscled and brainwashed by fake oracles
Masters of psychology and "wash wash" miracles
Robbing them of their wealth and bangles

How long shall we be susceptible
To the charades of these scientists
Who masquerade as holier than Jesus
Poverty stricken scam artists
Who pose as Deputy Jesus

HE has ears, HE can hear
HE has hands, HE can save
Heaven and earth is HIS
the earth and the fullness therein
Why ask a creation, when you can ask the Creator?

Your mother is a witch
Your inlaws flies in the night
Until you **** them, no peace
I pity your condition
Be careful who counsels you
Lest they cancek you out of life

Give me, give me is how babies pray
What must I do, the lines of Kings
Until you settle with the word
You will never cross to the other side

Stop rubbishing your education
So many herberlist are now prophets
All they require is to say the words
You automatically becomes their "Maga"

The Spirit of Jah is in all men
My Pastor said, my Daddy said
That is how many marriages got destroyed
Blood transfusion is a curse
By it so many stars were murdered
By brainwashed and murderous parents

Sit with the word like Paul
Fast and pray like a true discipline
Seek Him in truth and in spirit
Then praise Him like David
Let me see that challenge that will stand

He is an open handed God
He allows His children make choices
If you return to Him genuinely
The world will soon  gather to celebrate you
Enough of Religious Scam, "Mbok"
Babatunde Raimi Mar 2020
The hour has come
Bride walks in with her father
All through the aisle
While I wait anxiously
The the Pastor pops
"Do you promise to love her"
"To have and to hold"
"For better for best"
"Till death do you part"

As I say my lines, "Yes, I do"
Wear the rings
I hear the voice
"You may kiss her succulent lips"
How on Zeus green world did he know?
Hope will skip that dreaded lines
"Is there anyone here..."
I am afraid of karma
Lest my sins finds me

Low budget wedding
Bride and groom's parents
Two officiating Pastors
Best man and Chief Bridesmaid
Ring bearer and little bridesmaid
Just one witnesses apiece
Trust me, this is best time
To walk the aisle
Maximum twelve attendees

No invitation nor reception
No over-rated wedding planner
No decorator, just photographer
Son of man, be wise!
For the single and waiting
There is a beauty in Tragedy
This is so cost effective
Covid 19 inspired, limited edition
The time is now....
Babatunde Raimi Nov 2019
In you lies the grace to inspire, to make others grow.
You also have the fire that makes God's words glow.
You never seem to tire to share all that you know,
You want all before the retire, to think about cash flow.
You find time in life's quagmire to lift up every soul,
You are blessed, equipped and empowered,  
I know because God says so!
74 · Nov 2019
Oh God Of Shiloh
Babatunde Raimi Nov 2019
Captives of identity
Living in a prison of their own creation
They sleep and slumber?
When the world is moving
Wake up from your slumber
You slow and sluggard
Else you'll have no real identity

Go out and seek knowledge
Knowledge liberates and beautifies
Your choice, not chance
Determines the quality of your life
Receive the apostolic revelation  
That will grant you grace and speed
That's how legends roll

Now that you know
Run with this
Obedience is key to success
Spice with action and you will fly
Take my counsel now
So when the Egyptians sell their houses
You will be buying in abundance

In this season of uncertainty
You need wisdom to navigate
Wisdom, the right application of knowledge
You want to be an endtime financial trustee?
Follow the covenant
As enshrined in the books
See Mathew Chapter 6 verse 33

God is about to rewrite your story
Are you covenantly ready?
Your maker is about to raise you
Who can erase whom God has raised?
As we worship and serve HIM
We will break limits on every side
For HIS covenant will HE not break

Life is full of questions
But God is all you need
Let your eyes be single
And you'll find answers
If your heart is in place
You'll enjoy swift response from HIM
Come, pray, worship, praise
Serve HIM in truth and spirit

Oh! Lord God of Shiloh
I come to you as I am
I see mighty men abound
But you are the Almigthy
Nothing is impossible for You
They have mockedmon everyside
If only they knew you were preparing me
They would have worshiped

Many look, only a few see
I can see Josephs and Jacobs
Like a Sentry, they are taking their place
As God rewrites the story of Africa
In fulfilment of our glorious destiny
Your name shall not be missing
Welcome to the future
72 · Mar 2020
Dear Lord
Babatunde Raimi Mar 2020
Like a Jaguar
A very dangerous enemy lurks
The symtoms are unique
Vaccines hard to find
Today, our cities are empty
As this virus spreads

On bended kneels we lay
To the skies above we plead
To the Great Physician above
From whence cometh our help
Forgive, return we shall
Rid our land of this plague

The sunlight is fading
Your children are dying
Alongside heroic health workers
But once upon a time
The earth enjoyed peace
That which is now elusive

Now, no where to hide
Save under Your shadows
Tired are we of this devil's dance
We seek you in truth and in spirit
You did it before in Egypt
Dear Lord, please do it again
69 · Apr 2020
Take Me To Namibia
Babatunde Raimi Apr 2020
Let us travel to Namibia
Let me take you to the Himba tribe
Maybe you call you them Ovahimba
They offer hospitality at its best
Whatever you do my friend
Wherever you find yourself
Always remember your cultural identity?

They are a people united by blood
Have you heard of "Okujepisa omukazendu?"
An age long cultural practice
If you can offer me your wife
As a form of hospitality
I can give you my life
That is the height of their bond

Who needs water to bath
When they are blessed with red ochre
With a daily smoke bath
The output, a glowing skin
I am dreaming it already
My Himba tribesmen are friendly
But if you cross the line
Things can change very fast

Call it by whatever name
I don't care about your education
What value is it to any
If you already lost you
In your quest to re-discover you
Please, take me to Namibia
That fine country somewhere in Africa
Babatunde Raimi Nov 2019
There is a good day to die
But not today
I could hear their heartbeats
As they clung to their chests
I saw different shades of rosary
Chants of "Allahu"rented the air
Then it crossed my mind
Is it today?

We all want to make heaven
But none wants to die
This doomsday seems close
As hyperventilation set in
Why should a man wield so much?
To determine who lives and doesn't
Still, like a serpent
I stayed calm

I should have written my will
Many portray it as a death sentence
But it only makes me responsible
It is not a death sentence
What happens to my dependants?
Will death defray my responsibilities to them?
Maybe I should have gotten life insurance
Better have it and not need it
Than need it and not have it

Now it seems closer
I could feel me tense
Sweating and trembling
Suddenly I heard a voice
Peace, be still
This too shall pass away
For I am with you
Who are you i queried
This time with a louder voice
I am, the "I Am That I Am"

My covenant will I not break
For your sake, your chariot is preserved
My Angels are with you
Just let not your heart be troubled
And your eyes single
I will do it again
If the heart of kings is in My hands
Is there anything to hard for Me?

Panic attacks vanished
We conquered thanatophobia
As the time cometh
Those sons of perdition  approached
Suddenly, they turned on themselves
Just like the days of old
They left the way they came
His words did He not break
For today, not a good day to die!
64 · Mar 2020
It's A Goooaaal !
Babatunde Raimi Mar 2020
There is no fixture yet
Because I am afraid of loosing  
Even if I applied VAR
It is still susceptible to error
So I'll remain on the bench

Say goodbye to local leagues
We are made for the championship
No time for trials
Because no time to check time
If you know, you know

I've got to position properly
Like the moon to the sun
If I want to enjoy the season
When it finally kicks off
Before transfer window opens

Over time I have issued cards
Fourteen red cards and two yellows
I am done, like done
No loan deals, outright  purchase desired
Terms and conditions apply

Even when I succumbed to pre-season
It almost resulted to penalties
I'm afraid of loosing out completely
Especially as my biological clock ticks
If you know you know

To all you monitoring spirits
With your evil analysis and assumptions
Tell me; who can cover the glory of the sun?
Analysts forming  deputy Jesus
That day, I'll see you in the stands
For it will surely come to pass

I refuse to be relegated
I might not have the skills of Messi
The strenght of Ronaldo
The dexterity of Dijk
Or the grace of Pele
But my time will come

I might be on the bench now
Studying, waiting and learning
But that's how stars are made
Until they are called to action
Backed by the grace of the Backer

And when all is done
Blazing through trials and  temptations
With joy and gladness in our heart
Together we shall chorus
And it's a gooooooal!!!
Hang on! You are very close!
64 · Jun 2020
Justice (2)
Babatunde Raimi Jun 2020
Something light
By day or night
Is just not right
It is tainted with fights

From a cockfight
I have foresight  
Based on hindsight
It'll end in a fistfight

Also, if she is water-tight
And you break it over-night
Be ready for a bullfight
Your generation will end as a bombsight

Clad in a tight
Gives you no right
To cultivate her headlight
All rights reserved for "her night"

It will be my delight
To see you out of sight
Incarcerated just downright
Oh justice! How so sweet and right.
63 · Oct 2020
Your Last Everything
Babatunde Raimi Oct 2020
You came into my world and ignited my thunder.
You are the salt that sweetens my day and the moon that brightens my night.

The fire you ignited burns like a candle and the glow therefrom shakes the rubble in my heart.

Call me by my name and let me unleash the catalogue of emotions I have consecrated for you over the years.

I might not be your first everything, but please let me be your last everything waxing strong in love till fade.
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