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with a face so purely divine, as if in his presence I wore lenses built solely to detect the most godlike of masterpieces—a preview of things holier than psalm written by the apostles themselves—he knew not of his masculine beauty and enchanting charm. I knew I would love him—perhaps I knew I already had. then he smiled and without a word his eyes told me he was thinking the same thing too.
Love said,

                 "Don't die, you are the dream our earth will always need & the hope our galaxy has been holding onto. You are all this Universe has been waiting for."
and then i heard life offer her a fairytale
spring is a blushing girl with a morning song.
just a letter away are Miss Lovely & Mr. Lonely
ah, but,
very rarely do they write one another.
just before the Beginning of Time
i Saw you, and you, me
and i have missed you ever since.
her smile made wilted Flowers reconsider their Fate
and stormy Clouds re-evaluate their Fears.
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