Gelo de Ocampo Sep 2017

I am really afraid on the conception of being an outcast
I don't know when, where or how it was started but every time I talk to someone without knowing their opinion, it creeps me out and it gives goosebumps down to my spine and I cant help but remain silent
Everything doesn't mean I hate or I don't trust myself. I graduated college with flying colors and presently taking Masters Degree but still it so hard for me to decide

Gelo de Ocampo Feb 2015

What happened to me 'cause today I was distress
People around doesn't understand me
They were thinking I am tough
Thinking that I am not hurting
And they think that I am alright

I can't take this anymore
I don't know what to do with my life
I just ask people to understand me
But they does not

People giving me  a reason to get weak
To be more pessimist
I really wanted to cry above my knees
I need someone to talk to

A friend that will try his/her best to comfort me
A friend that  can understand what I felt and listen carefully to what I say
A friend that I can lean on
A friend that I can use his/her shoulders to cry on
And a friend that  I can feel what's true friendship it was

I really wanted to cry right now.
Can you be my friend?

Hi! :) Can somebody is willing to be my friend?
Gelo de Ocampo Aug 2011

Praying is one of my ways to release my pain
I talk to God to help me out of my pain
I am stressed doing all the things that I hate
And that’s the thing is pushing you away

I don’t know the reason why’d you leave me
You’re the only person I love who do that to me
For you seems like everything is ok
But for me, everything is not ok

Love is not a competition
But for us, it is like a game
We treat each other just like a prize
And that’s the game I’m winning like

The game that we have is no one
Can get in love
But for me is hard to can’t get in love
Because you’re the only guy that I love

I don't want to have  a game like this...:(((
Gelo de Ocampo Aug 2011

Are we friends or are we not?
You told me once, but I forgot
So tell me now and tell me true
So I can say I am here for you

Of all the friends I have ever met
You are the one which that I never can get
I’m in love on someone
And that’s my friend that I can’t get

I’ll do everything just to proved to you
That I am sincere on loving you
I don’t care if you disturb me
Because I get disturbed when you don’t disturbed me at all

Of all the friends I have ever met
You are the one, I’ll never forget
And if I die before you do
I’ll be in paradise waiting for you

I'm still waiting!!:))
Gelo de Ocampo Aug 2011

Every day in my life is just a nightmare to me
I don’t know what to do
I don’t know what to react
And I don’t know what will going to be happen

It seems like no one can see me
And seems like no one loving me
I’m not an EMO
But you keep telling that it is me

It’s not over, but it is over
I give you the chance to make it
But you didn’t
I’m falling apart, and I’m falling apart
And I am vulnerable on making you apart

I’m waiting for your call
But I didn’t hear any ring
I am falling right now
And I can’t get it up

I need your loving hands
To come and pick me up
That’s why I’d realized
Pushing you away is hurting me a lot

I'm not EMO...'cause i'm a ROCKSTAR...hahahaha!!:))
Gelo de Ocampo Aug 2011

Every life has a struggles that you need to face off
Sometimes we cry but sometimes we laugh
Sometimes we fall in love, sometimes hurting so bad
But you need to be strong to make your life better
We chose EVERYTHING we want
We used our mind to do everything in our lives
Even we don't have any choices that we can do
It is better to fight and don't give up
Don't lose hope!
Just be ready and be cool to the problem you encountered
everyday, tomorrow and today
Be friendly and love the person who loves you
So that, If they disappear you have memories
You can kept for the rest of your life

Its really hard to live in this world without ANYTHING you considered NOTHING...Make sense:))
Gelo de Ocampo Aug 2011

Every night I go to my bed
It’s really hard for me to sleep
I can’t figure it out why is it
Because you’re like a sheep always in me

It’s the middle of the night already
That’s why I decide to write this
For me to fall asleep
And now I am asleep because of doing this

We saw each other
We are really sweet to each other
We care to each other
And we really love each other

I was thinking this is just a dream
And I don’t want to wake up anymore
Loving you in a dream is really hard
Because you just come into my mind
When I am going to sleep

I really cared for you from the very start
That’s why everyday is hurting me so bad
I’ve never ever even cross my mind
That I will fall in love with you

But you are always there behind
To catch me when I’m falling down
That’s why I realize that loving you is
The best thing that I can do

I don't remember how i wrote this, but anyway try to comment if its worth it:)) Thanks
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