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1h · 3
Cursed sword
Dustin 1h
Sometimes to win a war,
one must douse his sword with poison.
Idek at this point :3
Apr 17 · 152
Dustin Apr 17
The devil kept writing of the word of god
negating it
twisting it
finding his way out of the condemnation
of the deity's words.

Bit by bit the pitch-black ink
of his heavy dark pen,
glowed red with his wrath.

He felt alone.
He felt sorrow.
He felt fear.
All the while he was being engulfed by rage.

He just wanted to be held
to be accepted
to feel safe
to be loved.

His pride prevented him to think
that he might not be enough
that he does not deserve such kindness,
but deep inside
his dark and lonely soul,
he wishes for the woman he dearly loves.
Mar 22 · 838
Dustin Mar 22
I tell the moon stories of you.
I wonder if she tells you about me too.
Mar 21 · 246
Dustin Mar 21
I’m a terrible teacher,
or perhaps it’s a mismatch of student

I watch over from a distance,
seeing them heal and grow with proudness
in my eyes,
seeing them realise on their own
the things I failed to teach them
the messages I failed to get through
and the wisdom I failed to share.
Sequel after time skip
Mar 20 · 82
Dustin Mar 20
There will always be
two words
that will open
a lot of doors
in your life.
They are push and pull
It’s a joke ****
Mar 2 · 969
Dustin Mar 2
So this is what growth feels like.

Knowing that you are your own castle.
Staying strong to withstand
the test of time,
letting some towers fall
for new ones to rise.

The past months have been
an this endless cycle
of vain destruction and creation
forcing upon myself to bring ruin to my
imperfect castle,
rushing to build anew,
a more refined and elegant masterpiece,
without even getting a chance to enjoy
that once in a lifetime view.
I have to slow down and make the right turns
Feb 26 · 51
Dustin Feb 26
It’s been a year,
the once magnificent dragon flame
still keeps me warm at night
it still burns in the embers of my soul.

It’s been a year,
there remains a gentle flame
that warms my heart
in the coldness of the night

It’s been a year,
But let me love you
once again
with all my might
Feb 12 · 48
Dustin Feb 12
To what extent can you say that you are friends?
Will you be able to sacrifice for them?
Give them time, effort, or even your life.
Will you be able to betray them?
For the depth of pain tells you how much you mean to them.
Will you be able to pledge your loyalty to them?
To be there, to love them unconditionally even when they are no longer there.

Heed these words of a broken soul,
one that loved truly and greatly,
who sacrificed, betrayed and pledged loyalty to his best friend.

Learn to love agony,
for life is full of it.
I have seen first hand what this life does to people.
It’s a lonely path.
Don’t make life lonelier than it has to be.
Feb 12 · 33
Dustin Feb 12
It seems hope is not enough,
to fill an empty heart,
when one is haunted by despair
from the start.
Feb 4 · 77
Studious playtime
Dustin Feb 4
I like to think that I’m a king on a throne,
managing my kingdom of activities and projects.

Sometimes I’m a knight,
fighting ferociously against a dragon,
named paper work.

At times, I’m a ninja
slyly evading questions for recitation,
sneaking in a few minutes of sleep.

At the end of the day,
I kept my land at peace,
I have slain the dragon
And I have accomplished my mission.
I’m still a student after all.
Feb 2 · 44
Dustin Feb 2
I write to thee
a letter, a prose.
Of feeling and thought,
conveniently conveyed
by words on paper.

“Tu me manques”
You are missing from me.
You have become an essential part of me
an irreplaceable fragment of my being.
I am terrified to admit that
I long for your presence,
your comfort,
your empathy,
your being.
However, my burning desire
to be the person that makes you happy
to be the person that makes you feel loved
to be the person that keeps you safe is fading
but know that always, I’ll care.
And so whatever that I will be rebuilding
is due to the fact that I care
and I recognise your worth.
And that you’re a person not worth losing.
Jan 21 · 53
Grief | Depression
Dustin Jan 21
Took a while
was in denial when I first heard
that you moved on quicker than
I could've ever known you're still hurt
swear for a while I'd stare at the phone just to see your name
but if you would call
I won't really know what to say
I hate that I'm like this
when things don't go my way
I needed you to fix it
and somehow you did
but I didn't know you were still hurting

now suddenly you didn't want me back
said you wanted someone you deserve
don't claim I don't miss all that we had
said I don't really care how much it hurts
because I broke you first

now suddenly I'm longing for you back
i caused you pain that you did not deserve
i might never understand
but tell me why the **** this hurts?
when I broke you first.
Stitched rewrites w/ minor tweaks | draft
Jan 21 · 48
Dustin Jan 21
I kept your goodbyes,
your knives hidden in words.

I keep reading
and staring at them.
Making sense
of what I received,
I might get it wrong
but you’re not here
to help me understand
what you meant.

I read them with a smile
knowing I grew in your absence,
I’m getting comfortable in my own skin,
hoping for a hello again
in the future.
another one stuck in the drafts
Jan 16 · 72
Wake up
Dustin Jan 16
Getting up with a sigh,
Reminiscent of the pain and joy
of what used to be,
Wandering to where
my next step should be
Waking up to these thoughts
Jan 13 · 34
Grief | Acceptance
Dustin Jan 13
it's ironic for a devil
to speak of love

most especially when he's withering
in agony
"when will the suffering end?
I just want to be happy again"

I sat beside the river of styx
skipping stones
as I try to heal my broken wings

staring to the abyss of souls,
I asked myself,
"will I be able to get over her?"
"will I be able to unlove as she claims she did?"
"idiotic.", I thought.

reaching out to the heavens
to where she is,
"I'll never be able to stop loving you,
but I'll have to stop choosing you."
said a longing devil with
a sigh of agony and relief
devil 2.0
Jan 11 · 148
Dustin Jan 11
I could build my empire,
rule the world,
conquer every quest.
But what’s the use?
What is it for?
stuck in the drafts for months and just thought of the title :3
Jan 10 · 45
My wish amidst chaos
Dustin Jan 10
My thoughts in scribbles,
I reach out to heaven
praying your name.

As the deafening silence
engulfed me at the very ground I stood,
My legion of demons stood with me,
and prayed to wish you are safe.
The light within me became angels that wish you happiness.
Dustin Jan 10
The hedgehog’s dilemma
Or the so called, lover’s paradox
states that despite goodwill, human intimacy cannot occur
without substantial mutual harm.

Naturally humans are scared of getting hurt,
That they build walls
and defend themselves with pikes.
By the same logic,
hedgehogs curl up
defending themselves
with their spikes.

And this is where love plays its part.
You must go through their defences,
letting that barrier they made gently down,
and endure the battle wounds that awaits
as you too open yourself up
To be vulnerable for the people you love.
Dustin Dec 2020
I’m not happy because you’re no longer in my life.
I’m happy because I know that I am healing and growing in your absence, and resting easy that I know that you’re working on yourself too.
Her absence is still saddening but I can only miss her and move on,, at least for now.
Dec 2020 · 48
Dustin Dec 2020
Until our next eclipse,
my beloved moon.
some words that weighs heavy in my heart.
Dec 2020 · 34
Dustin Dec 2020
To that little childlike romantic,

I pray that you never lose hope.
I pray that you always see the good in people.
I pray that you keep on loving.

You always have been a gentle soul,
you never lost your softness and light
even as the world caved in.

To be honest,
I kind of envied you
I envied you for how deeply you can trust
I envied you for how you could still love
I envied you for the hope you brightly carry
even after what we have been through.

I’m so sorry for making you cry
with all my fears,
and heartbreaks.
I’m sorry for making you suffer
from the consequences of my actions
And the backlashes of my brokenness.
I appreciate you for staying by me,
even as our thoughts spiralled at 2 am,
even as the world gave up on us.  

As I reach out to you with these words,
I hope that we can find balance,
for you are the goodness and
I am wickedness,
for a brighter future for the both of us.

And lastly,
I want you to remember that you’re good enough, and that you matter.

The devil at the other side of the mirror
This is self care, i guess
Nov 2020 · 43
Dustin Nov 2020
There are no true monsters
only people,
people that made
killers and thieves,
by showing them their shortcomings
instead of their capacity to be good.
Oct 2020 · 197
Dustin Oct 2020
It's those moments when I see you in bed,
with messy hair and sleepy eyes,
covered in sheets, cosying up in your soft pillows.

It's those mirror selfies,
seeing you so smile so shyly,
goofing off adorably.

It's the random photos of you that you send,
letting me know if you're bored, stressed,
brightening my day up

It's those moments when you just dress up
asking me which looks better,
urging me to dress up too

It's those time that we post couple outfits in IG
Getting creative with our stories
teasing each other with who did better

It's those moments when we FaceTime
while we work
while we cook and
simply when we do random stuff like art.

Are the times and moments I love sharing with you.
Sep 2020 · 43
Guardian devil
Dustin Sep 2020
Embracing this devilish persona
quite suited me.
It wasn't because I was evil
merely unorthodox,
Seeing, knowing, understanding
things a person like me shouldn't.
Living by the dark triad
having power, riches and anonymity.

I was once omnipotent
having the world bending over my will.
I was once omnipresent
always there whenever someone dear needed.
I was once omniscient
always knowing how to help and what to do.

All of that was thrown away...
I tried to do good by your means...

and I liked it.
bit by bit you drew me to the light
learning to do things in the way you said was right

As I keep on going through this journey,
I just remembered that I was once..

your guardian devil.
Aug 2020 · 52
Main Character
Dustin Aug 2020
Movies and books often tell a fictional story,
a fictitious reality of extravagant fantasy.

People are drawn in by the sunshine and rainbows,
drama and adventures these movies bestow.

But how often do you meet a person
who lives a life of sewn plots
only seen in marvels of fiction?

Having a cliche at every corner,
a plot twist every once and a while,
it gets predictable over time

However, it took a turn
when he decided that his books are to burn,
then he grabbed his pen
to write his story once again.
jus a string of words that just rolled off the tongue :3
Jul 2020 · 563
The greatest apology
Dustin Jul 2020
The devil himself danced around,
spreading chaos and ruin with a smile,
but he fell in love,
and he knew destruction was bound.
Still he took the chance,
a chance to make her smile,
but his claws were too sharp
and wounded the girl,
So he did everything he could
to make up for it.
He cut his horns giving up everything he stood for,
ripped his wings ridding him of his demonic power,
softened his claws till his hands were as soft as a child’s
And he learned kindness, bit by bit as she taught him.
But none of it mattered,
he’s still the devil in her eyes,
A demon she cannot trust.
“The greatest apology is the change of behaviour”
Jun 2020 · 131
Dustin Jun 2020
In the face of an infinite number
of horrible futures
I shall forge a bright one
Jun 2020 · 78
Dustin Jun 2020
This is warfare
a side raising their red flags
and the other with greens

and mistakes
made it ******
made it tiring

this infernal conflict,
this ****** scrimmage,
is something I must go through

to live to see another day
to forge a bright future
with those dear to me

I must now muster up my courage
to decimate all my flaws
my imperfections
red flags and

to be a better man
Jun 2020 · 54
Dustin Jun 2020
It's a dark and empty night
nothingness filling the air
emptiness killing my light

it's heavy and suffocating
this nothingness weighing
down my heart that's barely beating

and once again, oblivion
caged in an empty castle of obsidian
longing for hope in my castle that's labyrinthian  

i now conclude that this solitude isn't peace
this still silence isn't calm
this is

Jun 2020 · 401
Fear behind I love yous
Dustin Jun 2020
I am scared
scared to be abandoned
to be hurt,
yet I am here
risking all I have
To say
I love you.
To mean it,
And to make you feel loved every day.

I’m scared to wake up
knowing that
I no longer have value
to the most precious person to me,
To be deprived of everything important to me.
Yet here I am,
with all my courage
facing uncertainty
Loving you
Jun 2020 · 312
Dustin Jun 2020
Her chaos is a serenade.
Drawing me even closer
Making me fall a little deeper
A masterpiece only some appreciate
A melody only some admire.
She says it’s messy
but I still pay attention
to every position
of every single note
in every single line.
May 2020 · 94
Dustin May 2020
I wish to explore
Venice with you,
the floating city.

I wish us to ride afloat
the canals of memories
making some of our own.

I wish to walk with you
at night at the La Serenissima
Walking by churches and bridges alike.

I simply wish to be with you again
to go on adventures with my greatest adventure
to explore the queen of the adriatic with my queen.
Hihe miss u
May 2020 · 61
Epic tale
Dustin May 2020
the hero
the giant cat
the lass
the hairy beast
the king
the magic cow
the devil
and the flying horse thing
can plot an story
but they cannot compare
to the adventure
you and me
In need of happy ending!!
Dustin May 2020
“Don’t lose yourself” ,
they said
but what exactly
do you lose?
You simply go through and learn
from an experience
and change.
It may be a heartbreak
that taught you not to trust,
or to seal your world away
to escape pain.
Let me tell you this;
You are not a finite thing.
You have the capacity
to do an infinity of great things
to impart what you have
your gifts and talents
and even pieces of you
to those who need it the most
be it the young artist by the park
or the old musician in the sidewalk
or the devil himself.
It’s no longer about the odds
that something will go wrong,
It’s about how much you’ll learn
from something that does
Maybe I’m wrong haha but so what this is how I see things. Some people, including me, went through a lot of pain, that they resort self preservation, I can’t blame them, life has been simply too harsh on them. But I took a leap of faith and scrapped that scarcity mindset and just grow through life, learning from the pain no matter how great it might be and be thankful for it.
May 2020 · 62
Coffee thought • 1 AM
Dustin May 2020
A cup of coffee at 1 AM
Chill beats and lofi music
A discussion of thought
with my demons
Missing her, they said
“You’ll be lonely
and so will she
and neither of you
deserve it”
It’s a broken logic
yet a surprisingly good
food for thought
May 2020 · 741
Nostalgic of an unknown era
Dustin May 2020
It is odd for a soul like mine
to exist in such an era as the present.
A soul who dwells in both past and future,
and seeks for a time that does not exist.
Someone important coined the title and it still keeps me thinking as to this day and this is my interpretation of the said phrase. :3
May 2020 · 75
Dustin May 2020
Master of roulettes,
card counting
and every other game.
Winning bets
And risking odds.
Somewhere along the road
You realise that there are no odds at all
it might be how dealers shuffle the cards
or when they drop the ball.
It is simply the chaotic order of life.
Empirical knowledge,
refined by gamblers
over the years
keeping it secret
and here I am exposing them.
To win black jack or poker,
you must pay heed of the number of cards,
To win the roulette,
you must understand its physics.
In the end,
you simply must work for your rewards
the more it screws up,
the harder it is,
The greater your rewards will be
for you have earned what you want
and learned and grew through your hard work.
For BLT’s word challenge empirical

I was reminded of the times when I used to play casino games with my cousins and incorporated the strategies I use to always win hehe.
May 2020 · 104
A philosopher’s advise
Dustin May 2020
I called a philosopher,
former teacher of mine
for and advice and asked;
“Good evening sir,
I have been left alone again
Could you spare some advice
For a boy who wishes to be better
In his beloved’s absence?”
He told me the secret
and key to growth,
“Gaius” he called me
“I’m proud that you’ve grown
and became a man.”
He talked to me like an equal,
sharing his knowledge about growth
he told me that
I have come a long way
that I learned to compromise
and have sacrifice
I replied with a question asking
“What must I do to grow and be better?”
and his answer shocked me.
He first told me that
He was proud of the progress I had
For the man I had grown to become
He acknowledged my pain and grievance
and reassured me.
And then told me that in order to grow
I must be patient with myself
as have I been with the woman I love
I must acknowledge
the longuers in life and everything else
that happens regardless of bias and pain
as if it were my greatest achievements
And that I must be grateful for everything
and learn from past events as if they were
the greatest gifts that I had received.
Everything else is simply there to be one
of the experiences that
I must learn from, acknowledge and be grateful for
And soon I’ll see myself blooming
for I’m a plant who started growing leaves.
For BLT’s word challenge
And I guess advice for those in need

Hope u guys appreciate it :>
May 2020 · 76
coffee flavoured lips
Dustin May 2020
I will never forget
how hazelnut coffee tastes like
for your kisses engraved it to my memories
In a sunny day in March,
before the pandemic started,
I remember us going to the back of the cafe
where we were supposed to study,
with you having hazelnut coffee
and I with a dissatisfying latte.
We told stories and whatnot,
read poetry books
and played by the water.
I remember you
facing the dilemma of changing clothes,
I remember your soft and calming voice,
I remember you laughing at my reactions
for when you made me read
the ‘***** pretty things’.
I still remember the lines,
some tempting, and naughty lines.
I remember us smile as we watch the waves,
how we felt at home with one another.
I remember
your happy smile after
I kissed your
coffee flavoured lips
Still one of the happy memories that keep me going each day. Hehez
May 2020 · 146
Chaotic sonata
Dustin May 2020
We have our solo acts
the chaos of our own,
but in our song
I accompany you with
a chaos of my own.
Perfectly intertwined,
playing each note carefully.
Conjuring music and magic
conveying the tragedy of living.
May 2020 · 77
Dustin May 2020
Once again it’s just me and my demons
Wandering the universe in an unending venture.
A few steps in the cosmos,
a few leaps between planets
I came to realise
that you were my compass.
You lead me to places
that made me better,
shown me the way
to be the best I can be.
And for that my dear,
I am eternally grateful.
May 2020 · 48
Dustin May 2020
This is hard for me
I mean writing all these
All these things I’m too afraid to say
All these emotions you out to play

Happiness and sorrow
Hope and despair
And all the little things

But the point of all this is
I don’t care how hard things can be
as long as I can show you how much you mean to me
And that I love you
May 2020 · 82
Dustin May 2020
Angels have their wings and fiery swords
Devil have their spears and crimson horns
but you, you have gorgeous eyes...
The kind that you could get lost in,
and I guess I did.
Dustin May 2020
Living is an endless battle
against everlasting uncertainty.
It is an unending war
against an unpredictable foe.
A foe armed to the teeth
with everything we fear.
A foe that can rid us
of everything we love.
A foe that can destroy us completely.
As defenceless as we may seem,
we have our swords and shields.
Old fashioned
are the words the comes to mind
when you’re about to wage war
with only a sword and a shield
It is the sword of our talents
our strength
our hard work
our fortitude  
and our faith.
Along with our shield of our love
our camaraderie
and our friendships.
With the reinforcement of our hope,
For everyone who is scared of the unknown, and uncertainty. We’re in this thing together. :>
Dustin May 2020
The devil on main street
had his flower-shop in the corner.
He sold roses,
red ones,
white ones,
and even black ones.
He soon fell in love
with one of his buyers,
a lovely brunette
with stardust eyes.
In one point of time
She fell in love too.
They acted like couples
and did well with the shop.
Months goes by
she fell out of love,
the florist feels despair
the roses wilted soon after.
The white roses became red
with the devils blood,
The red ones became black
with his soul.
He left for hell,
xeriscaping gardens
for the young girl’s view.
a garden of everlasting roses
a garden of dreams
a garden of love
emerged from the darkest corners of hell
for the young girl
taught the devil love.
For BLT’s word challenge xeriscape
May 2020 · 55
Dustin May 2020
on this small speck of dust
suspended in the gravity of celestial bodies
our beliefs,
our imagined self-importance,
our delusion that that we have a privileged position in the universe,
are questioned
by ourselves
in search
of absolute truth
May 2020 · 55
Growth and healing
Dustin May 2020
Sometimes it takes me ages and solitude,
sometimes it takes reason and logic
for me to heal my unseen wounds.

Wounds that brings pain and confusion,
irrationality and ignorance
Wounds that raise red flags and emphasise flaws
are the wounds needed for growth.

The loss of loved ones,
always inflict me of such wounds.
Their absence wasn’t the source of my healing, they simply forced me to go through it so I could grow.
But that doesn’t mean that they’re presence stunted my growth,
They were there when I needed them most,
they loved me when I was healing from my other wounds.
Now the memory of their love is enough to heal myself of the wound of their absence.
They may be gone, but
I’ll still make them proud,
I’ll still love them
And maybe in time, I’ll see them again
Dustin May 2020
The nightingale’s song,
is a melody of love and longing,
however the notes plead a sign or warning.

The loving nightingale sings before mating,
and just the same when a storm is coming.

After the violent and raging storm,
the sun shines ever so warm.

The gentle bird then preens his small wings
searching for his lost lover, hoping she’ll hear him sing.
For BLT’s word of the day challenge “preen”
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