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Dustin Jul 26
The devil himself danced around,
spreading chaos and ruin with a smile,
but he fell in love,
and he knew destruction was bound.
Still he took the chance,
a chance to make her smile,
but his claws were too sharp
and wounded the girl,
So he did everything he could
to make up for it.
He cut his horns giving up everything he stood for,
ripped his wings ridding him of his demonic power,
softened his claws till his hands were as soft as a child’s
And he learned kindness, bit by bit as she taught him.
But none of it mattered,
he’s still the devil in her eyes,
A demon she cannot trust.
“The greatest apology is the change of behaviour”
Dustin Jun 24
In the face of an infinite number
of horrible futures
I shall forge a bright one
Dustin Jun 24
This is warfare
a side raising their red flags
and the other with greens

and mistakes
made it ******
made it tiring

this infernal conflict,
this ****** scrimmage,
is something I must go through

to live to see another day
to forge a bright future
with those dear to me

I must now muster up my courage
to decimate all my flaws
my imperfections
red flags and

to be a better man
Dustin Jun 24
It's a dark and empty night
nothingness filling the air
emptiness killing my light

it's heavy and suffocating
this nothingness weighing
down my heart that's barely beating

and once again, oblivion
caged in an empty castle of obsidian
longing for hope in my castle that's labyrinthian  

i now conclude that this solitude isn't peace
this still silence isn't calm
this is

Dustin Jun 21
I am scared
scared to be abandoned
to be hurt,
yet I am here
risking all I have
To say
I love you.
To mean it,
And to make you feel loved every day.

I’m scared to wake up
knowing that
I no longer have value
to the most precious person to me,
To be deprived of everything important to me.
Yet here I am,
with all my courage
facing uncertainty
Loving you
Dustin Jun 3
Her chaos is a serenade.
Drawing me even closer
Making me fall a little deeper
A masterpiece only some appreciate
A melody only some admire.
She says it’s messy
but I still pay attention
to every position
of every single note
in every single line.
Dustin May 31
I wish to explore
Venice with you,
the floating city.

I wish us to ride afloat
the canals of memories
making some of our own.

I wish to walk with you
at night at the La Serenissima
Walking by churches and bridges alike.

I simply wish to be with you again
to go on adventures with my greatest adventure
to explore the queen of the adriatic with my queen.
Hihe miss u
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