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Dustin 7d
Am I still a devil?

I know that I was prideful,
gluttonous and,
perhaps I still am to some degree,
but unlike the monster that I once was.

Someone tapped into my soul,
I felt violated as she planted hope amidst my eternal damnation.
But it felt nice, and it still does.

She brought light and chaos
to my orderly dark life.

She brought life
to my undead heart.

She silenced the violent storm
of my being, with the mere mention of her name.

Now all that is left of the remnants of the past,
and the ghost of memories.
something stuck in drafts
Dustin May 21
And in death,
I’ll keep on screaming at Satan
until the moment he admits
that he was only keeping the seat warm
for me.
Dustin May 15
Sometimes to win a war,
one must douse his sword with poison.
Idek at this point :3
Dustin Apr 17
The devil kept writing of the word of god
negating it
twisting it
finding his way out of the condemnation
of the deity's words.

Bit by bit the pitch-black ink
of his heavy dark pen,
glowed red with his wrath.

He felt alone.
He felt sorrow.
He felt fear.
All the while he was being engulfed by rage.

He just wanted to be held
to be accepted
to feel safe
to be loved.

His pride prevented him to think
that he might not be enough
that he does not deserve such kindness,
but deep inside
his dark and lonely soul,
he wishes for the woman he dearly loves.
Dustin Mar 22
I tell the moon stories of you.
I wonder if she tells you about me too.
Dustin Mar 21
I’m a terrible teacher,
or perhaps it’s a mismatch of student

I watch over from a distance,
seeing them heal and grow with proudness
in my eyes,
seeing them realise on their own
the things I failed to teach them
the messages I failed to get through
and the wisdom I failed to share.
Sequel after time skip
Dustin Mar 20
There will always be
two words
that will open
a lot of doors
in your life.
They are push and pull
It’s a joke ****
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