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Mar 2015 · 2.7k
Dignity and Dirty Socks
Squirrely Girl Mar 2015
I heard every word you said.
Still running through my head.
Your words like a needle, slowly pricking my skin.
Prodding, picking finally making themselves slowly in.
Staring off into the street, I knew I had to walk away.
I could’nt bear stay nor listen to another word you say.
Ashamed to have felt something more.
My heart grew heavy and very sore.
I slipped away, blankly into space.
Disappointment and anger staring me in the face.

I’m like a sock.
A ***** one.
However, twasn’t ***** at first.
In fact it was brand new. Really, a very nice beautiful sock.
It was comfortable too, and fit you well.
You wore it so often, the fabric became thin.
Eventually a tiny little hole made its way in.
At first the hole wasn’t bad.
Sometimes it drove you crazy and even mad.
Yah know that feeling when all that sand gets in?
Though irritating maybe it tickled, even made you grin.
Boy! Did those socks get a lot of use, they were great.
You still loved those socks.
They were getting rattier and rattier every day, but you used them anyway.
They were THE socks yah know? You see them, and you know you JUST want to wear them.
So you wear them, you have a run, a WONDERFUL day ,in fact, in those socks.
Really, you always have nice days in those socks, they were just so comfortable!
You know how things get old? Well those socks got really old, I mean REALLY old.
Looking at them- “Man those socks are the best, putting them on now.”
You wish they would last but you just didn’t know how.
Excited to start your day, you put your favorite socks on.
But, ****… one sock really ripped with a giant massive hole.
Such a disappointment, you can’t really enjoy them anymore, they were better when you first bought them.
MAN, that hole got so irritating.
Not only sand came in but now pebbles and big rocks.
That **** pair of socks!
Not willing to throw them away cuz they were THE socks.
You washed them and put them in a far off box. Still *****, worn, and torn. Maybe you will use them again one day.
But, I don’t want to be your ***** socks.
I walked away.
Squirrely Girl May 2014
I don’t care what you have to say.
It is not like your gonna stay.
I just met you.
Even if, what you say is true.
So what I’m pretty?
You are the one I pity.
I am so sick of this phrase.
I feel like I am in a ******* maze.
This will not get you anywhere.
Just so you are aware.
When I am angry with reason, I don’t want to listen to this.
What am I supposed to do? Feel like I am in Bliss?
No actually I am on the contrary.
This just makes me feel so wary.
There is more to me than a pretty face.
Just relax and take some pace.
Lets just chill and be cool.
I don’t want to feel like I am talking to a fool.
I am no longer swept off my feet.
Your interesting so let’s talk, take a seat!
May 2014 · 1.1k
Let’s forget Logic
Squirrely Girl May 2014
Let’s forget Logic
Why should I think logically?
Why should I think rationally?
All I do is think
Why ?
Why am I thinking so much?
Why do things have to make sense?
Maybe some things don’t need reason.
Time is wasted trying to find meaning.
People don’t stop to see the beauty.
We don’t let ourselves feel
For the fear of being crazy
Future bad possibilities
Lets forget logic
For a day
Nothing needs to be clear
Nothing needs to be written in stone
And live without thinking
What if?
Well what if you dive in
And feel something never felt
Forget logic
Logic finds you
May 2014 · 1.7k
Squirrely Girl May 2014
Sometimes you make me so mad.
Because you treat me really bad.
I really dont know how to act.
If only I could speak with more tact.
Thinking, blood pressure rising.
I feel like I could explode.
My feelings now have over-flowed.
I can't keep calm.
I want to cry in my palm.
It really is not fair.
To just act this way and not care.
Why are you so narcissitic?
You have no reason, no logistic.
You do not own me.
You made it clear, expect nothing.
Why do you act if were apart of something?
I have grown numb
I feel like I don't know who I am.
I have built up an emotional dam.
Devoid of love or care.
That is not the person I want to be.
I want to connect, not feel like I have to flee.
So I act like I don't care.
Feelings have become none nothing to share.
Never in my life have a I felt afraid to feel.
Seeing you talking, boring round and round like a wheel.
You have no right!
No right to make a fight.
Your hold me at a double standard!
All my feelings completely unanswered.
Because I know I can't have none.
So your not allowed either! Not a single one!
May 2014 · 882
No words to say to you
Squirrely Girl May 2014
It was not love at first sight.
I was not immediately grasped.
Intimicy only breifly binding.
We are like animals
can't get enough.
Nature is silenced
I see you, for the first time.
Intimacy is oh so blinding.
We are like animals,
nothing more.
My feelings have no sound.
Expectations I know can not be found.
My feelings shut.
But all they want are to climb.
To reach you and find you.
Wanting to feel something,
buT no nothing, nothing at all.
My feelings like vines.
Only brush the surface,
but they want to tug at you.
They want to take ahold.
Just to feel something, something at all.
I want to wrap around tight.
You have vines too.
They are starting to intertwine,
but its getting tight
to tight to breath
I can't make a sound,
I am silenced
My affection starving to run unbound.
May 2014 · 754
Squirrely Girl May 2014
We are all guilty
When I say something
I want to be heard
A one word response or a murmur
May as well be silence
I feel ignored
Eye contact is no more
Your words are flowing
I respond
but what am I saying?
A conversation is never between two
There is always someone else with us in our hand
We are not in the moment
Because we are also in another land
But it is no land at all.
No ground to stand on.
No living thing to see.
Only words that come across the screen.
May 2014 · 754
Squirrely Girl May 2014
Are people happy?
Are they content?
I see so many blank faces
Faces of disinterest
They are neither happy
Neither sad
Feelings are none
A blank canvas if you will
They dont feel anything
Nothing at all
Is life something that is lived
Nothing more than this?
Aspirations are not in the cards
The wheels keep turning
The direction unknown
Endings are endings
Begginings are beginnings
This is life
Mindlessness and transfixed
Life goes on
What is to be
Is to be
Regret is none
Future is approaching
May 2014 · 319
Squirrely Girl May 2014
I'm sitting here waiting, with nothing to do.
Apparently someone is coming I don't even know who.
I'm growing impatient, and getting bored.
What am I doing here?
The whole city I could have toured!
This lady is so rude to make me sit here and wait.
I have a good attitude but now its getting really late!
My face is turning sour, more sour by the hour.
Waiting, waiting seconds to minutes pass.
I hear someone, is that her alas?
Nope, it was just a noise in this silent, silent space.
I'm really beginning to hate this place.
I think it is my time to go.
This is the end of my flow!

— The End —